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Outlawing guns will not stop terrorist attacks.


Hello, I'm looking for a classic gun control debate here. If you accept my challenge, your job will be to defend the theory that banning some/all guns will stop mass killings. My job is going to be explaining why a gun ban will stop nothing. As far as debate format or structure, I'll just let it play through. I'll go first, then you, then me... and eventually, you get the last word. So, to start off my argument, banning semi-automatic rifles with a lot of ammo will not stop terr...

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Who should be the next POTUS???Donald Trump(PRO).......Hillary Clinton(CON)


Hello all! I am I favor of Mr. Donald J. Trump becoming the President of the United States. I believe that Hillary Clinton is a lying corrupt criminal. I will argue for Mr. Trump and Con will argue for Clinton. Thank You, and I hope this will be good debate. Please no trolling or rude behavior. Citations should be used if can. Good Luck to Con! Note: This debate is for Pro's and Con's of your candidate The format of this debate is as follows: Round 1: Acceptance Only Round 2: Argument...

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Should AR-15's be banned


Do you think AR-15's be banned, Lets talk about this RULES: 1. Do not FF 2. No Troll 3. You do not have to put sources, But it is highly suggested if you do have it...

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The concept of the environment is a socialist plot to destroy capitalism.


I'm not sure where some people get these ideas from, but I think this is so crazy I can't even see the other point of view. Burden of proof will be 51% on Pro and 49% on me. Since I can't even see the other point of view, I'll let Pro go first. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/if-elected-trump-pledges-to-abolish-the-environment_us_57b38b10e4b014a587fba5c5...

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The United States Should Arm the Kurds


This is a debate for the first round of Bsh1's "Unique Topics" tournament. I would like to thank bsh1 for hosting this tournament and to Amedexyius for agreeing to debate this topic with me. The resolution is: The United States should arm the KurdsThe definitions are pretty basicshould: "This simply designates that we are engaged in a policy debate, and therefore what should happen. This is distinguished from 'could,' as what we are discussing is whether abolit...

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Gun control


Gun control.. Come on! It doesn't work! As you can see in Chicago and D.C. As well as in Japan. It is the 2nd amendment right and it shall not be infringed upon. We, Americans, need an equalizer. Something to guarantee our safety. Against potential government tyranny and criminals. As the unfortunate victims in the Orlando night club stated, "We wish we had guns!" And don't bring up the argument that criminals bring guns from other states to Chicago and D.C. Why do you think they go to those are...

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Gun ownership: Individual Right or Collective Right?


The question is, in the United States, is it an individual right to keep and bear arms or is it solely a right held by those that serve in the states' militias? Pro will argue that it is an individual right, con will argue that it is a collective right. Individual Right: Is a right held by individual people. Collective Right: Is a right held by group members, this case in the militia....

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Has Barack Obama been a good president?


I believe Obama has been a terrible president for many reasons. I challenge a debate with anyone who disagrees..Any PRO-OBAMA's?? Round 1: Acceptance Only ROUND 2: OPENING ARGUMENTS - ROUND 3: REBUTTALS ROUND 4: REBUTTALS & CLOSING STATEMENTS...

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The US Federal Government Should Not Construct a Border Fence Between the US and Mexico


I'm very much looking forward to this debate. Wylted is a very strong debater, and I'm sure this is going to be a fantastic debate.Full ResolutionThe US federal govenrment should not construct a border fence between the US and Mexico.DefinitionsUnited States Federal Government: "The United States Federal Government is established by the US Constitution. The Federal Government shares sovereignty over the...

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Whose been more abusive too women. The Clintons or The Trumps? I feel the Trumps are.


I feel the Trumps are more abusive towards women because he created the Miss Universe contest in order to meet women and to get some. Plus he was seeing Malana while he was still married to Ivanka....

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