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Video games are actually good for you


Does your mother constantly nag at you for playing video games? Telling you that they"ll ruin your eyesight and social skills? Some studies show that video games can actually be good for you. Video games do not cause bad eyesight or a decrease in social skills, they can benefit the brain, help with school achievement, and can help keep criminals off the streets. From slowing the aging process, helping Dyslexic kids reading better, to improving eyesight, video games do it all. Drew Guarini, aut...

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Britain should not have a Royal Family.


As a British resident myself, I believe that the British royal family is a waste of time, money and publicity. My first reason, is that the British Royal family brings shame and unwanted attention to Britain. In July 2012, on a holiday to Los Vegas, Prince Harry was photographed naked, during a round of strip poker. After being questioned about this photos, Prince Harry refused to comment, showing his lack of respect for the country. This cast unwanted and unnecessary attention onto Britain....

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Best Anime Songs


Funny Sunny Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ffLXoHYixg Katekyo Hitman Reborn...

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Taking into account their consoles and time periods, Gen. II was the best Pokemon generation.


The title section apparently has a limited amount of characters, so here's an explanation of the resolution: We look at the features and capacity each console on which a main Pokemon game was originally released had, as well as other games released for the consoles in question, and we determine which Pokemon generation was the best for its time. For an extreme example, a video game in color and 32-bit released in 1969 would be WAY more impressive for its time than a normal CoD (Call of Duty)...

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Star Wars (pro) vs Harry Potter (con)


First round is acceptance and questions which will be answered in the comments by myself. This is a hypothetical war, not a comparison of movies. Star Wars is limited to the movies and Death Star is not included to balance out. Good luck....

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The US vs China (war game debate)


This debate is an attempt at arm-chair general skills. In this contest, we will war-game a hypothetical scenario in which the United States fights a "Total War" with the republic of China. Both sides are confident of an eventual US Victory, so the object is not to argue from the standpoint of battlefield victory. The Scenario The war game will include the following assumptions. In all c...

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Phantoms 99th Percentile Round 2: Writers Debate


Good morning everyone, and welcome to phantom's 99th percentile Round 2 debate!Me and KRF have decided to delight you all today with a writers debate! Here is the run down of how this will work.Round 1 will be for acceptance, and clarifications of rules, etc.Rounds 2-5 will be pure, fantastic, and excellent writing from both debaters!"What makes this a debate?" You might ask. Well let me tell you.This won't really be a debate my fr...

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Gaston (from Beauty and the Beast) is a hero.


Any member who has had at least 5 debates may debate me on this. I'm obviously going to show that Gaston was a hero in this debate and only that , but I want to add as an aside that Belle was a B!tch. Which I may try to debate at some future point. Resolution: Gaston from Beauty and the Beast is a Hero...

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Easter should include presents


I strongly believe that Easter should include presents due to the fact that we only get chocolate eggs (which only make us fatter), children want something that they can keep, and it's a holiday so children should get presents....

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Should cursing be banned from music?


Okay my first debate so go easy on me. In mainstream music I've noticed more and more songs are using curse words. For example I heard middle school kids singing "Bandz a Make Her Dance" with no censorship on it. I ask, is it worth it? What's the point in it? Younger people have more and more access to songs like this through Youtube, Facebook, or even itunes. People could start using the vulgar slang in the songs. Maybe put a restriction on explicit music untill the age of sixteen. Like the ask...

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