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New Member Tournament: Abortion


Second try at this debate because I set the wrong round numbers. My apologies. Resolution: A woman has the right to choose whether to abort a child. I will be arguing for women's choice. Con will be arguing against women's choice (pro life.)Round 1: Acceptance, definitionsRo...

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Vegetarians and vegans should at least let their kids try meat out once.


In my opinion, kids born to vegetarian households should be allowed to try meat out. Because it is their decision if they want to eat meat or not. If they do, then when they go out to eat or over to a friends house they should be allowed to eat meat. I'm not saying that the vegetarian parents should cook meat on their grill, oven, etc. what I'm saying is to let the kid eat what he wants when He out to eat. And if the kid doesn't like meat or he truly does believe that meat us murder, then he c...

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Is homosexuality a healthy form of sexuality?


I'll be arguing that homosexuality is a maladaptive form of sexuality based on anatomy and statistics. I AM NOT arguing here at this time that being gay is immoral....

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Should the smoking age be raised to 21.


I am fully for raising the smoking age to 21. I believe more and more teens today are smoking to relieve stress but don't quite understand the harm they are doing to their bodies. By raising the smoking age to 21 we can help the younger crowd refrain from the harmful chemicals and addiction that cigarettes cause on the human body....

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abortion good or bad...

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Abortion should be encouraged.


Teenage pregnancies and rape are the first thing that comes to my mind when asked why I am for abortion. Every child deserves loving parents and a safe environment for growing up. The vast majority of teenagers are not capable of providing this to a child. Imagine being a 17-year old girl. You have sex with your loving boyfriend, just like any other Friday night. But this time the protection fails. Later, you notice that you're pregnant. Both of you are in the middle of an educational program...

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One needs to actively object organ donation


In most countries it is still common, that you have to actively decide to be an organ donor rather than making everyone (including children) an organ donor by law with the option to object against this personally. I see arguments for both sides and would like to debate which system seems to be ethically, socially and logically the better choice. To keep it simple and sorted I propose the following order: Round 1 - Acceptance only Round 2 - Short opening statement Round 3, 4 - Evolved...

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The U.S. ought to guarantee Universal Healthcare to its citizenry


The burden of the Pro is to show that some form of UHC is, on principle, should be guaranteed to the citizens of the United States. The Pro does not have to pick a specific type of UHC to support, nor does it need to offer a policy to implement it. Merely, the debate is about whether, on a moral/principle level, UHC should be granted. The Con should show that, on principle, UHC ought not be guaranteed. My argument: Essentially, we must be free from concerns over our survival in order to pu...

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Fast Food -- Why it is Needed.


Fast Food has become the new enemy and for all the wrong reasons. There is no way we should ban fast food, or even demonize it, as it serves a beneficial role in our society. For one, there are times when FAST FOOD is just the point. Between classes, sport's or music events, and sometimes jobs, the ideal food is fast food....

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The Benefits of Smoking Actually Outweigh the Risks


I will be debating pro; there will be four rounds. This debate will assume that "smoking" means "smoking tobacco", as the practice of smoking cannabis is also gaining some momentum. The debate will begin with each side providing a statement of their stance in the first round. In the second round, both sides will present their arguments, and the rounds after the second round will include the negative cross examinations of both sides, and the rebuttals.Pro Statement:...

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