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Should Person of Interest be cancelled?


Person Of Interest is the best show on television right now. Even if its ratings have fallen, it has much better ratings than CSI, CSI Cyber and many other crime solving shows. You can say that this show might be the first of its kind. Even though it has been renewed for the 5th season, only 13 episodes have been authorized. Even that is not the appropriate tribute to such a great series. The suspense, the technology, the charm of Person of Interest is almost unmatched. Some people might say tha...

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Epic Rap Battles of History Personas : (pro)Ajab vs (con)Progressive Dem


Thett3 is ajab and starts it off. He will pass the last round to even out the rounds and start following this. Lego typing anything other than "Pass" in the last round results in a concession This is a no vote debate with me and thett3...

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Star Trek vs Star Wars (Ultimate Nerd Showdown)


It is because I believe while Star Wars began as a great project but became a joke, while Star Trek began as a sci-fi powerhouse and remains to this day unblemished in the eyes of its fans, that I affirm Star Trek as being superior to Star Wars. 1) Star Trek has reinvented itself successfully time and again, while Star Wars has only gotten worse. When Star Wars burst onto the scene in 1977 it took America by storm. Capitalizing on the era...

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This is Impossible (Troll Debate)


http://www.wackywong.net/misc/c1/column/images/escher.jpg Profanity allowed <>Telling the truth not required <>Making sense not required(though don't get too carried away. Keep things at least partially on the subject. :D) VOTING: Category "sources" is to be changed to "hilarity point", and is to go to the person who was the most entertainin...

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1 + 1 = 3 (mathmetics)


Con must prove 1 + 1 = 3 is false. Debate Structure Round 1: Con presents platform, Pro presents platform Round 2: Con defends and refutes, Pro defends and refutes Round 3: Con refutes and defends, Pro refutes and defends Round 4: Con refutes and defends, Pro refutes and defends Round 5: Con refutes, defends and concludes, Pro refutes, defends and concludes Rules 1. The first round is for acceptance. 2. No forfeiture. 3. No trolling, lawyering, semantics and kritiks of...

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Whitebeard vs. Madara


Full Resolution – Whitebeard (Edward Newgate) would probably beat Madara Uchiha in a fight. As Pro, I affirm the resolution and will argue that it is more probable that Whitebeard would win in a fight against Madara Uchiha. Rules: 1. Both characters will be at full health and will have no injuries at the start of the fight. 2. Madara will not be in...

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James Bond is most likely a Time Lord


The Pro will here argue that James Bond is most likely a Time Lord. The Con will argue that he most likely is not. This is meant as an entertaining debate so arguments along the lines of "Ian Fleming didn't even know what Doctor Who was when he created the character" will not only be inadmissable but will warrant derision and name calling. Time Lords refer to an alien race of humanoids who uesd to rule the planet Gallifrey in the science fiction program 'Doctor Who'. James Bond is a character...

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Super-Walmart is the best establishment to set up a camp for a zombie apocalypse


As this is my first "debate" on this website I have chosen a simple, but fun topic. I have clearly made the claim that Super-Walmart would be the best establishment to set up camp at in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Setup: The Zombies are such as the Walkers in the Walking Dead opposed to World War Z or other lore. For an unexplainable reason you received word during Christmas day (so every shop/business is closed) that walkers would be coming Christmas Night to take over the town. You m...

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Daredevil, The Man with No Fear vs Batman, The Dark Knight


I will be Pro for Daredevil taking this one. 1st Round will be Introductions 2nd Round will be Your Statement 3rd Round will be Rebuttals 4th Round will be Closing Statements...

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Thor can beat Superman


I believe that Thor can beat Superman. I challenge anyone to prove otherwise....

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