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The human eye evolved.


Thanks to my opponent if he accepts, not sure if this is the evolution debate you wanted, though you did state the complexity of the eye as an indication of an intelligent designer. Next one can be your choosing. ;) Essentially I will show that the eye evolved, using the human eye, and eyes found in nature in general, to show the stages of development and how relatively easily it occurs. I assert that an Intelligent Designer, by definition, would not incorporate flaws into a system, as t...

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DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR INFANT! the risks are MUCH higher than the possible benefits!


I am a father of two Neither of my children were vaccinated When I was a child, I showed signs of being allergic to vaccines and was not vaccinated When my ex tried to give my seven year old a vaccine without my permission and against my will, despite it being "mercury-free" and "holistic" within days she got a horrible condition called ITP the doctors say they dont really understand why it occurs (vaccines of course) but what happens is your white blood cell count drops to like...

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The Theory of Evolution is a lie. We did not come from monkeys.


I can't imagine how you can believe we came from monkeys. doesn't it just make more sense to just say we adapted? Just because we changed our environment doesn't mean we automativally can mutate ourselves and just "evolve." When people get mutetions, they suffer from various illnesses. Can you name me ONE mutation that is positive? Just one. That's all I'm asking for. You can't, simply because there is none. We are made in the image of God, our heavenly father, so when genes in our body changes...

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Evolution (pro) vs. Creation (con)


Resolved: Scientific evidence strongly supports the Theory of Evolution by common descent over the "theory" of Creationism. Definitions: No semantics p...

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Macro Evolution has been proved beyond reasonable doubt


I saw your previous debate with Alexander_The_Great (Here: and must admit, that even though I accept evolution, I think you won the debate because of his lack of convincing argument and data on Pro's side. I also felt that the title and some of the other things wasn't properly set up. For example, I wont argue that macro evolution is a scientific fact. While in colloquial use, the word "fact" might describe the evolutionary the...

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Modified LD - Resolved:Public health concerns justify compulsory immunization.


You may provide your own definitions in Round 2. Please skip Round 1 by placing a single alphanumeric. Round 2 = Affirmative/Negative Constructive. Round 3 = Affirmative / Negative Rebuttals Round 4 = Crystalization Good luck and thank you for the challenge....

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Evolution is not scientific, therefore it should not be taught in schools.


For something to be scientific, it has to be observable, repeatable, and testable. Evolutionists admit that you can not observe evolution because it is to slow. You definitely can not repeat evolution. And how can you test evolution? Evolution is not fact, it is a religion....

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Global warming is likely (and mostly) anthropogenic


This is for Subutai's environmental tournament. In this debate, I am for the resolution. The BOP will be even since this is a contested issue--BOP shall not be negotiated. The debate structure is first round acceptance, second round arguments (no rebuttals), third round rebuttals/defense, fourth round rebuttals/defense. My opponent is familiar with the wording, and definitions are not needed. Have fun!...

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Evolutionism Vs. Creationism


Pro = for Creationism * Con = for Evolutionism This will NOT be about the Big Bang or Beginning of Life, although Creationism explains all that together and Evolution is hard to believe without knowing where it started. Please don't be close-minded. I'd like to see a logical argument where we each show evidence and reason for our cases. Each round will bring it's own topics to hand, I'm sure :) 1st of all, I believe Creationism relies on the Bible (vice versa). 2nd, you cannot deny that Cr...

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Abiogenesis Is Possible


You have aked to debate this, so here is the challenge.Full ResolutionAbiogenesis is possible.BoP is on pro.DefinitionsAbiogenesis: "The supposed development of living organisms from nonliving matter."[1]Possible: "Capable of happening, existing, or being true without contradicting proven f...

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