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The Black Lives Matters Movement Is a racist hate group.


Black Lives Matters is being showed as a glorious and justice by the media. I argue whoever thinks that the BLM movement is doing anything beneficial for anyone... is a complete idiot. I challenge anyone who thinks different to try and prove me wrong....

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The US should build a wall along its border with Mexico


Pro should present their case in Round 1 and waive Round 4. No new arguments in each side's final round. Thanks to JohnSmythe for taking this debate. Note: Ordinary vote moderation standards apply....

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The First Amendment should be fixed (It is broken)


The con will argue that the first amendment should not be fixed and is the way it should be. Waiting for a con Free speech should be limited and religion should be removed from the first amendment and all of society because there was a video warning that liberals would do protests called "Impeachment Protests" on July 2nd Religion should be removed because here is the truth: (1) Jesus Christ is not real, he never existed (2) Children are being killed for not conforming to their beliefs...

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Are we in a Thucydides Trap?


Round 1 is to accept. I will be arguing, that we are entering a Thucydides trap, between The US and China. You will be arguing on why we not in a Thucydides trap....

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Is DebateIsland the best site to debate about Trump?


DebateIsland debating site is the best option to debate about Trump administration and his policies. it is the best option to debate about Trump for the following reasons: - many political debates about Trump, US Politics, World Politics - casual debate format with quick responses and voting - civilized community - many engaged debaters Alternatives are: debate.Org (unfortunately page loads are horrible, too formal format with many abandoned debates) Reddit Politics (way too unstructu...

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More Guns Creates a Safer Society


Hi, so I saw your opinion on assault weapons and I thought you may like to have a debate concerning the 2nd Amendment and Gun Rights. My position is that more guns = less crime, whilst your position will be the opposite (more guns = more crime). If this debate is not satisfactory to you, please counter-propose a debate or send me a message....

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Capitalism is better than socialism.


Capitalism is better than socialism in many ways, first of all, it helps people out of poverty and increases minimum wage. People pay for themselves and not waste money on someone getting braces on the other side of the country, and like I said socialism is just paying for other peoples problems. Socialists might say "Oh, but were paying for education and healthcare, which will help children to learn." But the parents should pay for his or her child's education, not some 60 year old man who is p...

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Why hasn't free movement of labour been achieved between the US and Canada?


Like between Australia and New Zealand, for example. In fact, why haven't these countries, which are essentially in a similar league, entered into such a union? Take working visas. You cannot apply for a work visa on your own without a job offer. You must first have a job offer from a U.S. employer who will sponsor you for a work visa.(1) (1)http://us.iasservices.org.uk/Visa-Wizard Also, Canadians are permitted to visit the United States for up to 6 months in a 12 month period. This is...

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Should there be Elections to the Canadian Senate


I Believe that we should have an Elected Senate because we need a "chamber of second thought" to vigorously study legislation from the House of Commons to bring proper improvements but before we can have this Senate improve legislation, we need to first improve how people become members of the Senate and I believe that we need direct elections using preferential ballot....

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The American Defense budget is excessive


I have already posted this debate a few weeks ago, but i wanted to do it again. I would ask that the person i debated last time please not accept out of respect, simply because i think it'd be more fun to debate someone new. Hello, I am a Sailor in the USN, and a proud patriot of the United States. One of the most common debates about the American government is our very large defense budget, of hundreds of billions of dollars, which is larger than the next several countries combined. While of...

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