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DDO Olympics: Storytelling Prelims


This is one of the preliminary rounds for the DDO Olympics in the event of Storytelling. My opponent and I have agreed that we will follow a format where we will build off of each other's story. We've agreed that we will write according to the gothic genre of writing. Lannan13 will start the story and in the final round will post "the end" as we agreed so that he will not have the advantage of having posted part of the story in more rounds than me. For ease of reference, the rules and p...

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Belief in God is reasonable


By "God" I mean any supreme being that was the creator of the universe.In the first round you may present your arguments. This is a debate claiming that belief in God is reasonable. The main opposing argument against intelligent design is evolution. By pointing out some of the inconsistencies of evolution, belief in God becomes more reasonable. I will use some of these inconsistencies as part of my evidence.Reasonable evidence #1:The first law of thermodynamics states...

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Doctor Who debate


I will debate the following DW topics from the Pro position, Con can choose any of them- Sylvester McCoy is the best Doctor Season 26 is the best in the show's history Series one is the worst season in the show's history Ace McShane is the best companion Handles is the best companion The Time Lords coming back was a smart move from Moffat And JNT was the best showrunner First round for accep...

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James Bond is most likely a Time Lord


The Pro will here argue that James Bond is most likely a Time Lord. The Con will argue that he most likely is not. This is meant as an entertaining debate so arguments along the lines of "Ian Fleming didn't even know what Doctor Who was when he created the character" will not only be inadmissable but will warrant derision and name calling. Time Lords refer to an alien race of humanoids who uesd to rule the planet Gallifrey in the science fiction program 'Doctor Who'. James Bond is a character...

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Fancy Polite English Gentlemens Rap Battle


Pretty straight forward, 2000 characters, ill get us started Good day! hello! how do you do? im here for one reason, to entertain you! I shall not be dirty, I shall not be mean. In this rap battle, I will only be clean! To my opponent, whoever they may be May I offer you, a nice crume brulee? If that doesnt suit you, just name your favorite dish, Ill serve you anything, unless youre Irish ;D After you eat, we can chit and we can chat Maybe exchange some advice on wearing fancy ha...

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A Possible Interpretation of Mordor of the Lord of the Rings


This debate is impossible to accept. If you would like to debate this resolution, feel free to either leave a note in the comments section or PM me. This is to avoid the tendency of forfeitures on this website.BackgroundI recently engaged in a discussion about Israel, and somehow a tangential line of thinking led me to muse about the Lord of the Rings (hereafter LotR) in a Jewish context. &nbs...

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do dog have brains?


OK guys, serious, debate, topical question we have going on, we had a big twitter feud over this... Dogs can’t talk, so do they have brains? Like, yes, they walk, but it’s because we’re telling them to walk. Just like if I were to tell my computer to turn off it would turn off, but it doesn’t mean my computer has a brain. How do you explain having a brain and not being able to talk? ...

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Technology should be completely banned.


Welcome to the debateFirst round is for defining, last round for conclusions. I define technology as "Electronic or digital products and systems ". I define banned as "prohibited by law".Thank you....

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I shall marry the user known as Rogue.


Official resolution: I, Koopin, shall marry the user known as rogue. This is a comical debate (not really, rogue I love you!) however, please treat it as a serious one. Basically, just do not forfeit, no semantics, and no trolling.I would like to thank the audience and my opponent.=============================FIRST: Look at this picture: http://i40.tinypic.com/29123qg.jpgThe picture above is rogue's future (PLEASE...

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The Deadpool is the best character in all the Marvel Universe


Hello opponent i believe that Deadpool is the best Marvel character due to the fact he is immortal....

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