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murder is right


my opponent on his profile claims he can uphold any position even if its totally absurd or wrong. Lets see if he can prove this one right. put him to the test. he nust prove murder, is in some way, good....

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Should transgender person be aloud to use a bathroom based on their identification or biology?


A transgender person be using the bathroom based on biology. As a parent, you want to be able to know and see what type of a person who walks in and out while your child or children are using the bathroom. Many people might change their personality for a second in order for them to achieve their goals. For example, a men or woman might pretend to be transgender after seeing someone whom is attractive to them using a bathroom, which can easily cause them to sexual abuse or offend someone in the b...

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Women on US submarines


I will preface this debate with two facts: this is my first debate on this site, and I am a former submarine officer, having served for 3 years on a submarine stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I think the Navy is making a mistake in allowing women to serve on submarines, but perhaps someone can change my mind...

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Welfare Recipients Should Be Subject to Mandatory Birth Control


I would like to debate the idea that welfare recipients should be subject to mandatory preventative birth control (i.e., contraception, not abortion) for the duration of time that they receive benefits. I will be arguing in favor of this position.First round is acceptance, with second and third rounds set for rebuttals, and fourth round is closing arguments with no new points being added.Thank you. :)...

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Islam should be BANNED!


Islam, like all worldviews, including atheism, is a product of history and culture. The west demonizes Islam the same way it demonized communism during the red scare, and I'd go further but Godwin's law... People say Islam is not a 'religion of peace' because it promotes war and the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was actually *gasp* a ... CHILD RAPIST!!!!! :( Well. I certainly hate child rapists. Then again, great men such as Gandhi, C...

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A woman's place is in the home


Research shows that the majority of people believe that a woman's place is in the home: looking after the children; attending to domestic duties and ensuring her husband's dinner is on the table when he comes in from work. [1] Sadly, many women these days have chosen to abandon their feminine duties and pursue careers in industry and commerce instead - and it stands to reason that their families have suffered as a result of their neglect. Meanwhile, there is mass unemployment with the resu...

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On balance, Anarchism is More Humanitarian than State Planning


Every broad argument will be tagged with a letter/number. Elucidation: D1) On balance: Keep the framework reasonable. Ignore the possibility that aliens could invade and destroy every society beginning with consonants. Employ ceteris parabis assumptions. D2) Anarchism: The lack of aggressive monopoly. In this conversation, aggression is distinct from coercion according to the Libertarian ethic. The forceful defense of self ownership and peaceful homesteading is "coercion", not "aggre...

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Does Abortion Kill a Human Being?


I believe abortion kills a human being. We know the unborn is biologically a member of the human species, because she comes from human parents. Her DNA could also be tested in utero, and we would always find that she has human DNA. Most pro-abortion-choice people, however, agree with the above statement. Their issue is usually the question of whether the human entity killed is a "person," or a member of our species that has basic rights. The pro-choice ad...

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Parents should appreciate their child's hobby


A important question for today's society is that should a parent appreciate his/her child's hobby? Or they should force them to be a topper? In my opinion not every child is a topper or a scholar! Everyone is gifted with some unique talent. Not every child is gifted with excellent calibre.A child with good voice can't be a cricketer,or a athlete cannot be a actor.maybe this fact can only be understood by some parents.Parents should not decide their children's aim! Let your child himself/herself...

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Christianity is a force for good in the world.


On balance, Christianity has done far more harm than good in the modern world. Its human rights record is disgraceful and the negative impacts of its dogmas have reverberated throughout history and even into the present day. As though this wasn't bad enough it also impoverishes the human condition by distracting people from their real happiness with illusory preachments of an afterlife. And despite the good intentions of many decent people it is still one of the prime sources of a considerable a...

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