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The GOP are ignorant hypocrites for blaming gas prices on Obama


The resolution refers to a thread made by Contra in the politics forum about how hypocritical it is for Republicans to blame gas prices in Obama, shown in this thread below, I will argue that it is hypocritical for Republicans to blame rising gas prices on Obama and not give him some credit when they go down. Roy will argue that it is NOT hypocritical 4 rounds 1st round doesn't have to be acceptance only I will not troll or use seman...

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Communism is the best solution to most of the world's problems


I'd like to start by welcoming my opponent to DDO, as I see he is a new member. This debate is in response to the opinion question posed by Guardian_Rock: opponent seems to strongly favor Communism. I'd like to give him an opportunity to elaborate on why he thinks Commu...

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All Countries Should Use the Same Currency


I would like to thank DoctorDeku for agreeing to this topic of interest. ResolutionAll countries should use the same currency. BoP is shared. DefinitionsAll countries: All independent nations. Use: "To employ

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Market Socialism


This is my first round! I will do my best to make this work, based on reading previous debates. RESOLUTION Market socialism should replace capitalism in countries with a free market economy. Capitalism: "an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market" (Merriam-Webster)...

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Communism works if applied correctly pt. 2


Due to my previous opponent de-activating his account, I have decided to hold this debate for the second timeMy argument is that Communism is a system that can work in a way that is humanitarian if used in it's traditional sense, that being defined as:Communism: the belief in the creation of a stateless, classless, money-less society, where private property (save for personal property) is collectively owned, and the wage system abolished.

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Is Abortion bad?


Arbortion is GOOD!!! WHY? BECAUSE THERE ARE ALREADY TOO MANY HUMANS IN THIS WORLD ALREADY AND WE NEED TO CUT OFF THE POPULATION NUMBERS BY A LOT!!! If you think that it is murder, then you are just akward, because the thing is not even born yet, so it is not tecnaclly alive, also, mothers will not suffer from being mothers! HORRAY!!!...

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Overregulation Was a Significant Cause for the Fall of the Roman Empire


I have challenged TheHitchslap to this debate to see if he would like to defend his comment on this debate. Full Resolution Excessive regulation of the economy was a significant contributor to the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Definitions Economic Regulation: "The use of legislative measures and government regulations to affect economic outcomes. This ca...

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In the long run, Keynesian economic policies have proven to be ineffective


The first round is for acceptance, and arguments must have evidence to substantiate them. Also, some definitions to clear up any confusion: Long-run: The period of time in which all prices, especially wages, are flexible, and have achieved their equilibrium levels. Keynesian: Acting along the lines of the Keynesian school of economic thought, which is based upon the work of British economist John Maynard Keynes. Keynesian economics follows demand-side theory, and focuses on influencing agg...

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Libertarian Economics are Inherently Immoral


Libertarians believe that "all persons are entitled to keep the fruits of their labor" and income tax should, therefore, be abolished. Of course, this will leave an enormous black hole in the public finances but the Libertarians have a solution for this: slash public spending. In essence, Libertarians believe that individuals should pay only for the services they actually use, not for services that they don't, and that public services and utilities such as health, education, highways, transpo...

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The global economy no longer needs or benefits from Central Banks


Central banks around the world have taken unprecedented actions since the Financial Crisis in 2008. Ostensibly, these actions were necessary to prevent economic calamity and to preserve overall wellbeing. In the six years since the Financial Crisis, central banks around the world have continued to pursue, by historical standards, extraordinarily accommodative monetary policy in order to restore national economies to more robust growth, consistent inflation and full employment. Pro puts forwa...

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