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Should the Confederate Flag be publicly flown/shown?


We shouldn't force ANYONE to see the Confederate Battle flag, and if we take it down from flagpoles, no one will have to see it. I'm not saying that the Confederate Battle Flag is bad in any way, but it could inspire children to find out more, even without their parents' approval. If a child's parents want their child to grow up sheltered, then they can do that while still bringing their child into public areas without the risk of them seeing anything they shouldn't. On the other hand, if a pare...

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Resolved: The Federal Reserve Should Raise Rates


Topic: The Federal Reserve Should Raise the Federal Funds Target Rate My Side: The Federal Reserve Should Not Raise Rates Focus: Domestic welfare and global financial stability Rounds: First Rd: Definitions (Con); Acceptance (Pro) [Unusual, I know, but easier since Im proposing the debate] Second Rd: Opening Arguments Third Rd: Rebuttals and Arguments Fourth Rd: Rebuttals and Conclusion Rules: 1) Cite sources of all non-common knowledge information within character limit using in te...

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The United States should convert to the Metric system


The United States should NOT convert to the metric system because in order to convert, we would have to change every single road sign, every single container, every single map, every single GPS system, and much much more. Millions upon millions of dollars spent just to make America the same as everyone else. But the American Standard System is just part of what makes America unique. Our money needs to go to more important things, like schools and creating more jobs. Now, you may argue that the c...

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Banking System


I will be arguing that our banking system needs some serious reform. Fraction Reserve Banking: This is my entire point, a fraction reserve bank is a bank wherein the bank only has to keep a fraction of its deposited, right now it is 3%, this means that if you have 100$ in the bank, the bank can spend 97$ and only keep 3$, they can alternatively take your 100$, and write 3,333$ in checks, and use that 100 as reserve, they can also use checks as reserve, this means that if you have 1,000$ in the...

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Raise Minimum Wage


The minimum wage should be raised to $16.97 or more. According to the Huffington Post, the amount of money a full time worker needs to be paid in order to survive in the cheapest county in the US is $10.20.

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Should unicorns be able to farm?


This is an acceptance round. Should unicorns be able to farm? yes they should the rules: must be completely based on what you know about unicorns...

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The Concept of Money Does More Harm than Good.


The concept of money has been around since the dawn of time. However, as many people know, money is often the cause of greed and corruption. I find that the world would be a much better place without money. I've put a lot of thought into this, and I have to admit, I have a feeling that having such a complex topic for my first debate will come back and bite me in the neck. Leave a comment or message me if you'd like to take up this challenge. Bear in mind, despite my "rookie" status on this...

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Huge Lego Buildings ( with brick sized Legos)


Yes, lego buildings are possible to make if the legos are the size of bricks. If you think about it when you make buildings with these types of legos you dont need to demolish buildings, even if you do demolish the building you are able to use the same pieces again to make a new house. This virtually illiminates the problem...

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Should the world stop using Oil/gas


Oil/gas are prude inefficient resources that have only brought war and greed wherever they are found besides there is already more efficient cleaner better sources of energy like water,nuclear,fusion,solar etc.. the list goes on even the air in the atmosphere can be used as a source of energy. If there is so many sources of energy why don't we use them? well its because of the greed and laziness of the powerful because the better energies would be cheaper for the people and less of a burden they...

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Anthropocentrism vs. Biocentrism


I will be taking the side of anthropocentrism as I am one. I believe that human beings are the most superior beings on the planet and are the most important. Everything on earth from trees to rock is here for our use and our consumption for whatever we like....

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