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Should guns get banned?


No, because they are mostly to use as self defense. Some people use guns to co mite crimes, but that is the person not the gun. Also there are already law say that it is against the law to kill people (unless its in self defense), rob bank, and etc....

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Resolved: The USFG should eliminate its nuclear armed ICBM force


Resolution: Resolved: The USFG should eliminate its nuclear armed ICBM force Context and Definitions: USFG= United States Federal Government ICBM force= Intercontinental Ballistic Missile force; the roughly 450 existing silos, staff, and facilities supporting the ICBM. Rules: 1. No forfeits 2. Any citations or foot/endnotes must be provided in the text of the debate 3. No new arguments in the final round. 4. Maintain a civil and decorous atmosphere 5. The artificial character c...

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King Richard III of England was a good king


Was King Richard III of England a good King? I would like to debate this with someone.Rules: 1. No forfeitures2. Show kind and courteous conduct3. You may use outside sources for your argumentsGood luck to my opponett :).1st round: acceptance and opening statements ...

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Should civilians be allowed to own Nuclear Weapons!?


Allowing Nuclear weapons to civilians sounds sort of something an instant no! But is it? When you think about it, it can solve many more problems then you think. Let's start off with overpopulation. Overpopulation is becoming a bigger problem in this world than you think, we are creating more waste then land on Earth can hold! This alone can decrease the pollution in the air drastically. This will also solve the problem of material goods being overused and being harder to replace. Everyone wil...

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We should go to war with isis


Three rounds. First round is accpetance. Try to do your best. I accept...

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Marijuana should be completely legalized


I will be Pro. Marijuana should be legalized without any restrictions other than the ones placed on tobacco or alcohol. The reasons are: A) By criminalizing Marijuana, people who are not a danger to society are incarcerated, taking their freedom from them as well as costing the state (and therefore the tax payers) money. B) Marijuana has tremendous health benefits, on a variety of different conditions including but not limited to: Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, migraines, insomnia, la...

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Should Gay Marriage be legal?


16/March/15 Good morning fellow Us citizens, my name is Andres Ortiz and I will be debating why gay marriage should be legalized in the United States. To start off I want to define what marriage is to both heterosexual and homosexual legal unions. The legal union of a couple. The basic elements of a marriage as described by law are: (1) the parties' legal ability to marry each other, (2) mutual consent of the parties, and (3) a marriage contract as required by law. When you get married you g...

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Should African Americans Recieve Reparations For Slavery


Reparations should be provided to the descendants of slaves. Reparations aren't as foreign a concepts as many Americans believe. American Indians have received reparations from America in three forms: 1. Cash Payments 2. Land 3. Tribal Recognition. Germany has been paying reparations to Israel since 1953 for slave labor and the holocaust. They negotiated to pay Israel to what amounts to 13,600,000,000 dollars. If the Native Americans and Jews deserve reparations so do African Americans. Free...

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TT2 Expert Final: U.S. militia groups pose a greater threat to our national security than do FTOs


First and foremost, I'd like to congratulate bsh1 on making it this far in the tournament. Much as he has achieved this before, and even won before, I think it's a massive achievement with all of the fantastic competition we've had. Second, I am again honored to be debating a venerated veteran of the site. I have a lot of respect for bsh1 and his debating prowess, something I know he'll bring in spades to this debate. I hope I am up to the challenge, but most importantly, no matter how this ends...

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Guns should be more difficult to obtain


This is a debate on the resolution that guns should be more difficult to obtain, and made so by the federal government. Here is the full resolution: It should be significantly more difficult to obtain firearms in the United States. Rules: 1. No trolling. 2. No ad hominem attacks. 3. All information must be used in the debate. Don't extend on a separate webpage. (Sources are allowed.) 4. No new evidence or ideas in the final round. (Refutations are allowed.) My opponent will start in th...

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