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Video Rap Battle: My Ex Is Worse Than Yours


I've avoided debating my esteemed opponent for over a year now. Finally the time has come to experience our first ever (completed) debate against each other with a most interesting and entertaining topic: A video rap battle distinguishing whose ex-girlfriend is truly the more evil and/or deranged. The parameters for the debate will be as follows: 1. Each rap verse will be no more than 50 lines long 2. My opponent will post a brief introduction, and I will begin the rap battle in R2 3. Ther...

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Michael Jackson faked his own death


That's right, reports of the death of Michael Jackson are premature - the reality is he is alive and well and living in a rented bedsit above a Lebanese restaurant on the Edgware Road, London. http://www.earth-photography.com/photos/Countries/England/England_London_EdgwareRoad4.jpg But wait, I hear you say. I saw pictures of his body being taken to the coroner's office on television. Did you actually see his face though? No, all any of us saw was some shots of something under a white sheet...

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The Nintendo Wii is the best video game console.


Nintendo Wii - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wii Home gaming console - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_console Best - excelling all others (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/best) It is my opinion that the Wii is the best home gaming console. For this debate, my opponent will choose one (1) other home gaming console to be compared to the Wii. From there, we will both present facts about either console, and try to defend or attack the pros and cons of each other's gaming syste...

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Resolved: If a tree falls in the forest and no animal is there to hear it, it does make a sound.


I, of course, am in favor of such a resolution. I believe the tree actually does make a sound whether animals are there to perceive it or not. Will you stand in opposition!? Feel free to offer definitions, chances are I will change them if I don't agree. =) DEBATE!...

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The Xbox 360 is a better console than the Nintendo Wii.


The Xbox 360 made by Microsoft is a much better gaming platform than the Nintendo Wii. The Xbox has a better, wider variety of games, an amazing online service, better graphics, the ability to watch HD Movies and many options for customization. The Wii's motion sensing ability is just a silly gimmick, and it becomes tiring and awkward after a short time....

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Mother should be punished for lying about dead soldier to win Hannah Montana tickets.


I find it to be so sick that any parent or person for that matter would make up a story like this little girl and her mother. I do not blame the child , I put all blame on the mother. What kind of example are you setting to let your child tell such a horrible lie to win concert tickets. There are people really going through such tragedy right now. For those who do not know the story. A 6 year old little girl submitted an essay to win Hannah Montana tickets, the story was about her daddy dying in...

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Zoos do more harm than good.


Thank you crazypenguin, for your time and for the honor of having your first debate, judging by the fact you logged on for the first time right next to me. First off, many people think that zoos help endangered animals, and returned them to the wild. In reality, there are over 6,000 endangered animals and million upon millions of endangered plant species.On record, only 162 animal species are housed in zoos WORLDWIDE and of those few only 16 have ever been returned to the wild. These species...

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It is better to just poop fast rather than wait, if you don't have a book


I believe it is much better to push hard, and get the poop over with, rather than sit there and relax. Relaxing, and waiting is much more time consuming, and often the poop clings, making you shake your butt a little to get the little straggler off. However, if you just poop it out, you can return to your everyday life, and enjoy the rest of your day, claiming you have accomplished an impossible feat. On the contrary, if you have a book, you can read about other people, and before you know it, "...

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Batman Could Beat the Crud Out of Anyone


Batman is the best superhero ever. He could take on any other superhero. Just give me the situation, and I'll tell you how Batman gets out of it....

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Sagarous (who is I) is a man.


I am male. Take my word for it. Trust me. I am a man. I am male. Take my word for it. Trust me. I am a man. I am male. Take my word for it. Trust me. I am a man. I am male. Take my word for it. Trust me. I am a man. I am male. Take my word for it. Trust me. I am a man. I am male. Take my word for it. Trust me. I am a man. I am male. Take my word for it. Trust me. I am a man. I am male. Take my word for it. Trust me. I am a man. I am male. Take my word for it. Trust me. I am a man. I am...

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