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StarCraft 2 (Pro) vs Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 (Con) - Gameplay


While I enjoy the playing both games I Believe StarCraft 2 is better because you are able to create worker units. Another great feature about StarCraft 2 is the pop. cap because it limits the number of units the play can have on the battlefield at one time forcing the player to think critically and tactically rather than spamming one unit type and throwing this unit at the enemy until victory is achieved. (Before I make any further points I will allow my opponent to refute my claims and present...

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Do students have constitutional rights in school?


Students do have constitutional rights in school. There have been many court cases made over this, as this is a quite talked about subject. The answer is yes, they do have rights. The constitution guarantees ALL Americans constitutional rights, no matter their age, sex, orientation, race, or ethnicity. Schools are a part of this country, so by law everyone in that building has rights. To say students don't have rights is totalitarian, and completely absurd....

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should society be allowed to label a certain dog breed as 'dangerous'?


i am in my 5th year of high school and to pass my english class i have to produce a discursive essay. my topic is 'Dangerous' breeds'. The question as you can see is, 'should society be allowed to label a certain dog breed as dangerous? i need to find out your opinions and thoughts. thanking you all very much. ...

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Is it ok for a women to kick a guy in the balls


Id it ok to kick someone in the balls?...

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Do you think that people rely on Technology too much?


I believe that people currently rely on technology far too much. They use it now more as a way to get them through daily life. Jobs positions are taken over by the use of technology, people are becoming lazy and using it instead of doing things physically/verbally. As well as this, another thing I would like to add is that children are being introduced to the current technology at too much of a young age, becoming addicted to it and thinking that it's a supposed-to-do way of living....

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THBT America or United States Of America, Has Done more wrong than Right


When i look at USA, i think of how big of a super power, how well it stood against communist ideas and extremists, how much good it has done for the world. but when on looks deeper, the truth surfaces, USA's wrongs do outweigh the rights, they've caused and got involved and escalated many wars in the past, when we look back and Vietnam or Afghanistan or Iraq, we see the blood that has been spilled, the time has come for USA to answer for their sins. the time has come... for TRUE JUSTICE...

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We are animals.


I will be arguing for the following statement: "We are animals". By "we are animals" I mean both philosophically and scientifically.First round is for acceptance.Second and third round for debateFourth for conclusionsI wish my opponent good luck!...

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Gay Marriage


I think that no one can make a valid argument that 'gays' cannot get married. The only reasons I can think of are A. Religiosity B. Personal Distaste in the LGBT lifestyle C. Saying marriage is for procreation solely (it is not) I can easily counter any of the 3 (or all of them)...

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Should athiests be exterminated? (Genocide be commited)


You are talking about genocide here!! How can you think that genocide would ever be okay ever?!?! Atheists are not bad people. We really are just misunderstood. we are not against god, because you can't be against something that you don't believe is real!...

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Is Abortion Okay


I believe that abortion should not be committed for multiple reasons. So many people have been debating over this for several years now and I want to know what some people think about it and why. I do not see why so many people can agree with babies dying before they have had a chance in the world and I hope that others agree. If you had sex, and then got pregnant, it's not the baby's fault. Please tell me why it is alright to kill the child off before it's ever got the chance to see the light o...

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