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Pantheism/Panentheism Is Superior To Atheism


This debate is about which ideology/belief system is superior to the other psychologically, socially, culturally, etc. The debate is not in specific about the existence of God in any way, shape or form, but is about the superiority of the belief over the other. The burden of proof is on me, and it is the duty of Con to show me how my proof is incorrect or wrong.Superior in this sense means more beneficial/helpful to society, to mankind.The votes must come with a deta...

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Randomness is a lack of Knowledge in both Spiritual and Physical world.


By not being able to have the knowledge of a great or a small deal of information is random. As information is knowledgeable, therefore by definition it would appear random, as you have no knowledge of the matter at hand. If being scared is a fright of sudden randomness, not being able to understand something. Like in my very personal case not understanding the spiritual world is frightening as well as random. Example: Water into wine by Jesus Christ. This will seem random because of your la...

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Quran vs Bible. Which is the True holy Book of God?


I am arguing that the Quran is is every way better and more correct than the Bible. In terms of Historically accurate, Scientifically possible, and with no self-contradictions. the Quran has no errors while the bible has many. This is my view and my opponent must argue that the bible is not corrupt and that the Quran is. The first round is acceptance....

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Official Debate Tournament: Badger is a Retard/Troll


Badger and I are due to debate some issue for the debate tournament. I have told Badger I am an anarcho capitalist and he cannot formulate a resolution to clash with this position. Since he is not an anarcho capitalist himself, he should have no problem.Since he cannot formulate a resolution, I am left to conclude that badger is a mental retard or troll.My burden in this debate is to prove that badger regularly engages in (intentionally) incoherant and moronic behavi...

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the Christian Bible is Self-Contradictory


I will be debating that statments in the Christian Bible are Self-ContradictoryThe only rules are:1.Must use logic2.First round acceptance 3.second round Opening statements4.Third round rebuttals and closeing statements ...

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"Theist": is a Transitional Form In Human Cultural/Cognitive Evolution


Human Cultural part of the Cognitive Evolution of our species, started with the development of complex languages, around 200,000 years ago, that can describe and pass on abstract thinking (like religious thought) has been likely the biggest force behind our cultural evolution, which has taken off exponentially since the first sentences were formed.This use of language to describe complex and abstract notions sparked our cul...

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Any argument for the existence of an infinitely-intelligent, creator god, is illogical


God: A being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe Omnipotence: Having unlimited or universal power, authority, or force; all-powerful. 4 rounds, 2 week voting period, 48 hours to respond and 10k max. word rounds.

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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is historically probable


I believe that the Resurrection of Jesus is a historical event that probably happened. It is impossible to reach 100% certainty. However, that should not detract from the discussion since that is the way it is in all of history. One can only prove what probably happened. The historical methodology used to ascertain whether something is to be considered a historical fact is the same that secular historians use, is whether the reasons for accepting it outweighs the reasons for rejecting it. "A...

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My Opponent Will Lose This Debate


Rule 1: If a rule is broken (directly or indirectly), then an automatic 7 point forfeit results for whoever broke the rule, assuming that rule applies to them. Rule 2: Rules with a * directly beside them only apply to my opponent *Rule 3: First round is just for acceptance *Rule 4: In every round, every other letter must be a capital letter, with the remaining letters being lower case letters, starting with a lower case letter (For example, "aBcDeF..." but obvio...

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Rap Battle.


Words and phrases I could choose, but I decided just to peruse: I'm looking for a rap battle along those lines. The same rules generally apply, most importantly that meter should not be considered in the decision. Thanks to my opponent for accepting....

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