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Homosexuality in Humans is Natural


First round is for accepting the debate, stating the resolution, and definitions. Resolution: Homosexuality in Humans is Natural Definitions: Natural is that which does not conflict with natural law. Natural Law has many possible definitions. However, for this debate, natural law will be defined as the evolutionary process. Homosexuality is the state of being sexually attracted to the same sex....

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Our Reality Was Possibly Caused by a Being That Can Be Defined As God


My Introduction: My name is Paul and I hail from Clarksville, TN. I used to be a devout Christian. I joined the Navy and eventually found myself to be an atheist after studying religion, History, Science, and multiple other general things about our world. Later on, I started dabbling in Quantum Physics and was finding it hard to maintain my new Materialistic worldview. I was stuck between Atheism and religion and I couldn't go back to religion without being intellectually dishonest. My eventu...

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Although the debate is titled "Geocentrism", I will only be arguing that our galaxy, the Milky Way, is within 100,000 light years of the center of the universe.If any appeal to authority or majority is challenged, it will have to be argued from empirical data.First round is for acceptance only. Please comment if you're interested. ...

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The Law of Parsimony Favors Intelligent Design - B


Resolved: The Law of Parsimony Favors Intelligent Design Over Alternative Theories. Please abstain from the use of semantics. I would like to thank my future opponent for his/her willingness to debate this topic. For the sake of clarity I will briefly summarize the rule of parsimony and Intelligent Design, and then follow with my numerically listed points. The Rule of Parsimony: Essentially, the simplest theory wins. That is to say, the theory with the same explanatory power and least...

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Free will exists.


I thank my opponent for challenging me to this debate. He will be playing the Devil's Advocate, as we agree on the issue of free will. Free will: The capability to make a free choice. Free choice: A choice that is ultimately not influenced by any outside entity and completely unpredictable, but is also completely rational from the perspective of the entity making the choice. Rational: Proceeding or derived from reason or based on logical reasoning. ( Note that a being with...

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The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a worthwhile project.


Today, the LHC, which is located 100m underground on the French / Swiss border was fired up for the first time. For those who may be unfamiliar with the project, please be refer to the links (1; 2; 3) which can be found at the foot of this page. Even though this project represents one of the most important scientific experiments ever undertaken in the history of mankind, unbelievably, there are people that have criticised the programme. In addition to the usual religious zealots that h...

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is evolution real?


Evolution is a theory that is always under fire because of the religious views of the people who oppose it. If you are a dernier of evolution I'd like to know why and what your opposing theory or hypothesis is. I personally see no reason to oppose it. How else would we have the great diversity of species and organisms on our planet without it. I see great evidence in the fossil record and the genes that have been seen to cause differentiation in organisms if switched on or off. With the way we s...

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Drunk driving should be legal.


Wylted inspired me. See Comment if you are interested. Accepting the debate without approval is an automatic forfeit....

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Global Warming is Man-Made


==Clarification== I will be arguing that mankind IS the cause of global warming, my opponent will be arguing that mankind is NOT the main driver of modern climate change. My opponent, therefore, is arguing that the theory of anthropogenic climate change is incorrect. This is pretty straightforward. Abbreviations which might be used: AGW -- Anthropogenic global warming CR -- cosmic ray[s] TSI -- Total solar irradiation MWP -- Medieval Warm Period SSN -- Sun spot number PDO --...

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There is Undeniable, Empirical, Impartial Evidence for The Resurrection Of Jesus


I will Allow Pro the privalege of giving all the Evidence for his case First.I will then respond to Pro's evidence.Pro will have a chance of mounting a final case for his defense.Firstly I'll simply define the term Evidence.In Science which is this category: Evidence must be verifiable by those wishing to research.Science judges evidence on it's empirical strengths.In the case of historical evidence for an event. 1 - Was it f...

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