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Human activities are the main cause global warming.


First off, I'd like to thank my opponent for joining this debate and wish them best of luck to them now to clarify a few definitions: (merriam-webster) human- of, relating to, or characteristic of humans activities- the quality or state of being active (in this case, pollution and burning of fossil fuels) main- primary cause- a reason for an action or condition global warming- an increase in the earth's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in...

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technology can avert global warming


we are in a modernized world nowadays.. we can do anything by means of technology.. if we can create gadgets to satisfy our wants.. why cant we create something which will help our environment, a much important thing, survive?...

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is global warming entirely caused because of man


First let ,me tell you that i'am not a critic who likes to insult mankind as i also am a human being.But we must all agree to this that we are the sole responsible cuase of this heated conversation of global warming.If man had'nt made machines pollution would not have been burdening mother earth and its pitful reatures on a sad note i would conclude by saying man has caused these broblems and we should be the ones solving it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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Global Warming


Global Warming is bad because many animals die cause there habitat is getting destroyed. It is also slowly destroying our ozone with pollution. I don't understand how people can even not care about these animals because they want to have higher temperatures and more beaches....

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I will use something Developed to slow global warming when it is BETTER.


Over the last few years many inventions have been developed. Some are for our entertainment and others are for our Health, and others shouldnt have had time wasted on them in the first place! There have been two major things invented to (supposedly) help global warming. 1. Hybrid Cars These cars are small, have slow acceleration, and will not get you anywhere fast if you really need it(Ever wonder why you see no Hybrid Cop Cars?). O and they only get you about two more miles per gallon than...

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Electric cars should be a priority in plans to fight global warming


The debate will go in the following order: Round one: Intro Round two: main round/ Case Round three: CX Round four: conclusion. My opponent will answer the following questions as well as use these questions as a base for his contentions: Are electric cars helpful in fighting global warming? Are electric cars economical? Are electric cars compatible with electric grids? Are electric cars reliable? Thank you....

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Do we need to do more to stop global warming?


We need to do more to stop global warming. Global warming is happening and human activity is the main cause for global warming. Although, general consensus is the acceptance of existence of global warming, only limited amount of efforts have been done to prevent further catastrophe....

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Mankind Is the Main Cause of Global Warming


I would like to thank Magic8000 for agreeing to this topic. Please read everything below before accepting. Full ResolutionI will be arguing that mankind is the not main cause of global warming. We will not be arguing if global warming exists or not, it will be assumed that it does; only if global warming has an anthropogenic cause.BoP is shared. DefinitionsMankind: "The human race; human beings col...

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Mankind Is Not the Main Cause of Global Warming


This is going to be one debate in a project I have devised to decide on the global warming issue once and for all - I will take the pro side in one debate, the con side in another debate, and make my decision from there.Part I - Take the side against global warming. Tylergraham95 is a really good debater, especially on global warming, and I'm sure this will be a great first debate.Full ResolutionI will be arguing that mankind is the not m...

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Human induced global warming exists


Resolution: Human Induced Global Warming Exists I will be arguing that the resolution is true and refute my opponent's claims, while my opponent will argue that it is false and also refute my claims. BOP is shared. No new arguments, only rebuttals in round 5. Carbon Dioxide a. Correlation to temperature CO2 is increasing. In fact, the level of it in our atmosphere now is higher than any point in the past 800 thousand years. [1] Temperature records show that the temperature is increa...

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