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Should Kashmir be an Independent Country ??


Imagine Kashmir as a seperate Country instead of being with India. It will be amazing for India , without spending massive amounts on the the state which doesn't want be with India anyway. Since that's what Most Kashmiris want lets give it to them. India has nothing to lose without Kashmir . So lets cut them loose and and let them be a Separate Country...

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In the end, Jesus Christ will save all of mankind.


Resolved: In the end, Jesus Christ will save all of mankind. Assumptions: This assumes you believe in the traditional Christian faith, the authority of the Bible, and the Deity of Christ. Defintiions:Save: To translate them into a place of ever-lasting goodness. Mankind: Every 100% human being (not counting hybrid angels or clones) ...

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9/11 justified?


RIP to the 2,976 Americans that were killed during 9/11 and to the 48,644 Afghan, 1,690,903 Iraqi and 35,000 Pakistan people that paid the ultimate price. The Americans are the biggest of the hypocrites. They have lost their respect in the UN....

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Reason alone cannot make us live a moral life


I argue that reason alone cannot make us moral. Here are my terms: Morals - Right and wrong can be defined by any society, beliefs, or religion of your choice. Reason - Application of facts and logic to consciously make an informed decision Reward - Arriving at the desired results by applying reason, physical, mental, or verbal action Negative consequence - The opposite of a reward, only that regardless of whether or not the applications were made, the desired results were not ach...

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Theism is a More Rational World-view than Atheism


First of all, let's define some terms; Theism- belief in the existence of at least one deity Atheism- disbelief in the existence of deities or a divine reality Rational- something which concurs with sound reasoning First round is acceptance/ quibbling over definitions only....

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Objective Moral Judgements can be made in Moral Nihilism


*Leave a message if you want to accept this debate*Details:I have been thinking for a while how to word this resolution, which is my own position in terms of moral philosophy. I am a Nihilist, and I think it's a rational starting position for making moral judgements. For example, I will make the claim the holocaust was wrong, and I make that as an intended objective statement. The BoP is on me to demons...

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Is it ethical to fudge the data for the experimental drug that saved two Americans from Ebola?


The experimental drug has already saved two Americans infected with the virus one of which was an older lady and was serverly infected ,almost at death. Your telling me you rather lets billions of people die because you don't want to tell a little white lie?

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The United States of America is a secular nation not founded upon the Christian religion


This is an open debate that anyone may accept. i will attempt to prove that the United States was not founded upon any religion, Christian or otherwise. Con will bear the burden of showing that the country was founded upon Christianity. Definitions Christianity- the Judeo-Christian religion centered around Jesus and His divinity. Founded upon: that the founding fathers set the country up based on Christian values and ethics. Note: Con only has to prove that the country was based on the i...

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Abortion Is Morally Wrong


First round is acceptance.I. DisclosureAs a forewarning to all readers, I will be arguing with semantics. If you dislike that type of argument, please do not vote. I only wish to see objective voters who decide the winner based solely on the correctness of his argument, not the means in which it is presented.I will be taking the stance that abortion is morally wrong. To affirm this resolution I will be connecting various definitions to sh...

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should the Nhs treat self inflicted illnesses


Should the NHS use up valuable resources to treat self inflicted illness? by self inflicted i mean those that are obese or have lung cancer due to excessive smoking or may have liver cirrhosis due to alcholism. these people have been warned according to the government that their lifestyle will lead to bad consequences yet they still continue with this poor lifestyle and expect treatment when things go haywire. however there are people out there whose illesses are not of their fault who arent get...

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