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Men accused of rape should be castrated


Men who have been accused by two or more women of rape should be castrated.Leave a message in the comments if you'd like to accept.First round is acceptance. ...

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Princess Celestia is a tyrant/dictator


Princess Celestia is a tyrant. I define a "tyrant" as a cruel and oppressive ruler. For evidence the TV show trumps the comics and fanon is a non-starter. I will argue this by using evidence of her conduct concerning her subjects, her governing structure, and her most trusted student. This is for the lulz....

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I shall marry the user known as Rogue.


Official resolution: I, Koopin, shall marry the user known as rogue. This is a comical debate (not really, rogue I love you!) however, please treat it as a serious one. Basically, just do not forfeit, no semantics, and no trolling.I would like to thank the audience and my opponent.=============================FIRST: Look at this picture: http://i40.tinypic.com/29123qg.jpgThe picture above is rogue's future (PLEASE...

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Haiku diss debate


This is a Haiku diss debate. I've made it impossible to accept because I want my opponent to be someone I know. The debate is to remain a tie as I don't want it factoring into anyones ranking. The first round is for acceptance. After that, each round each debate gets to make 5 Haiku's dissing their opponent. PM me or post in the comments if you're interested....

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Feminism in society and what is useful for,Rape Cultures existence, Wage Gaps existence


To start things off I will be saying that feminism is useless and not helpful to society along with the fact that Rape culture does not exist and how the wage gap works in America. IF YOU ARE A FEMINIST THIS IS A TRIGGER WARNING!!...

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Im not a walrus ok?


My clasmate is calling me a walrus. Im not a walrus. Walrus is big and has tusks and live in water. I do not live in water. My clasmate is wrong. Please tell him that im not a walrus, hes anoying....

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The Movie is Better than the Book


I'd like to make a statement that movies in general are better than the book. "Better" is a loose interpretation on purpose to encourage a wide scope of things to use to prove each side's point. When I use the term "general" I mean usually. That means if you don't know the story and someone asks you "Do you want to watch the movie or read the book of ______ story?" that picking movie will be the better option. Rules: 1) Trolling equates to a definite loss. 2) First to Forfeit a round res...

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Video game Death Battle


This is a debate where you choose a video game character, and see if it defeats the one I chose. Rules: 1. You can choose any one character from a video game franchise. 2. You can only choose 1 character. (You can't have Ratchet and Clank, or Jak and Daxter. Only Ratchet, only Clank, only Jak, or only Daxter.) 3. Your character can't have only 1 weakness (Like Superman and kryptonite.). Make this a fair fight. 4. A forfeiture counts as an instant loss. If you're going to accept this deb...

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Star Trek vs Star Wars (Ultimate Nerd Showdown)


It is because I believe while Star Wars began as a great project but became a joke, while Star Trek began as a sci-fi powerhouse and remains to this day unblemished in the eyes of its fans, that I affirm Star Trek as being superior to Star Wars. 1) Star Trek has reinvented itself successfully time and again, while Star Wars has only gotten worse. When Star Wars burst onto the scene in 1977 it took America by storm. Capitalizing on the era...

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Animals Should Not Be Confined in Zoos


"Zoos teach people that it is acceptable to interfere with animals and keep them locked up in captivity, where they are bored, cramped, lonely, deprived of all control over their lives, and far from their natural homes." Yes, it is true that zoos can be educational, but do they only teach how animals live and act? Can they be a contributor in teaching children that it is alright to keep an animal captive or deprive it of food? Could they be falsely showing what animals are like in the wild?...

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