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Is marching band a sport ?


I believe that marching band is a sport because you are doing very much work and you also are playing for points and scores. They have to do as much work as say a lacrosse player....

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Resolved : A Christian God is necessary in order for objective morality to exist.


BOP is on Pro. We kind of threw back ideas as to what the resolution should be, but we finally went with this one. Christian God - The Judeo-Christian God (Yaweh, etc) Objective morality - is the idea that a certain system of ethics or set of moral judgments is not just true according to a person's subjective opinion, but factually true Pro shall begin his arguments in round 1 and pass in the final round to even out the rounds. He has the BOP as he is the affirmative in this de...

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Justin Bieber is not a bad person.


First round is for acceptance only. I will be arguing that Justin Bieber is not a bad person whilst my opponent will be arguing that he is....

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Cats can be taught spiritual truths


I believe cats are naturally spiritual truths, and it is wrong to keep our religious life "cat-free." We should share our beliefs with our cats, even if it appears they are not interested or have better things to do. Here is my position: 1. Cats can understand spiritual concepts like forgiveness, meditation, veganism and Christian metalcore. 2. Cats, though unable to speak in complete sentences, have a highly developed sense of hearing and can understand mutliple languages, like Tagalog a...

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Humanism > Feminism


Good day, reader! As you can see, this debate is about how Humanism is a better and overall more morally just ideology then Feminism. I make this claim considering myself as a humanist and someone who particularly doesn't like the modern-day feminist actions or some of their ideals. I constantly find myself while arguing with them to say this or something along these lines: "So, you think that men need to be taught not to rape? How about, not teach ANYONE to rape? Both genders can rape. All r...

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Manning vs Brady


First round is acceptance only. Fourth round is conclusion. We will be debating whether Tom Brady would be as efficient and successful with a team as talented as Manning has in Denver. I await your response....

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Legal Prostitution in India


Prostitution is perhaps the oldest practice if not profession but , still our civilisation is not evolved enough to accept it.I am concerned not because I want us to respect sex workers or that the whole profession intrigues me. Our society is in crisis today.Women , young girls , children are being raped , molested , abused and what not.Newspapers and news channels are flooded with incidents which are bound to shake our souls and we the people , the mob , have merely remained a witness.Stric...

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Public Prayer Should Not Be Allowed In School


We must go back to our first amendment that gives us the freedom of speech.(1) Now if we think about this topic there are going to be many guidelines among this. Shall we force students to pray at school? No, because there is separation between church and state. But, should we stop students from being allowed to pray in schools? No because we do have freedom of speech. Also in our first amendment we are given the freedom of religion. So although we cannot be forced to believe something, then we...

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A Ouija Board Has Spiritual Qualities and Is Able To Receive Messages From The Dead


I would like to begin this debate by explaining what a Ouija Board is and what it does. A Ouija Board is a "mystical" Board that, when asked a question, is supposed to receive and spell out a message from a person that has passed on. I am here to say that a Ouija Board has no spiritual qualities what so ever and therefore, i negate the resolution. now, my opponent may ask the question, "then how does it work?". well, i have an answer. According to, the pointer of the Ouija Boar...

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is santa claus real?


Each year, millions of moms and dads are confronted with the dreaded question: Is there a Santa Claus? Is all this real? Or is it all just pretend? And for generations, parents have used this unique moment of decision as a preperatory course in how they will answer the much more challenging questions that will come later, as puberty, broken hearts and first cars begin to replace the magic and fantasy of childhood. This question offers moms and dads a wonderful opportunity to teach their chil...

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