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The Undertaker's Streak will never end.


First off, the Undertaker's streak is his trademark. Secondly, the Undertaker's contract states that he decides who beats him at wrestlemania. and the candidates that people are saying are being made into a joke... so..... well hmu i would love to hear what yall hae to say....

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I never was, am always to be, no one ever saw me, nor ever will. And yet I am the confidence of all


I never was, am always to be, no one ever saw me, nor ever will. And yet I am the confidence of all who live and breath on this terrestrial ball. What am I?...

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The SA-X is the most panic-inducing video game enemy from a non-horror franchise.


I firmly believe that the X parasite mimicking Samus Aran, the SA-X, from Metroid Fusion on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance, is the number one most frightening and panic-causing enemy from a non-horror game series.Reasons1) It constantly hunts you throughout the game, fully equipped with all of your Power Suit's abilities, while you have to run around the space station, almost powerless.2) Since you have Metroid DNA, you are very weak to col...

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Word Battle


Alright I've seen a lot of these and I think its a good fit for me to get started on DDO ^.^ 1st round will just be for acceptance 2nd round both sides will just present a word its definition and how its amusing. If Con explains why his word is better than Pro then Con loses because Pro cannot refute said arguments. Good Luck to whoever accepts :D...

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Some MENwho listen to explicit music wind up have a different perspective on things


Some men who listen to explicit music wind up having a different perspective on every thing, for example, men have a different value system when it comes to women; callingof there names mistreating them, things of that nature...

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Console gaming is better than PC gaming.


I just like Consoles way better. Cheaper. Way more convenient. Better controls. Higher quality AAA Exclusives. It's all there for a cheap price. Consoles also have a better and more friendly UI than say Steam or onlive. It's also way more social. The PS4's "share" feature and XBL almost effortless partying system shows that. And we don't have to keep up with Drivers,DRM and outdated hardware. I don't care if my game look like a potato I want to have a effortless experience...

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Theoretically, Discord cannot be defeated by any villain


Discord is a mighty villain from MLP:FiM. I think he is so powerful that he cannot be defeated by any villain. That's right. ANY villain, from any movie, show, or book.Discord is defeated if any one if these conditions occur:-he is killed -he is sealed in stoneHe is not defeated even if the villain can fight him off to a forever standstill. (becuase that's technically a tie)"Theoretically" means that if I can find one situation where Discord cannot b...

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Wii Is Better Than The PS3?


Ok, Well PS3 Has Excellent Graphics Ill Give You That. But I Guess Its All A Matter Of How Big Your Family Is. If You Have A Family Of 7 Like Myself, Go For The Wii.But If You Have A Small Family A PS3 Is For You. The Wii Has The Option Of WiiConnect24. Which Gives You Internet Access Even If The Wii's Not On. It Will Update The Wii For You. You Can Upload Pictures And Let You Go Online With Various Games. The PS3 However Does Have Many More Games With Internet Access To Play Online. The conso...

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should hector be mad at kim


I dont think hector should be mad at kim because she called him jacob on accident it didnt mean she loves jacob more than hector...

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Digimon would beat Pokemon, hands down!


This is my very first debate, how exciting! Personally, I'd rather challenge someone else's debate because I'm starting out, but since there are no debates in the challenge period that I can accept at the moment I'm making this debate, I will have to settle making my own. For clarification, this debate is arguing over which multi-species would win if they all fought. Not whether which franchise is better, more popular, or whatever. This is about the capabilities of the creatures themselves an...

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