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US should intervene in Libya


I would like to thank whoever in advance accepts my debate. I would also like to to thank my audience for reading this debate I would like my opponent to start first. Although it may seem unfair, I would like him/her to make points on why they believe the US should intervene in Libya The next two rounds will be rebuttals and the last round will be conclusions. All sources must be cited By intervene, I mean the military. Goodluck....

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On Balance, the Rise of China is beneficial to the interests of the United States


Thanks for accepting this debate I hope we have a great debate! We"d like to start of with definitions The Rise of China is the process of China, changing from a developing country with industrial economies to a developed one with service oriented economies, especially in the last ten years. Interests of the US should be defined as the favorable conditions of the United States and their affairs, such as the economy, trade, and the quality of the life of US citizens. My partner and I w...

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should immigrants be able to get a drives licences?


Regardless if a person is a legal citizen or not a legal citizen, we should only have safe drivers on our streets and highways. Illegal persons are already driving in the USA so let's be sure they are tested and have demonstrated that they have the competence to drive a vehicle safely and that they are not a danger to other drivers....

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Leave gun rights the same


We should be able to keep our guns the government has no right to take them away....

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Obama's decision to not appear on Fox News was the beneficial decision to his presidency.


President Obama has decided not to appear on Fox News or give them any interviews for the time being. His reasons include the fact that Fox News is a right-wing, manipulative and biased news source, and one that frequently insults him by flat out calling him a racist amongst other lies. Many people agree with Obama in his decision not to appear on Fox News; they don't see how it could possibly do him or the public any good, since he will be straw manned anyway. However, I posit that it was a bad...

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gas prices


the gas prices today are now way over the limit. did you know that the gas used to cost 99 cent. I wish the gas can be like that again, but we need to protest to someone that we need to lower the current gas prices. I don't know about you but I have to say that as they raised these gas prices, people have only filled the tank half way and not full and that has caused people to run out of gas and not be able to go some where any longer. they will have to call someone to go get them. if I haven't...

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STALINGRAD was the most important battle of WWII


During round one, say which battle you think was more impotant, nothing else. Round one is simply acceptance....

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The mainstream media has a liberal bias


I have explained this debate topic before in an earlier debate which my opponent was not taking seriously. I will briefly explain it once more and allow my opponent to post his or her arguments first. "Mainstream media" is defined for this debate as the news sources from which the majority of Americans get their news, including printed sources, Cable/TV News, Radio, and the Internet. "Liberal bias" will be defined as a tendency to present news stories with the agenda of elevating policies...

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The NCAA punishments for Penn State were too harsh


Hello everyone, This is an arguement when the NCAA punished the Penn state coaches. My arguement: They were unjust Opponent's arguement: They were just or they wanted more. Opponent will make the rules....

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Media- a weapon of intrusion or protection


I think media is a weapon of intrusion because now-a-days brutalizing and vulgarizing are the key factors which dominate media in this nation. Advertisers have become mind benders, entering people mind, just as knife pierces butter. With growing technology reality is being manufactured , people are manipulated into believing something. The era of great belief maker is ending and era of make believe is beginning. Now i wait for an argument from my opponent....

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