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Voluntary Euthanasia


PrefaceVarrack approached me about doing this debate, and I think it will be an interesting discussion. Euthanasia is an important question now more than ever, as more and more places begin considering the merits of some form of euthanasia. I look forward to an engaging and insightful discourse.There is a minimum of 2,500 ELO needed to vote on this debate. Debaters have 72 hours and 10,000 characters per round to make their cases....

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Should The Definition of Bullying Be Changed


The definition of bully "a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker."(Source Oxford Dictionary and Google Definitions). How is it possible that one would have the audacity to call a victim "weaker" than the persecutor. Just because one is perceived to be weaker by the bully doesn't mean that they are. It is unethical to demean a victim of bullying, yet we are allowing Oxford dictionary and Google to do so. How could we do such a thing. We need to take a stan...

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On balance, abortion is immoral


I am challenging triangle.128k to a debate regarding the morality of abortion. He seems quite convinced that abortion is morally justifiied, so I anticipate a lively intellectual discourse with him.Con will argue that abortion is morally justified, I will argue that it is not. The burden of proof is shared.DefinitionsAbortion: 'a medical procedure used to end a pregnancy and cause the death of the fetus'

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Human suffering is bad


Resolution: The resolution is as stated in the title. Pro and Con will be debating over the immorality or negative value that human suffering has. BOP: Pro must prove that human suffering is bad. Con must only prove that pro's BOP has not been filled. Definitions: Suffering- The state or instance of feeling pain Bad- Of low or poor quality Rules: Debaters must accept the definitions stated above. Pro must write "No round as agreed" in the final round. Pro must start h...

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There are Two Gospels in the New Testament


I will be arguing in favor of the existence of two distinct gospels, offering two distinct salvation messages. While there is certainly some overlap, such as the fact that both are concerned with the New Testament promised to Israel, both are distinct from each other in key doctrinal areas such as salvation and prophecy.Round 1 -...

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Allowing Illegal Immigrations To Still Get Benefits


Debate OutlineThis is a debate about whether or not illegal immigrants should receive the same benefits legal immigrants and citizens would receive in a country. For example: insurance, employment, housing, Welfare, Social Security, foodstamps. Structure: The debate will consist of four rounds:

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The united states of america was founded under christian values.


This will just be acceptance. Round 2 will be arguments, no rebuttles, Round's 3-5 will be rebuttles, and counter-rebuttles as well as new arguments....

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The Soviet Union Fell


The Soviet Union did not fall. The burden of proof lies entirely on Pro to prove that the Soviet Union did fall. To win this debate, Pro must prove that the Soviet Union did fall. To avoid semantics, will be using only the following definitions for this debate: Soviet Union: The Marxist-Leninist state that was established by Vladamir Lenin in 1922. Fall: To drop or descend due to the force of gravity. Round structure: Round 1: Con defines words and establishes round structure. Pro make...

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Drone attacks on Pakistan


It is actually absurd bombing a country, while violating millions of laws domestically and internationally. How would you feel living under the threat from the sky 24/7/365? U.S government claims the civilian casualties like this "if any males that are of the same height in the vicinity of the attack are not counted as casualties". So if I'm the same height and in that particular area where the drone is going to attack and I die, I'm a terrorist? The government also claims that the drones are se...

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which is better, tower-defense games(pro) vs other action games (con)


I think tower defense games are the best category of action games as they require a lot of thinking skills, quick co-ordination and less blood and gore. Some action games have too much blood and gore and difficult controls. I prefer tower-defense games like Kingdom Rush, Bashing grounds etc....

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