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Darren Wilson should not be charged with murderer.


First of all what happened on August 9 2014 was a tragedy. A young man lost his life before he had a chance to turn it around. I believe that Darren Wilson is innocent. Evidence shows that Wilson shot Brown at close range in the hand as Brown reached for his gun. Because if this injury Brown could not have had his hands up in surrender position meaning he was charging Wilson. Remember Dorion Jonson lied about Brown being shot in the back when 3 autopsies show he was shot in the front. Dorion i...

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whats next for furguson


So will the Furguson reaction bring what obama would like to see in bringing Marshal law to America ?...

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Advertising should be BANNED from TV and Radio


I stand against advertising from being banned from TV and radio. One of my main arguments includes jobs. The amount of jobs that will be lost from no advertising is astonishing. If there weren't any advertising for radio and TV then roughly 27,000 people will be unemployed from the advertising. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics states. Many of these jobs include directors and co-directors, set designers, actors, stunt doubles, musicians that write the jingles, and many more. To hear the rest...

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Morality does not require the existence of a god


Morality is an evolved concept created solely in the mind of humankind. It does not exist outside of human thought and interaction. The claim that morality was given to men by some god outside of them is disprovable. 1. The concepts of good and evil do not exist outside of human interaction. Where there are no humans, no actions could be described as evil. A lion killing a lamb is not an evil act. A human allowing a lion to kill a lamb could, under the right circumstances be defined as evil...

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Whether safe sex should be promoted through education at schools.


1) Now more than ever young men and women have been suffering from numerous STDs and teen parenthood still remains as one of the most important issue of the younger generation, therefore It is very important for young adults to learn about the many sexual transmitted diseases that exists and how to avoid becoming parents at a young age; they should have the option of learning the Information, statistics, and treatment guidelines of STDs as well as how to take good care of themselves to avoid any...

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By accepting you concede.


Rules: If you join this debate, you automatically loose....

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3 divided by 0 equals 3 - Debate Two


I wish to debate spex on this topic once more (only once), as he still seems unconvinced about this.By agreeing to the debate you agree to the following:72 hours to argue, 8,000 characters max per argument.Any offensive content, including, but not limited to, swearing, derogatory language, and insulting will result in a forfeiture of the debate by the offender.If you wish to state the definition, feel fre...

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should the homework be banned from schools


1)Studies show that homework adds nothing to standard test scores. Some schools and some countries don't bother with homework at all and their results do not seem to suffer from it. 2) Students in Japan and Denmark get close to no homework but score very well on tests. Countries that give homework have worse results. 3) Therefore the United States should consider banning homework from schools....

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Modern conveyences create mor pollution under the guise of greenness.


Driving your new Audi has contributed far more destruction to the planet then preserving an old ford. It was built once and has stood the economical test of time, but your ride is new and has demanded more pollution and fuel to create then the old steed....

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Pixar movies have gone down in quality


While I love Pixar films and once believed that they dominated the animated movie industry, I believe that after Toy Story 3 they have decreased in quality. While the company still produces quality films, I no longer feel that they have the same emotion and originality of their previous pictures, especially compared to other companies like Disney and Dreamworks. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the three most recent Pixar films (Monsters University, Brave, Cars 2) have gone down in quality from the...

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