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The Chinese Cultural Revolution Positively Impacted China's Well-Being


The Chinese Cultural Revolution positively impacted China despite some belief. Mao Zedong took a great step forward to revolutionize China, and its society. He said, "China will be free of inequality, poverty and foreign domination." which he succeeded to achieve. Peasants were guaranteed income and education. In fact, the literacy rate before the Chinese Cultural Revolution was a mere 15-25% also lacking national curricular goals; but after 1949 under Mao's new leadership, China's literacy rate...

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Bernie Sanders for U.S. President


This debate should be impossible to accept!If you are interested in accepting this debate, please read the following and say so in the comments.I will be arguing in this debate why Bernie Sanders should be the next United States President.The Con will argue why Bernie Sanders should not be the next president of the United States.

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single payer health care is optimal health care system


single payer health care is optimal health care system i am borrowing this debate from else where. please use this link to find working links in this debate http://www.debate.org/debates/single-payer-health-care-is-better-than-our-current-health-care-system/1/ The right single payer system would cover everyone, while yielding better results, and saving money. BETTER RESULTS WHILE SAVING MONEY: we spend more per capita, and get less health care results back... than any other country in...

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Resolved: The United States Federal Government should ban pornography in all 50 states.


I would like to thank triangle.128k for accepting this debate ahead of time.This is a debate about whether or not pornography should be banned in all 50 US states. NOT about the punishment for violating such crime.RulesRound 1 is rules and definitions for Con, Pro may begin his Constructive Case.Round 2 Con may begin his Constructive Case (No Rebuttals), Pro will begin his rebuttals.Ro...

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To Ensure A Safe School Environment, Licensed And Trained Teachers Ought To Carry Handguns


I see you are against teachers possessing handguns on school grounds. I would like to debate this topic.Round StructureR1-AcceptanceR2-Opening ArgumentsR3-RebuttalsR4-Defense of Arguments and Closing Statements I'll respond as fast as I can, but I'm about to be in a tournament, so I'm kind of busy....

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Should the 'Right to Refuse Service' policy change?


The 'Right To Refuse Service' policy is becoming a rising issue within the LBTG Community, and Foreign people. Some are being denied service out of discrimination. Policies like these can dehumanize a person purely based on their ethnicity and/or sexual preference. No other policies exist that help prevent these bias refusal of service for both local and national franchises. It is CRUCIAL that 'Rights to Refuse Service" are stricken to prevent dehumanization and discrimination....

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Conservatives' economic policies are better able at helping the economy grow than Liberals'


First round does not count, only used for accepting debate. The debate will consist of three rounds: Round 2, Round 3, and Round 4...

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200th Debate: Drunk Driving Should Be Legal


The stuff written below this was written like a month ago and I'm no longer sure what it says, but whatever. This debate should only be accepted by Unitomic and I'm sure I tweaked it so only he can accept, if I'm mistaken please do not accept. Any suggestions or critique of the debate is welcome.Rules1. The debate will be in reference to American laws of my opponent is American. If my opponent is not American than the debate will be with the more general assumption of a "just society".2. Fir...

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The DDO presidency should be abolished


Stealing this format because I like it. Props to the original owner which I think is bsh. Resolved - The DDO presidency should be abolished Team Debate Pro Mikal Bluesteel Con Blade runner Airmax Rules: 1. Forfeiting results in a loss of conduct or possibly the debate 2. Any citations or sources must be used within the character limit of the debate 3. No new arguments in the final round 4. Maintain a civil and decorous atmosphere 5. No trolling or semantics 6...

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Gay Marriage should be Legal


I will be going for the position that gay marriage should be legal, I am willing to have a fun and knowledgeable debate to anyone who is willing to debate me :) First round will be acceptance of the debate Looking forward to debate :)...

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