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Unicorns eat cheese


YES, of course unicorns should eat cheese! Unicorns are mystical creatures that are rarely seen by humans, so there must not be that many unicorns that exist, meaning that when a unicorn wants to eat cheese, they won't take too much cheese, because there aren't enough unicorns to eat all the cheese! So it works out okay. Besides, factories do already make a lot of cheese and they don't use it all, but with unicorns eating cheese, there is someone there to eat the remaining cheese, so we won't be...

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Death Penalty


You say imprisonment is the best route to take, but the death penalty is for INHUMANE crimes. I'm sorry but if it is unjustly to be put to death for murdering, raping, spying, terrorizing; how are those not inhumane as well? Also in prison, prisoners can access books, television, calling and visiting their loved ones, better health coverage than most unemployed Americans and three meals a day. Yes, what a punishment that is....

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Genetically modified foods should be banned


genetically modified food should be banned as it will eventually take over the world and it is unstoppable with pesticides and herbicides...

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People suffering from dementia should be forbidden to drive


So this is going to determine, whether people, diagnosed with some sort of dementia, should legally be prevented from driving a car or heavier vehicles such as motor bikes or agricultural tractors. We are having a first acceptance-only and last rebuttal-only round. I am Pro for this matter. As the legal status quo is pretty mixed within the different western countries, there is a shared BOP....

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Should junk food be banned from public schools?


should it be banned? or no? why?...

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Eating meat is good for your health


Does anyone want to argue in favour of this? Assuming focus on developed western nations, and that extended life expectancy and prevention of disease = good for health. Also, that eating meat is good for your health in comparison to other non-meat alternative food sources (i.e. not to be compared with eating nothing instead etc.). I'll argue against. If someone accepts, this will be my first debate, so please let me know if there is anything that I've missed out regarding format & rule...

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Should the United States Continue to Allow Cloning


We are currently in an age in which our use of technology is being expanded beyond the human imagination of even a few years ago. By definition, cloning is the process of producing similar populations of genetically identical individuals. Since the birth of Dolly, the cloned sheep, there has been public concern regarding advancing biotechnology by the suspicion that science is at the mercy of the technological imperative. At any angle in which this issue is attacked with, there is always going t...

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Should Tobacco be Banned??


First round for acceptance only, and then we get on with the debate! Good luck to anyone who accepts!...

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The U.S. ought to guarantee Universal Healthcare to its citizenry


The burden of the Pro is to show that some form of UHC is, on principle, should be guaranteed to the citizens of the United States. The Pro does not have to pick a specific type of UHC to support, nor does it need to offer a policy to implement it. Merely, the debate is about whether, on a moral/principle level, UHC should be granted. The Con should show that, on principle, UHC ought not be guaranteed. My argument: Essentially, we must be free from concerns over our survival in order to pu...

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Should the military cafeterias give their uneaten food to the homeless shelters or throw it away?


I am currently in the army and I noticed that there is a lot of un eaten food in the cafeterias everyday. This is in the USA and Afghanistan. I think that the food should be given to the homeless and poor. The shelter will come to the cafeteria and pick up the food rather than throwing it in the trash. This will help the poor and homeless and they will have a lot of good food....

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