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I shall marry the user known as Rogue.


Official resolution: I, Koopin, shall marry the user known as rogue. This is a comical debate (not really, rogue I love you!) however, please treat it as a serious one. Basically, just do not forfeit, no semantics, and no trolling.I would like to thank the audience and my opponent.=============================FIRST: Look at this picture: http://i40.tinypic.com/29123qg.jpgThe picture above is rogue's future (PLEASE...

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NIAMC's Musician Tournament, Round 1, tulle vs. philochristos


This is for a tournament set up by Niamc: http://www.debate.org/forums/debate.org/topic/45848/ All the rules Niamc spelled out in the above link apply. I'll just copy them here for your convenience. Round layout: 1st round. -The 1st round debate shall consist of 3 rounds; 1st round being acceptance and reiteration of rules, rounds 2 & 3 being performance rounds - The "performances" shall be presented in the form of an audio file or video file. A single performance shall be presen...

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Fancy Polite English Gentlemens Rap Battle


Pretty straight forward, 2000 characters, ill get us started Good day! hello! how do you do? im here for one reason, to entertain you! I shall not be dirty, I shall not be mean. In this rap battle, I will only be clean! To my opponent, whoever they may be May I offer you, a nice crume brulee? If that doesnt suit you, just name your favorite dish, Ill serve you anything, unless youre Irish ;D After you eat, we can chit and we can chat Maybe exchange some advice on wearing fancy ha...

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Percy Jackson better than Harry Potter?


Lots of people are always arguing about' which book series is better than which'. This got me thinking 'Why?' and this also made me curious as to which people believed was better? 'Percy Jackson or Harry Potter?' I personally lean more towards Percy Jackson but I'm still quite open for Harry Potter. So people try to persuade me why Harry Potter better and why?...

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would it be cool to have a zombie apocolyps.


it would be awsom to have a zombie invasion. it may be bad but if your one of the survivers it could be fun. well not realy but it would be fun it thir was a game like that...

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This is Impossible (Troll Debate)


http://www.wackywong.net/misc/c1/column/images/escher.jpg Profanity allowed <>Telling the truth not required <>Making sense not required(though don't get too carried away. Keep things at least partially on the subject. :D) VOTING: Category "sources" is to be changed to "hilarity point", and is to go to the person who was the most entertainin...

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James Bond is most likely a Time Lord


The Pro will here argue that James Bond is most likely a Time Lord. The Con will argue that he most likely is not. This is meant as an entertaining debate so arguments along the lines of "Ian Fleming didn't even know what Doctor Who was when he created the character" will not only be inadmissable but will warrant derision and name calling. Time Lords refer to an alien race of humanoids who uesd to rule the planet Gallifrey in the science fiction program 'Doctor Who'. James Bond is a character...

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Star Trek vs Star Wars (Ultimate Nerd Showdown)


It is because I believe while Star Wars began as a great project but became a joke, while Star Trek began as a sci-fi powerhouse and remains to this day unblemished in the eyes of its fans, that I affirm Star Trek as being superior to Star Wars. 1) Star Trek has reinvented itself successfully time and again, while Star Wars has only gotten worse. When Star Wars burst onto the scene in 1977 it took America by storm. Capitalizing on the era...

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There are no useless superpowers.


As stated, there are no useless superpowers. It is my opponents job to come up with a superpower which I cannot come up with a use for. I will first provide definitions and a few rules for the debate to work properly. -Definitions- Superpower: Any ability that extends beyond the natural abilities of humans. Use: Capable of being used beyond it's own application. (e.g. making someone fart at will will not count as the use for the power, as it is it's own application.) -Rules- 1. The su...

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Everyone Lies


Who will be courageous enough to argue against the claim? ...

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