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The Death Penalty Should Be Illegal.


I am looking for someone to give a reasonable explanation(s) and arguments on why he or she feels that the death penalty should remain legalized in certain areas of the United States. Therefore, I will be arguing on why I do not agree with the death penalty. For this 1st round I am asking for acceptance, 2nd-4th round going deeper into the argument, and the 5th round should be the final conclusion. This is only my second debate and compared to my last argument, I know this is going to be even mo...

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The Death Penalty should be made illegal in the USA.


Welcome, welcome, welcome! This debate (should he accept) will be addressing the death penalty (also know as "capital punishment") and its implications. This is my third debate with an opponent about this - because I am very fond of debating! Now, on to the format. Should my opponent, DavidMGold, accept, he will accept the following things: 1) First round is acceptance only 2) Fifth round cannot include new contentions/arguments or refutes. 3) No religious arguments can be used. 4) A for...

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The death penalty should be banned


Hello, I'm Billy. I will be debating against the death penalty, the most extreme form of crime punishment. I will show you that the death penalty should and ought to be abolished. Here are 2 opening reasons to oppose capital punishment. (There will be 10 reasons total, 2 in each of the 5 rounds.) 1. The occasional mistake is more risky than it's worth. Let's say you accuse someone of murder, and the jury votes him as guilty and the state government executes him, but later you find out he's in...

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Resolved: The Death Penalty Should be Removed


Justification through economical, moral, political and/or legal are all legitimate, regardless of if both opponents argue differently (I may argue through legal and moral while my opponent justifies through economical and political for example). Thus both parties involved may choose what they will justify through what means. Death penalty: "Capital punishment, the death penalty, death sentence, or execution is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for...

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The Death Penalty


First round whatever you want, open with your own arguments. I saw some people discussing this earlier and thought someone would at least consider trying to change my mind. I think the death penalty, or capital punishment, should not exist. Pro will obviously be arguing to keep the death penalty where it is already in place, or implement it in more regions. Please no semantics. Good luck!...

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Intemediate's Debate Competition R2: The Death Penalty Should Be Legal.


This debate is part of the Second Official DDO Tournament, hosted by TUF. And part of Round 2 of the Intermediate Tier of the tournament.

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Death Penalty Should be Banned


First round for acceptance, second for arguments, third of rebuttal of the opponent's arguments and fourth for rebutting the previously posted rebuttals....

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Death penalty in U.S.A


USA is the only western country in the world who has death penalty. 38 states in USA have death penalty. You cannot get a death penalty for every crime you make. The only crime where you can get a death penalty is if you commit a premeditated murder. I think that death penalty should be illegal in all the states in America, one of the reasons is, I think it is moral wrong, to kill another human no mater what the person has done. The 10 commandments say that, ""You shall not murder"" I know tha...

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Death Penalty


Ahhh, the death penalty. The government taking someone's life because they took someone else's life. What obvious hypocrisy. I disagree with the death penalty because it is immoral. First, the death penalty implies that a jury of twelve people is qualified to take life into their own hands. Does this mean that mob execution should also be made legal? Second, the death penalty becomes intolerable the very moment that someone is wrongly convicted. Death is, if anything, permanent. If some...

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The Death Penalty should be legal in the United States


The death penalty is punishment in which the person who committed the offense is put to death by the state. [1.] Currently 35 of the 50 states have a death penalty, as well as does the federal government and the U.S. Military. [2. The resolution allows states to continue to use a...

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