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Global warming is likely (and mostly) anthropogenic


This is for Subutai's environmental tournament. In this debate, I am for the resolution. The BOP will be even since this is a contested issue--BOP shall not be negotiated. The debate structure is first round acceptance, second round arguments (no rebuttals), third round rebuttals/defense, fourth round rebuttals/defense. My opponent is familiar with the wording, and definitions are not needed. Have fun!...

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Evolutionism Vs. Creationism


Pro = for Creationism * Con = for Evolutionism This will NOT be about the Big Bang or Beginning of Life, although Creationism explains all that together and Evolution is hard to believe without knowing where it started. Please don't be close-minded. I'd like to see a logical argument where we each show evidence and reason for our cases. Each round will bring it's own topics to hand, I'm sure :) 1st of all, I believe Creationism relies on the Bible (vice versa). 2nd, you cannot deny that Cr...

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Life is Intelligently Designed


This debate challenge has been forwarded to v3nesl. Leave a message if you need debate settings/parameters changed. Intelligent Design is an umbrella term, as it encompasses several methods, or attempts to demonstrate the intelligent design of life. Pro needs to present one or more of these arguments to fulfill their BoP to demonstrate the notion of intelligent design. The format is reversed, since the accepting party has the burden of proof, therefore: 10,000 Words, 72 hours. Rou...

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Abiogenesis Is Possible


You have aked to debate this, so here is the challenge.Full ResolutionAbiogenesis is possible.BoP is on pro.DefinitionsAbiogenesis: "The supposed development of living organisms from nonliving matter."[1]Possible: "Capable of happening, existing, or being true without contradicting proven f...

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let me say this first i this debate is not here to talk about evolution vs. Christianity it is here to debate christianity. Not the church and its actions. this is for the relgious piece only refering to the bible and JESUS. My view on christianity is that though it is an exclusive relgion in the fact that it asks you to dedicate your life to god. I believe christianity to be a great pro every lesson JESUS taught was positive and always had a good meaning. if everyone were to live by the ten...

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Global warming is nothing more than a natural warming cycle, and not is due to CO2 emissions.


It would seem that the consensus among academic institutions worldwide would be enough to persuade most people that global warming is real, that it is a problem, and that it is a direct result of human-produced carbon emissions into the Earth's atmosphere, but many are still not convinced. The skeptical argument seems to be that the Earth is so vast that mankind could never be any real threat to it, and / or all of the evidence presented by the world's most prominent scientific minds only points...

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The Earth is Flat


Though I am posting this debate, it is in response to other debates and comments made by my opponent. Because it is generally accepted scientific, logical, and rational thought that the Earth is spherical in shape (though not a perfect sphere), my opponent asserts that the Earth is flat, and therefore the burden of proof is on him. Let me define "flat" as it is generally accepted in "flat Earth" philosophies. It is generally believed in "flat Earth" philosophies that the Earth is a plane. Th...

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Evolution is real.


Evolution is, overall, a well proven theory. Before we officially begin, a "theory" is defined as "a re-proven and reiterated idea." In fact, evolution is one of the most well formulated theories in all of science. Anyway, why it is real: Chimpanzees/monkeys and other primates have had close genetic similarities and behaviors as many humans. Also, many systems of the human anatomy work virtually the same. For instance, humans have been proven to have the strongest immunities of all living beings...

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Evolution occurs


Neither of us are biology experts, so this will be a fairly simple debate, using layman's terms mostly. All that is necessary for evolution to occur is: -reproduction -mutations If these things are present, than evolution will inevitably occur. There is no way, in fact, that these things can be present, without evolution consequently occurring. So in order for my opponent's opinion to hold any steady ground whatsoever is if he can provide evidence that mutations don't actually occu...

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Reasonable and reasonably intelligent people should not debate with creationists.


Definitions Engage- prosecute: carry out or participate in an activity; be involved in; "She pursued many activities"; "They engaged in a discussion" Debate- the formal presentation of a stated proposition and the opposition to it (usually followed by a vote) Creationism- the belief that humanity, life, the Earth, and the universe were created in their original form by a deity (often the Abrahamic God of Judaism, Christianity and Islam) or deities. ... Reason- a rational motive for...

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