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One of your posts breatly urked my nerves in a debate I saw and I would like to conform you'r thoughts about it . Xanxus Comment: I find gay marriage pointless. The whole idea of marriage is based around the idea that women were the property of their fathers and during the marriage ceremony it was to show the property switching hands. The wife was now the property of the husband. Since men are free. I see no need for men to have to marry. So, you are saying women are property of their fa...

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Should trolls be temporarily banned from


This debate is reserved for Tough. If anyone else accepts, they lose. I'm for the idea that trolls should be temporarily banned from this site. I will be setting up my own criteria for "temporarily banning" them. Temporary ban for trolling: 5 days. Since "troll" is a slang term, we will be using the Urban Dictionary for terms like this. Troll-"One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument...

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You are currently using


Anyone who could possibly deny this would be crazy. One can simply look at the URL on their address bar and see none other than "" itself. In fact, you ought to be able to realize it just by looking at your screen or the logo at the very corner of it. If there is anyone out there who disagrees with this, speak now. Enlighten me on how this could even possibly not be so....

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should the u.s government substanially increase public assistance in sub-saharan africa


i roberto collazo would support the resolve by saying that the u.s. government should substanially increase public assistance in sub saharan africa because the water in africa is caausing different diseases. animal are put thier faces in the water and the animal might be sick and that could effect a person the water they have is polluted so its dirty and when they get out of they smell.the order the person is carrying could lead to malaria. it could to malaria because the smell could atract diff...

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Eggs are fruit!


Eggs are like fruit. I had a wonderful debate with a very intelligent fellow about this earlier, but I still think I'm right. I'll start by defining Eggs and Fruits. Eggs: A chicken fruit Fruit: A plant egg sources: Harvey Dictionary...

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Should there be strippers?


Strippers help our economy in so many ways because many men will waste thousands of dollars for a sexy dressed women/men to dance for them. Strippers also help take a lot of male virginity. Without strippers we won't have so many beautiful children. So my augment is should there be strippers....

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Am I in The Truman Show?


Sometimes I just wonder whether I am in a world which has been made specifically for me and that other people are actors. I just feel special sometimes. I want to know if you guys ever wonder if you are just a small part of society or are you i fact a star of a show around you? P.S The Truman Show is quite a good show and expresses how I feel very well sometimes....

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Torture is ethical when it is 100% sure that torturee has life-saving information.


I would like to debate the ethics of torture in a very specific theoretical scenario. I will be debating the PRO side, as in PRO-torture(in this specific scenario). Please skip the accepting rounds, etc, and begin with arguments. Thanks! SCENARIO: US Gov has in their custody a man named John. John is a...

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Secrete Topic Debate


A few things to know before this debate round begins:1) There will be four rounds of this debate2) The voting period will be one month3) We will each have 72 hours to debate each round4) We will be allotted 10,000 characters for each round5) First round for acceptance6) Second round I will anounce the full resolution and then both Pro and Con will present their cas...

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Cannibalism should be legalised


After my last debate were i searched a bit about hunter gatherer societies and their practices I started wondering why is cannibalism illegal in our society. I think there is no reason for cannibalism to be illegal. Word limit is 4.000 words not 8.000. First round acceptance only. No religious arguments. Whoever wants to take part in this debate has to argue as a secularist....

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