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Given the available data, denying the theory of evolution is completely unreasonable


This debate should be impossible to accept, comment if you want to debate. Some clarifications: - I will have most (if not all) of the BoP, but my opponent should feel free to present any arguments he/she deems useful, either against evolution or in favor of an alternate theory. - The first round is for acceptance and I would like my opponent to present his/her position very quickly. - My first argument will be mostly copy pasted from one of my earlier debate, so don't be surprised...

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Space Colonization, entirely stupid.


I move, to prove that space colonization is stupid. It is unfeasible, unethical, unpractical, unreasonable, and foreseeably unattainable. challenge me....

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The Universe (time, space, matter) has always existed - no beginning.


There is no solid evidence that the Universe as we know it truly had a beginning. And it makes sense for it to be eternal. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. This means it had no beginning. I assert that this is true for the elemental properties of the Universe - including space, time, matter, and energy (STME). While we may be one of many versions of the Universes that has expanded and contracted, I find it more logical that at a base level STME has always existed. The argument of...

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Dinosaurs Still Exist


I have discovered that a lot of people refer to dinosaurs as being extinct animals that are only a thing of the past. I'd like to challenge that belief and I would invite any such person to come forward and defend their opinion that dinosaurs are indeed extinct.This will be a short debate (2000 characters max for each argument) on a pretty simple top...

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Does the evolution model offer sufficient explanation for the diversity of life forms


Definitions: "Evolution model" - the accumulation of small genetic changes over long periods of time "Diversity of life forms" - all life forms from the smallest insect to the largest mammal. These are mybdefinitions, expressed for the purpose of this debate. If you disagree with how I define these terms, and want to claim they are not scientificalky accurate, then you are not getting my point. Simply put, did life crawl out of "pond scum" and evolve in to every living creature past, presen...

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Is Evolution a good explanation for life?


IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO VOTERS, IF YOU ARE TO VOTE ON THIS DEBATE, YOU MUST SUBMIT A COMMENT OF AT LEAST 50 WORDS STATING WHY YOU BELIEVE THAT ONE SIDE ARGUED BETTER THAN THE OTHER SIDE, PERSONAL BIASES ARE NOT ALLOWED, IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THIS MESSAGE I WILL REPORT YOUToday, I'm going to debate that evolution is false and should not be taught at schools and public institutions and be a part of mainstream science. Before I start on the rules of this debate, I have...

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CO2 emissions are directly responsible for climate change.


The Macquarie Dictionary defines the term "climate change" as- a significant change in the usual climatic conditions especially that thought to be caused by global warming. This 'climate change' can be caused by natural or human induced impacts. The global average temperature has risen by nearly a degree in the past 50 years. Scientists around the world have been recording temperature increases, raised ocean levels and melting of ice caps. All this is evidence that the earth is experiencing...

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Animal Testing


Animal testing is wrong and needs to be put to an end. It is only killing innocent animals while getting us nowhere in finding cures and vaccines. You're ignorant if you think otherwise. "Humans are the only hunters that kill when they aren't hungry."...

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Were the Manned Moon Landings Faked?


I wish to open this debate and allow any opponent to debate me. Rules are stated above, as well as a few of my own: - No Swearing, lets keep this mature - No excessive use of caps (more than one sentence). That is all, I will allow my opponent (pro) to go first. I, Con will be arguing on the behalf that the landings were real, not fake....

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Evidence exists that is more logical for creationist than evolutionist conclusions


1st Round for Acceptance/Definitions. I will be arguing that evidence exists which is more logical from a Creationist point of view than an Evolutionist worldview.Opponent will be arguing that evidence does not exist which is more logical from a Creationist point of view than an Evolutionist worldview. My goal is to show that evidence exists which is most reasonable from a Creationist, not Evolutionist, standpoint. DEFINITION...

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