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Global warming doesn't exist


Thank you for accepting this challenge, I would just like to say that I do not intend on bashing your beliefs for any reason, but I believe that global warming does not exist. in fact, there are many scientists who do not believe in global warming, 31,000 American scientists to be more accurate, so trying to say you have science on the side of global warming is clearly not as convincing as many people think. Al Gore, who is obviously a global warming fan, exagerratd the truth and lied 18 times i...

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Global Warming is man-made


I am excited to go against a seemingly great debater like you (I saw seemingly due to your small track record). I was a bit suprised to see you as a global warming person1st round- Acceptance2nd round- Opening statement (If you wan to start rebuttal here, go ahead)3rd - 4th rounds- Rebuttal5th round- Final rebuttal and closing statements.Pro must prove that global warming exists and is largely caused by man...

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Is Global Warming Human Caused?


Is Global Warming Human Caused?As con, I will argue against the 'fact' that global warming is caused by humans.First round acceptance only. ...

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Global Warming


Resolved: Man-made influences on global warming are significantThank you for agreeing to debate this with me. I look forward to a productive debate. DefinitionsGlobal Warming is the increase of Earth's average surface temp...

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we needn't make big changes in our life style to stop global warming


I believe that the public doesn't have to make big changes in lifestyle to stop global warming. These include turning the thermostat down below 72 degrees, paying a lot more money for electric cars, and paying a lot more money for electricity. In this debate, I will be arguing that either a) humans are not responsible for global warming or b) there are other ways to prevent global warming that do not interfere with our lifestyles. I would like to inform my opponent that I do think that we should...

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The world is coming to an end because of Global Warming


The world IS coming to an end because of Global Warming, the polar ice-caps are melting and sea levels are rising, temperatures are getting hotter because of excess carbon dioxide emmitted by transport vehicals. Hurricanes and Cyclones are destroying civilizations because of rising sea temperature. There is a massive increase of flooding. Global warming will be the end of humanity....

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Global Warming; real or not?


I maintain that Global Warming is not brought about by man, and cannot be reversed by man. The statistics are grossly inflated by the fact that they are predictions made by computers and not historical facts. Computers today are nowhere nearly accurate enough to predict the future climate change, and many people seem to be ignoring the fact that our world is still emerging from an ice age. ?...

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DDO should change the "global warming exists" big issue to "Man-made global warming exists"


I will be arguing Pro in this debate. DDO= (this website) Please note that this is referring to the list of 'big issues' found on everyone's profile page. Rules:1) No semantics2) No posting arguments in the first round (this round)3) No arguing objective reality or nihilism in any way. More specifically, do not argue that no one 'should' do anything, in regards to the title. I realize that this is a legitimate...

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Human induced global warming exists


Resolution: Human Induced Global Warming Exists I will be arguing that the resolution is true and refute my opponent's claims, while my opponent will argue that it is false and also refute my claims. BOP is shared. No new arguments, only rebuttals in round 5. Carbon Dioxide a. Correlation to temperature CO2 is increasing. In fact, the level of it in our atmosphere now is higher than any point in the past 800 thousand years. [1] Temperature records show that the temperature is increa...

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Global Warming is caused by humans


First off, I would like to thank my opponent. Good luck. I only have two points at the moment. So here they are: (1) Earth's mean surface temperature has increased about 1.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Scientist are more than 90% certain that human activities' such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation, is the primary cause of increases of the greenhouse effect. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) indicates that the global surface temperature is likely to rise a lowest of 2 to...

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