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Youth have more important things in life than sex


As I am supporting the point that youth have more important things in life other than having sex. I would like to start that sex is not the main motive life.People have to face other hardshps in life other than sex.Life is not full of sex and increasing the population and reaching a target it is how you lead a proper life and go through the hardships in your life. Sex is not an hardship of life.Some people are satisfied by sex but all need to lead a life other than sex.There are people in life w...

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Humans are responsible for global warming?


For anyone who thinks that humans are not guilty with striking raw nature with global warming You may start the argument anytime you want....

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RESOLVED: Christianity is Beneficial to the Individual Man


At the last second my opponent in the Tournament contacted me on DDO, with an idea for a topic. I would prefer to debate something else, but as this is pretty much the last second...okay. This is what we will debate. I'm assuming that since my opponent contacted me on this Site, he wants for the Debate to take place on this Site. I hope that this doesn't violate any rules. So, without any further delay... First Round is for Acceptance. Burden of Proof is on Pro, though I usually prefer to sh...

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Theory of Evolution was first introduced by Muslims.


First round is for acceptance. The sources must be cited. All claims must be based on evidence....

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Heimerdinger from League of Legends requires more skill than other champions.


First debate and I honestly have no Idea how to do this. However, I find that shooting blindly into dark holes helps me learn. Being a teenager full of angst gets awfully boring. In order to alleviate this boredom, I resort to these magical interactive pictures called "Video games". I have recently been playing a popular "moba" game called League of Legends. You have a variety of champions to control in order to destroy the enemy nexus by working together with your teammates. (most of them a...

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The Legitimacy of Separation of Church and State


I will be against the practice of "Separation of Church and State." I don't have any set rules, so you can either make the first round acceptance or you can make it an argument. My first direction of opposition: The separation of church and state is NOT in the Constitution. The First Amendment says: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the peopl...

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m93samman should rejoin as an active member


Greetings to all users of In an extended hiatus, I was overcame to login to DDO for a reason that I can't quite place my tongue on. Upon logging in, I have found that the website has changed considerably. The active users I once new are for the most part gone, and a new set of users has taken their place. The website format is largely changed, and I find navigating it far more difficult than I care to admit. As I currently see it, I find no compelling reason to resume activity...

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PC (pro) vs Console (con) [Gaming]


PrefaceThis is a well debated topic. I enjoy debates on this topic and thought it would be very fun to do. Bring the heat on fanboys! By consoles, I am referring to the PS4/Xbox One. You may make references back to some prior generations of consoles and talk about them, but please note that the debate will be focused on these consols only!Full Topic

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It takes just as much faith to believe in evolution as it does to believe in God.


It today's secular society, especially in schools, it is taught that evolution is "scientific", therefore correct, while believe in a superior being, such as God, is "religious", therefore incorrect and improper to teach in schools. In this debate, I will prove that there is just as much evidence for a superior being/God as there is for evolution....

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Christian Theology Is Nothing More than Obfuscated and Exaggerated Lies


There is absolutely no evidence for anything reported in the New Testament.There is no evidence for the Legendary Jesus Christ that performed miracles and was supposedly Resurrected.Even Saul never met Jesus and made much of his letters up out of his own attempts to take control of Christianity and made laws to suit his own personal goals and exaggerated Jesus to win over Pagans.His writings started around 20 years aft...

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