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Global warming


The government needs to take the issue about Global Warming more seriously! This can lead to serious consequences in the future and needs to be reduced....

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Man made global warming is a myth.


I would like to invite someone to prove how man is at the cause of global warming. I agree that global warming exists, but not that it is a result of mans actions here on earth. I believe that global warming is a part of a natural cycle of cooling and warming that the earth constantly goes through.. I'm not very interested in links, though you can use them. Anyone can show a link and a counter link. The only time I recommend links is when you are including something that you think is a fact such...

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Electric cars should be a priority in plans to fight global warming


The debate will go in the following order: Round one: Intro Round two: main round/ Case Round three: CX Round four: conclusion. My opponent will answer the following questions as well as use these questions as a base for his contentions: Are electric cars helpful in fighting global warming? Are electric cars economical? Are electric cars compatible with electric grids? Are electric cars reliable? Thank you....

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Global Warming exists and mankind is responsible for it.


I hope there are takers, I've seen some members that do not believe in the global warming theory so I'd like to make it clear. 1)Global Warming exists. If you are not ok with that statement please say so. 2)Humans are the ones responsible for it. There is plenty of evidence that shows humans emit large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. There hasn't been so much greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in the atmosphere sine 650,000 years ago. 3) Many find it natural that the earth will cool ba...

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Global Warming is man-made


I am excited to go against a seemingly great debater like you (I saw seemingly due to your small track record). I was a bit suprised to see you as a global warming person1st round- Acceptance2nd round- Opening statement (If you wan to start rebuttal here, go ahead)3rd - 4th rounds- Rebuttal5th round- Final rebuttal and closing statements.Pro must prove that global warming exists and is largely caused by man...

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Anthropogenic Global Warming Is Real


First off, I want to thank Con for offering to take up this debate. This resolution is based on a discussion that originated in the comment section of another debate: == Definitions == Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW): Global Warming influenced by human activities. Real: Being or occurring in fact or actuality. == Rules == Pro and Con will both refrain from attacking the sources of scientific information in order to keep this debate focused...

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Global Warming is Chiefly caused by Natural Phenomenon and NOT Humans


I'll start this off with a background of the issue. *** Background: Some disagree on the degree to which global warming might also be caused simply by natural changes in the earth's climate. Some claim that humans are the chief cause of the warming that has occurred over roughly the past century, while others claim that our role has been relatively insignificant as compared to natural forces. Therefore, the debate roughly defined here centers on the question of whether human are the "c...

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The human effect on global warming is significant.


I'm not sure how well I worded the debate resolution, so I will explain further. This is a scientific debate about whether humans are driving global warming and whether it is a problem. And so as not to cause any confusion, I hereby discredit Al Gore. Any arguments that cite Al Gore as a source should be ignored. Definitions Human effect: Effect caused by unnatural human actions; this includes sources such as factories and power plants but excludes sources such as natural respiration. Glo...

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Global Warming Exists


For my opening statement/introduction, I will continue by defining the main topic, global warming. "Global Warming": Is the dramatic increase in global temperature in both the air and ocean. Global warming is caused by the excessive release of co2 (carbon dioxide) into the air. These released amounts of carbon dioxide gather in the ozone layer, which is supposed to protect the world from the sun's dangerous ultra violent rays. When the co2 is in the ozone layer, instead of defending the w...

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The global warming hockey stick is bad science


The global warming hockey stick is a graph of global temperature over time. It was produced by a scientist named Mann, who first published it in a scientific journal in the mid-nineties. He modified and included it in the 2000 report of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It is called a hockey stick because it shows very little variation of climate for the past thousand years until the 20th century, when temperatures soared. That makes the graph look like a hockey stick on its side...

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