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Abortion Should be Illegalized


Abortion is the process by which a baby is terminated while still in its mother's uterus. I consider this to be a form of murder, because you are killing a baby while it is helpless in the womb. Usually, by the time a mother finds out that she is pregnant, the baby already has a beating heart, fingers, a torso and legs, and is about the size of a quarter. It essentially has all the body parts of a human being. So, that proves that you aren't killing a blob of cells, you're killing a baby. You al...

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Abortion should be illegal in the United States


Medical abortion first became legal in the United States in 1973 under the Roe v. Wade supreme court ruling. In this debate, I wish to show that this ruling should be overturned, as abortion goes against the Constitution. I will prove this using logic and clear facts. I will start by defining my terms. There are many kinds of abortion, but in this debate I will specifically address the type of abortion legalized in Roe v.Wade. That is, abortion before the point of viability. I also wish to in...

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Should Abortion remain legal?


I am Con. The person who accepts this is Pro. My Stance: Abortion should only be permissible if the mother's life is in danger. Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: ArgumentS Round 3-4: Rebuttals Definitions: Abortion - The intentional killing of a fetus. Legal - Lawful; Permitted by law...

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Abortion should be illegal


Thank you in advance for accepting, Con.As Pro, I shall be arguing that abortion should be illegal with no exceptions. Abortion shall be defined in this debate as "a medical procedure used to end a pregnancy and cause the death of the fetus."[1]The first round will be for acceptance. Trolling and insults will result in a full seven-point loss.Sources1.

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Should Abortion be illegal?


The debate over whether or not abortion should be a legal option continues to divide Americans long after the US Supreme Court's 7-2 decision in Roe v. Wade declared the procedure a "fundamental right" on Jan. 22, 1973. I believe abortion should continue on to be legal because as the independence state we are free we all have freedom some people use that freedom has an excuse or to made bad choices but we have no right to fight or break the law. I really believe that abortion is wrong but it's n...

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Does Abortion Kill a Human Being?


I believe abortion kills a human being. We know the unborn is biologically a member of the human species, because she comes from human parents. Her DNA could also be tested in utero, and we would always find that she has human DNA. Most pro-abortion-choice people, however, agree with the above statement. Their issue is usually the question of whether the human entity killed is a "person," or a member of our species that has basic rights. The pro-choice ad...

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The embryo is more than just cells, it's the foundations of a living human! If you didn't harm the embryo it goes without saying that it will form into a living being, and your taking the life away from the baby. When the embryo is created that's when the soul enters the body, your taking away the person's one chance to live on this earth because you MADE THE MISTAKE(not including rape). But even with rape, the spouse will ever be so great full that you gave them a chance to live! Instead of peo...

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Abortion should be stopped


I believe that abortion should be stopped! Some may say that abortion isn't killing a child because it it is not living yet. A question that pops in my mind is, what is a cell? The definition of a cell is the smallest living unit of life; a single cell can be living all on its own. Therefore when the child is forming in the mother's womb it begins with a single living cell, meaning weather the baby is a cell or not, it is living. Some may ask, if abortion isn't the murder of a child what is...

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why is it wrong to have an abort?...

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Abortion scooterswifty


Abortion is wrong. They are living creatures and they don't deserve to die! They didn't do anything. If you didn't want a baby you shouldn't have had sex. This is the parents fault and it shouldn't be legal to kill inoccent creatures. This is crazy and wrong and very unbiblical. Again, they didn't do anything and they don't deserve to die. Stop abortion!!!...

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