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It is plausible that Rey defeated Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens


Disclaimer: Spoilers will be discussed. (Seriously, the movie has been out for nearly a month. If you are so worried about being spoiled, you should have seen it by now)Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a good movie, of course not without some flaws. However, there are multiple people complaining about the fact that...

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Batman is the best hero


Welcome to my very first superhero debate! Today, we will have a fun debate. Is Batman the best superhero? Whoever seeks to debate with me will choose their favorite hero to defend. As much as I love Deadpool, you may NOT choose him. He is an anti-hero, and therefore DOES NOT COUNT! I will be pro-Batman in this debate, seeing as he is my favorite. You may make your points in round 1. This is not a debate to be taken too seriously, so I don't recommend this if you want a serious challenge. Now...

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Poetry Debate


PrefaceSince I haven't been able to tie Annie down on doing a debate on the importance of love and romance, this'll have to do ;) It should fun and relaxing for both of us. I hope the readers (and the debaters) enjoy it!About the DebateThis debate will be a debate about poetry. Each of us will select a theme, and write or select poems (as dictated by the round-by-round rules) that is in keeping with this theme. By "theme"...

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Old Spongebob (PRO 1999-2005) is better than New Spongebob (CON 2006-now)


These rules must be followed. If you do NOT want to follow them, then do not bother accepting. Rules: -Must have concrete reasoning for your claim -No equivocation -Use episodes for sources -Don't take it seriously if I refute your argument like I am supposed to -Don't accept if you do not like this debate (I'm looking at you, Pipster229) -Round 1 is acceptance -Round 2 is arguing -Rounds 3-4 are rebuttals -Round 5 is concluding...

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Phantoms 99th Percentile Round 2: Writers Debate


Good morning everyone, and welcome to phantom's 99th percentile Round 2 debate!Me and KRF have decided to delight you all today with a writers debate! Here is the run down of how this will work.Round 1 will be for acceptance, and clarifications of rules, etc.Rounds 2-5 will be pure, fantastic, and excellent writing from both debaters!"What makes this a debate?" You might ask. Well let me tell you.This won't really be a debate my fr...

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Harry Potter Vs Luke Skywalker


As con I am on Luke Skywalker's side because he knows the force for god sake I mean seriously he could defeat Harry Potter in 5 seconds and I have a link that proves my case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRLuPHvF6Fo...

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What is more important, to be understood (con) or to understand (pro)?


My definition of to be understood is for people to be able to comprehend your current situation and simply be understood as a human-being with feelings, and my definition of to understand is to neglect your feelings and consider on other's situation instead and I choose pro simply because to understand people's feelings is more crucial and a lot easier in order to advance one's relationship rather than being selfish and expecting others to understand us or else, we'd feel devastated and upset. I...

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Whitebeard vs. Madara


Full Resolution – Whitebeard (Edward Newgate) would probably beat Madara Uchiha in a fight. As Pro, I affirm the resolution and will argue that it is more probable that Whitebeard would win in a fight against Madara Uchiha. Rules: 1. Both characters will be at full health and will have no injuries at the start of the fight. 2. Madara will not be in...

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Should cursing be banned from music?


Okay my first debate so go easy on me. In mainstream music I've noticed more and more songs are using curse words. For example I heard middle school kids singing "Bandz a Make Her Dance" with no censorship on it. I ask, is it worth it? What's the point in it? Younger people have more and more access to songs like this through Youtube, Facebook, or even itunes. People could start using the vulgar slang in the songs. Maybe put a restriction on explicit music untill the age of sixteen. Like the ask...

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Men have easier life than women


Ladies and gentlemen - have you ever wondered whether your gender brings you more benefits than the other one? In this debate, I will show you that to be born as a man means easier life than to be born as a woman. Are you interested? Go on - I am proving you this in three main arguments: Definitions: "easier life" = "life with less troubles" Arguments: 1. Men have easier life than women because they don't have to stand as much pain as women do Firstly, we have to realize that men don'...

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