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Fancy Polite English Gentlemens Rap Battle


Pretty straight forward, 2000 characters, ill get us started Good day! hello! how do you do? im here for one reason, to entertain you! I shall not be dirty, I shall not be mean. In this rap battle, I will only be clean! To my opponent, whoever they may be May I offer you, a nice crume brulee? If that doesnt suit you, just name your favorite dish, Ill serve you anything, unless youre Irish ;D After you eat, we can chit and we can chat Maybe exchange some advice on wearing fancy ha...

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children should have a cell phone


Children should have a cell phone because if it happened an emergency and the kid doesn't have a phone nearby he could die or be injured very bad, also the kid could use the phone to use like a relieve tool (as using to talk to a friend and playing games) but there's the issue of having inappropriate things like offensive messages and 18+ videos, but that can be blocked with the parental control: "Parental Controls, also known as Restrictions,according to the: http://www.imore.com/restrictions "...

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Who is the bigger fool?


Okay, I am really doing this. If anyone has a good opinion of me before this debate, it is about to be ruined, and I am perfectly okay with that. This debate is entitled, who can make the bigger fool out of their opponent. This is a video debate. The goal is to make your opponent look like a bigger goofball than yourself, by giving them an action. That person must perform that action on video, and post it in the debate, and let their opponent know what action he/she wishes him/her to pe...

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Resolved: The Dark side of the Force are the actual "good guys" in Star Wars.


I like to thank Imabench for accepting this debate and this is our 5th and final debate together and I do hope that it will be a good one for the both of us as well as a good read for our readers.This debate will be about the Star Wars Saga and who is the real "Good" guys in the story. This debate will not be about the definition of good, but about the Dark and Light side of the force. My opponent will not run a counterplan arguing for the Grey Jedi, nor is anything outside of t...

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Men have easier life than women


Ladies and gentlemen - have you ever wondered whether your gender brings you more benefits than the other one? In this debate, I will show you that to be born as a man means easier life than to be born as a woman. Are you interested? Go on - I am proving you this in three main arguments: Definitions: "easier life" = "life with less troubles" Arguments: 1. Men have easier life than women because they don't have to stand as much pain as women do Firstly, we have to realize that men don'...

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Rap battle of awesomeness


Okay, this time, I'm taking a daring move, I wanna gain more experience so only those who consider yourself a powerful rapper can accept (maybe JediDude or JimShady or any other person who has beaten the people who I have battled). Yes I may lose but I will give it my absolute best. Don't forfeit and good luck....

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should twitch even exist


i dont i think twitch is fine...

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This is Impossible (Troll Debate)


http://www.wackywong.net/misc/c1/column/images/escher.jpg Profanity allowed <>Telling the truth not required <>Making sense not required(though don't get too carried away. Keep things at least partially on the subject. :D) VOTING: Category "sources" is to be changed to "hilarity point", and is to go to the person who was the most entertainin...

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Roblox is Dying and Should Retire Its Servers


Roblox is an old washed up website that is controlled by organized programmers with a monopoly on plays and likes stifling creativity and competition. It is becoming ripe with hacking and exploiting. Its user base is largely younger and immature creating toxic playing environments. The company is obsessed with Builder Club memberships and in game purchases. It relies solely on add revenue and VIP memberships to stay alive....

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James Bond is most likely a Time Lord


The Pro will here argue that James Bond is most likely a Time Lord. The Con will argue that he most likely is not. This is meant as an entertaining debate so arguments along the lines of "Ian Fleming didn't even know what Doctor Who was when he created the character" will not only be inadmissable but will warrant derision and name calling. Time Lords refer to an alien race of humanoids who uesd to rule the planet Gallifrey in the science fiction program 'Doctor Who'. James Bond is a character...

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