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What is the best book?


This debate is not meant to be serious. I would just like my opponent to argue for what they think is the best-written book they know. Please no religious texts, and just fiction. My claim (pro): Watership Down, by Richard Adams. Rules: no personal attacks. It would also help if I read my opponent's favorite book before round 2, and vice versa. Finally, the books must not be part of a series. Thanks, and may the best book win! (Re-issuing, due to lack of reply from Con. Opponents, anyone?)...

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This is Impossible (Troll Debate)


http://www.wackywong.net/misc/c1/column/images/escher.jpg Profanity allowed <>Telling the truth not required <>Making sense not required(though don't get too carried away. Keep things at least partially on the subject. :D) VOTING: Category "sources" is to be changed to "hilarity point", and is to go to the person who was the most entertainin...

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Lord of the Rings is better than Harry Potter


Lord of the Rings is the better of the two in my mind however there ore people who think it is Harry. The books are close in plot lines and character But in this debate I want to determine whether the where Harry Potter varies from Lord of the Rings make it a better or worse series....

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James Bond is most likely a Time Lord


The Pro will here argue that James Bond is most likely a Time Lord. The Con will argue that he most likely is not. This is meant as an entertaining debate so arguments along the lines of "Ian Fleming didn't even know what Doctor Who was when he created the character" will not only be inadmissable but will warrant derision and name calling. Time Lords refer to an alien race of humanoids who uesd to rule the planet Gallifrey in the science fiction program 'Doctor Who'. James Bond is a character...

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Star Trek is better than Star Wars


Star Trek(by the way, I'm talking about all the TV shows except Voyager and Enterprise. Yes, even the animated series) is better than Star Wars. Yes, Star Wars is an excellent movie, but Star Trek is better. Before we begin this debate, we must realize a distinction between the two. Star Trek is purely science fiction. Star Wars has elements of science fiction, but it falls under the a sub-category of fantasy, the spa...

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Good luck Charlie is the best show currently on Family channel


To be honest, this channel is very boring. However, after observing all of the programs on this channel, I have concluded that "Good luck Charlie" is the best show currently still making episodes on family. I am excited to see who will accept this debate. There are a few rules following: I. You must find a better show on this channel. II. At no time may my opponent change the show he is defending. He must explain how that show is better than Good luck Charlie. III. My opponent can only...

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Rap Battle


This is a rap battle, self-explanatory. Censored cursing is allowed, but some things are over the line, such as very aggressively sexual or racist lyrics, etc. I'll let voters decide what crosses this line. There's a 48 hour debating period and a 2,000 character limit. My opponent must pass on a round, either first or last, depending on preference. Thanks in advance to whoever accepts....

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Star Trek vs Star Wars (Ultimate Nerd Showdown)


It is because I believe while Star Wars began as a great project but became a joke, while Star Trek began as a sci-fi powerhouse and remains to this day unblemished in the eyes of its fans, that I affirm Star Trek as being superior to Star Wars. 1) Star Trek has reinvented itself successfully time and again, while Star Wars has only gotten worse. When Star Wars burst onto the scene in 1977 it took America by storm. Capitalizing on the era...

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time to put the simpsons to bed


The Simpsons has been on our screens since 1989 and has always been very popular. However the shows style today is barely recognisable from what is was 20 years old. The Simpsons hey day for me was between 1992-1999. The quality of the programme has been dropping steadily since the turn of the millennium is now noticeable even to the occasional Simpsons viewer. Its has transformed from its original format that made it one of the greatest ever shows to a show that appears to try to hard to be...

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Batman defeats Spiderman


I have seen many debates about why would Spiderman win Batman, but this time i go with my knowledge of comics and geekyness to decide this once for all, Batman would surely beat Spidey with or without preparation time....

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