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The Existence of God


Hello, I am debating against the topic of, "Is there a God" I only have one thing to say: if you can't prove that there is a god, then you lose the debate. The opppostition's job is to prove that god exists, and if there is no proof, you don't prove that god exists. I rest my case....

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The Iraq War was necessary


To deny Saddam Hussein was not "part of the war on terror" would be to deny his past terrorist actions. Hussein was a well-known terrorist who used WMD and poison gas against his own people, killing hundreds of thousands of Kurds in the 1980's and burying them in mass graves. He routinely tortured his own citizens with electric shock and castration. He raped women and killed them in front of their families. Hussein long harbored one of the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993. He...

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Bush did the right thing when we went into Iraq and Afghanistan.


The only problem with George Bush is that he doesn't stand up for himself. We did the right thing. Do you remember this? Please- do everyone a favor and just watch this video before accepting my challenge.

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Universal health care nuts should also be in favor of universal food, shelter, clothing, etc.


If universal health care crowd were capable of being a little more consistent, they'd be communists. Despite the fact that nowhere in our founding documents is health care declared a "right," proponents who want to make it a right point to the fact that health care is a human necessity. But there is a huge problem with this argument. If the degree of necessity is the criteria for converting a private service into a public entitlement, why isn't universal food, clothing, water, shelter, transport...

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Women should not have the same rights as men.


I'll keep it short and simple to begin: Women in history have not earned the right to be at the same social level as men. The achievements men have reached give them the rights they have. Women want to take the rewards without the work. Not only socially, but also physically, men are the dominating gender. This now becomes not a matter of opinion, but science. It is a fact that men are stronger, faster, and more athletic than women, so why pretend they are on equal terms? Women were not m...

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There is most likely no life after death


My argument is simple: there isn't sufficient evidence to believe in an afterlife, so we ought not to. The idea of an afterlife dates back to antiquated notions of a "vital spark", "spirit", or similar nonmaterial substance or energy which was supposedly responsible for animating living things. Modern science has shown that life operates through complex chemical reactions, and does not need an extra vitalistic "thing" in order to function. Bacteria do not seem to need souls in order to move a...

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Marijuana Legalization


I think marijuana should be legalized. For the purposes of the debate, let's assume laws under legalization would make pot similar to alcohol (21 age limit, no driving under the influence, etc.) 1. Other substances Alcohol impairs you more, yet is legal. Cigarettes offer all of the same health concerns, but offer no significant benefit (high) and most cigarette smokers smoke more than marijuana users on a daily basis. Also, marijuana has been medically proven to be non-habit-forming, unlike...

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Marijuana Should NOT Be Legalized


The legalization of marijuana, either for medical purposes or otherwise, is entirely unjustifiable. Marijuana only suits one significant purpose, other than the feel good effects of use, and that is as a pain killer "medication." This is reason enough for advocates in favor of legalization to use as justification for the legalization for medical purposes, at least. I view this argument as more of an excuse for legalization than a legitimate concern. Marijuana isn't the only pain killer on the ma...

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Does God exist?


Well, where do I begin....... I was born a catholic but when I was 14, I looked at the world, and noticed something is lacking in the credibility of religion. I am 16 now, and still attend a catholic school, but I am now an atheist. Here are some of the many things that I see about religion and God. 1. Scientific evidence has disproved many biblical claims such as the earth being 6000 years old, when it's actually more then 4 billion. We know this due to carbon dating and radioactive dat...

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the closest to the church Jesus instilled


I know that many people have prejudice taught by their ministers, pastors, etc. against the mormons. Please do not that prejudice sway your favor in this argument. In no way am I trying to prove this religion right; I am simply trying to say that it is the most parallel to the one set up by Jesus in Biblical times. The reasons I believe this include: 1. In Biblical times Jesus had his church set up with prophets and apostles and the only church with that same set up is The Church of Jesus Chris...

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