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The Death Penalty should be legal in all US states.


For some, the death penalty could be less worse than jail. The death penalty is only used when absolutely needed, and sometimes it is the only rational/moral option. Even if a criminal was released from the death penalty/jail, it would be very hard for them to make a living. The death penalty can be painless. The death penalty provides disclosure for victims. If the death penalty is not in use, then America will end up spending more money trying to contain criminals from the...

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Resolved: The Death Penalty Should be Removed


Justification through economical, moral, political and/or legal are all legitimate, regardless of if both opponents argue differently (I may argue through legal and moral while my opponent justifies through economical and political for example). Thus both parties involved may choose what they will justify through what means. Death penalty: "Capital punishment, the death penalty, death sentence, or execution is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for...

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The Death Penalty


If murder is (usually) the crime, why should murder be the penalty? The fact is, your just killing more people. Besides, says more than 1000 people have been falsely accused and killed due to the death penalty (since 1976) You may bring up how the same thing applies to regular prison. To be fair, it does. Maybe there are even more. But there is a difference in killing a person and punishing them with jail. Now, couple no death penalty...

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the death penalty should be active


it should not be used for getting the actual bad guys...

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Death penalty should be allowed


People who are threats to the innocent should be stopped but putting them into prison doesn't really solve what they did to the innocent not only that but it cost, 760,000 a year . They shouldn't be allowed to live if they killed someone. They should get what they deserve. It's just like the golden rule . " treat others the way you want to be treated". If you kill someone, then you should get punished for your actions....

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death penalty should be abolish


I think that death penalty is too cruel. In spite of the fact that somebody kills someone it does not matter that our society has rights to kill too. It means that we are murderers too. I believe that istead of death penalty it's better to give them life sentence. Because life without freedom, it is the worst think in our life. Also, we knew such situations were suffered innocent people and it is awful. That's why, before talk about every kind of death penalty, we must think about the meaning an...

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Death Penalty Ought to Be Legal for Capital Crimes


The United States should have death penalty for capital offenses, which include first-degree murder and treason. Don't hesitate to state your opinions but be respectful....

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Resolved: The Death Penalty Should be Abolished


== Definitions == Death Penalty: "Capital punishment or the death penalty is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime." -- Although this debate is about the US, examples from other countries can be used, all dat cool stuff. == Structure == R1: Pro can either accept or write his arguments. R2: Arguments (or rebuttals depending as to how Pro wants to go) R3: Rebuttals R4: Rebuttals a...

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The death penalty Deters crime and saves lives


This debate does not have the acceptance rule: C1: Deters crime Ernest Van Den Haag, PhD, late Professor of Jurisprudence at Fordham University, in an Oct. 17, 1983 New York Times Op-Ed article titled "For the Death Penalty," wrote the following: "Common sense, lately bolstered by statistics, tells us that the death penalty will deter murder, if anything can. People fear nothing more than death. Therefore, nothing will deter a criminal more than the fear of death. Death is final. But wher...

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The death Penalty should still stand.


I think that the Death Penalty should stay. I do not believe that it is right to let a murderer stay in prison living off of tax dollars for the rest of his life. I believe that the penalty should only be used on people they have hard evidence on so they can avoid executing the wrong person. If the death penalty stayed, there would be less crimes in and outside of jail. Criminals would be afraid to kill someone fearing for their lives. Does anyone object?...

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