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there should be universal background checks on gun sales


about forty percent of gun sales currently do not involve background checks. that means there's plenty of head way to be made here.true, some will just get guns illegally. but not ALL of them will. this is common sense. to say otherwise is like saying we shouldn't have crime laws cause some crime will occur. not everyone who is denied is a black hoodie who will stop at nothing to get a gun....

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Israeli/Arab Conflict Rap Battle


This will be a rap battle in which each debater argues from the PoV of one of the players in this conflict. I will be arguing for the Arab side, while my opponent will be arguing for the Israeli side.Judges are to take into account both aesthetics and the merit of any points raised when making their decisions.First round is for acceptance....

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Has Obama been beneficial for the United States?


During his two terms of presidency, Obama has given us many wonderful things. He had created a healthcare system that is universal and stays with you even if you lose your job. He prevented the Bush Depression that was obliterating America by killing 800,000 jobs a day with his 'stimulus package'. Not only did that create 2.1 million new jobs, but it also boosted our economy by 3.5%. Our president issued an executive order that provided a haven for those immigrants without documentation yet, who...

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Resolved: Planned Parenthood was legally unjustified in the transaction of fetal tissue.


For 1harderthanyouthink's August Beginner TournamentDefinitions:Planned Parenthood: the U.S. affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) - and is a non-profit organization that provides reproductive health and maternal and child health services.transaction: an exchange of goods, services, or fundsjustified: show or prove to be right or reasonab...

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President Obama is not a Socialist


Resolved: President Obama is not a Socialist. Clarification: This debate is not about support for or criticism of the President, just as the resolve states this debate is about whether or not President Obama fits the definition of a Socialist.Definition of terms:Socialism: A political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should...

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There Are Good Logical/Scientific Arguments to Justify Abortion


I am Con. Debate is closed, comment if you want to accept. The rules are simple - my opponent (Pro) will attempt to give logical or scientific evidence for why abortion is morally acceptable. I will attempt to refute such evidence. If Pro submits even a single piece of evidence that I cannot refute, they win. If not, I win. Pro agrees to begin by presenting their evidence in Round 1, and will only type "End of Debate" in Round 4 to equal out the entries for each side. Both sides agree to avo...

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A one world government


So I was wondering about how the world would look if we were to have a one world government. The world would have just one government with complete control over all nations. This would obviously require so much hard work for it to ever come true but I believe that we could do it, if we joined together as one. There wouldn't need to be countries as we would have only one flag. We would all live together as one. We would be greater, richer and smarter. What do you people think?...

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The Death Penalty should be abolished


This challenge is issued to The_American_Sniper. The debate will be structured in the following manner. 1st round acceptance2nd round arguments3rd round rebutalls4th round defense.Definitions - From Oxford DictionariesDeath Penalty - the punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime.Abolish...

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WODC Round Two - Energy


This is for the WODC. The resolution is "This House believes the United States should nationalize oil exports and seek to join OPEC" First round is acceptance. 2.5k minimum Elo to vote....

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The death penalty should be abolished in the United States of America


ResolutionThe United States of America should abolish the Death Penalty. My position on this is Con, therefore I will be arguing that the death penalty should not be abolished. My opponent Midnight1131, will be arguing that it should be abolished. Since he is changing the status quo, the BOP will be on him....

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