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Classic Robert Gauntlet Tournament: The current tax system should be replaced by the fair tax.


By current tax system, I'm referring to the federal tax system currently used by the United States government. Explanation of the Fair Tax 1. The Fair Tax is a consumption tax at the point of sale for 23% of every dollar spent. It's effectively a 30% sales tax. For the first year. 2. The tax will replace income tax, social security, corporate taxes, capital gains tax, Medicare tax, payroll tax, gift taxes and estate tax. 3. The tax would be on all new goods and services. Purchases fr...

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Obama's plan to tax the rich would do little to solve the debt problem.


President Obama says that Republicans are protecting millionaires and billionaires from increased taxes. He further implies that increasing such taxes could have a substantial impact towards balancing the budget. He has proposed a "Buffet Plan" whereby the rich would have to pay a minimum of 30% tax on income. This debate is about whether this plan would generate enough revenue to significantly reduce the ongoing deficits in the United States. Symbolic or social reasons are not a subject of...

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Minimum wages should be raised


How do you think a mother feels when her child goes up to her and tells her that she does not want a birthday present because that child knows that her mother can not afford to buy her a birthday present? What if I tell you that if the minimum wage was raised that this mother and many like her can afford to buy a birthday present for their daughter's birthday? Many believe that the minimum wage should not be raised because small businesses can not afford to pay employees more that the minimum wa...

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Democratic Socialism (Pro) vs. Free-Market Capitalism (Con)


In this debate I will be arguing that Democratic Socialism is a better economic system overall than Free-Market Capitalism. I wish my opponent the best of luck....

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The Case For the Minimum Wage


The Case For The Minimum WageThis Debate will cover the minimum wage laws in the United States. I will try and make the case in support of the concept of minimum pay requirements, and Garret Kade Dupre will oppose. The Burden of Proof will lie on Con, since he will argue against estali...

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If people were properly educated, capitalism would disappear


I couldn't fit the entire resolution in the title, but here it is:"If people were properly educated and the government wasn't involved in the economy, capitalism would disappear."I am arguing that this is true, my opponent will argue it is false. I'll take burden of proof solely. Rules of debate:1) No insults, ad hominem, or personal attacks. Be civil2) The total number of rounds used for argument should be the total you see here minus on...

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Libertarian Economics are Inherently Immoral


Libertarians believe that "all persons are entitled to keep the fruits of their labor" and income tax should, therefore, be abolished. Of course, this will leave an enormous black hole in the public finances but the Libertarians have a solution for this: slash public spending. In essence, Libertarians believe that individuals should pay only for the services they actually use, not for services that they don't, and that public services and utilities such as health, education, highways, transpo...

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Should unicorns be able to farm?


This is an acceptance round. Should unicorns be able to farm? yes they should the rules: must be completely based on what you know about unicorns...

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Capitalism (Pro) Socialism (Con)


This is an acceptance round: By joining this debate you are defending Socialism as a better economy than a Capitalistic one....

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Is Piracy Theft; Should it stay Illegal?


Many people disagree on the topic of Digital Piracy. My opinion on this is issue is that Piracy is in no way theft. This claim is justified by the simple fact that if you steal actual property, for example, a car, it is different from pirating music or movies. If you steal a car it is gone, if you pirate music or movies the original owner still has them. In light of these facts, it is hard to disagree with the position that Piracy is very different from Theft....

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