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Should students in elementary school be able to bring a phone to school?


I think that students in school should be able to use phones. I know a school that has a phone right next to the office to call parents, and there is always a LONG line for it. I also think bus trips become dull and boring. Also, most schools are, seven hours long and students need a REST!!! I think it would be easier for studying too, because contacting parents would be easier, if a study group wanted to come together. Students should be required to put their devices inside of cubbies/lockers,...

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Gay marrige


Hello, to whoever may read this. I do not mean to offend you but these are my beliefs and I do feel strongly about them. So, be prepared lol. I have always felt gay marrige should be legalized. Quite frankly until this week when it finally was, I never thought it would happen. I'm not a member of the LGBT community, but I'm 100% for it. Don't get me wrong, it's not a total shock to me when people want to use bible verses and Jesus Christ as reasons gays shouldn't marry. I understand completely....

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Can a Golden Key Open Any Door?


Hi, please tell what you think about this topic to us....

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Shark v. SolonKR, Resolved: Just governments ought to require that employers pay a living wage.


This is the final round of the September Beginners Tournament, hosted by The-Voice-of-Truth and lannan13. For the final, SolonKR and I have decided on this resolution, which states - Resolved: Just governments ought to require that employers pay a living wage. I will be affirming the resolution, and SolonKR will be negating the resolution. For clarification, let me provide definitions of the terms. The definition of "just" is up for debate, but I will...

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Should companies be able to copyright words so others can't use it?


I do not think that companies should be able to copyright words. Back about a year or so ago game making company King copyrighted the words "Candy" and "Saga" so that if another company tried to use those words they would either have to pay a hefty royalty fee or wouldn't be able to use it at all. I think it's wrong to copyright words because the English language is meant to be used for everyone, and shouldn't be turned into a business. If I am making a game I shouldn't not be allowed to use a...

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Donald Trump More Like Donald Dump !


Every four years us the people get to vote for who we want to become president whether it's Barack Obama or George w. bush we voted for them. Now here we have a new generation of the world filled with many problems and we need a leader who can work under pressure and not CRITIZE people. Here is an example of not who to pick and remember this is my opinion so no hard feelings, Mr. Trump is currently trying to convince people to vote for him, he is either trying to say things that he will probably...

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President Obama is/was a good president (economics)


President Obama is/was a good president (economics). I believe he is NOT a good president Economically speaking and can prove it. I challenge "Reformist" to this debate, considering his opponent in his debate isn't putting up a fight at all. I'd like to show how the alleged data is flawed, and how Obama is actually hurting the economy. Only rules; 48 hours argue time, 10k characters, 5 rounds, source your data if providing charts/data. May the best Debater win!...

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Should unicorns be able to farm?


This is an acceptance round. Should unicorns be able to farm? yes they should the rules: must be completely based on what you know about unicorns...

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The US Penny Should be Taken out of Service


I have not debated on this website for a long time. Glad to be back! Moving on, this is the debate of the topic: "The US Penny Should be Taken Out of Service." The first round is simply for acceptance. Rules: 1) No trolling/semantics. 2) No offensive content/swearing 3) Keep arguments within the spirit of debate/no personal attacks. In the event of a rule being broken by either side, it will result in an automatic loss. I eagerly await an opponent....

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Welfare Should Be Abolished.


Resolved: Welfare Should Be Abolished. This debate will go to Kasmic. I am very honored and pleasured to debate him! Definitions: Abolished: "To destroy completely." Welfare: "Financial or other aid provided, especially by the government, to people in need." R1. Acceptance R2. Argument's/ Rebuttals from Con R3. Argument/Rebuttal's R4. Conclusion Sources:;_ylt=A0SO8072UEpVhPkALCNXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzZDRrbzNnBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0...

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