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Resolved: God Exists


This is a debate about the existence of God. There are some strict rules that apply with regards to this debate.Definitions1. God - an omnipotent, omniscient, intelligent, and sentient deity, being, or spirit who is the creator and ruler of the universe and the source of all moral authority. <...

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Young Earth Creationism Is Not Possible


I hope you like the definitions chosen, and please agree to them before accepting the debate. Full Resolution Young earth creationism is possible. BoP is shared. Definitions Young Earth Creationism: "...the religious belief that the Universe, Earth and all life on Earth were created by direct acts of the Abrahamic God during a relatively short period, sometime between 5,700 and 10,000 years ago."[...

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Intelligent design is how the universe originated


Dear opponent: First of all, I would like to thank you for accepting this challenge. I believe that the bible, the word of god is the ultimate truth, and the accounts in Genesis explain how the earth and the universe came into existence. I believe that God created the earth in six, twenty-four hour days, about six- thousand years ago. I expect that we will both not go into origin, or we will stay away from it as much as possible. My reasoning for this is that in order for a theory to become sc...

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Government Polocies/Laws For (Outer) Space


I believe that there should be no rules for space. My perspective of this is that space, is not owned by a country, nor government. So, who is to say what we can or cannot do in space? If someone were to colonize Mars, for example, they'd more then likely begin a new government. Take for example, the USA. The U.S., was formed by Britain and other "colonizing countries." However, when they got here, they had no "rules" to abide by. They didn't have to buy plots of land, and they surely didn't hav...

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Pure mathematics is worthwhile


I would like to put forward the proposition that pure mathematics is worthwhile and has an overall benefit to society, culture, and the world as a whole.By pure mathematics, I mean "Mathematics that studies entirely abstract concepts" and therefore does not neccessarily have a direct application outside of itself.By worthwhile, I mean "Sufficiently valuable or important to be worth one's time, effort, or interest".I eagerly await your response, and look forward...

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The Apollo missions were faked.


This will be a fun one. I am relatively new here, forgive me for any format or conduct errors. I will argue the con (that they did happen). First round will be acceptance, second round arguments begin. Anyone can accept. Good luck and enjoy....

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cause+(and)effect=(is)logic eat a poisonous mushroom and try to think the effect away, and i guess you can reason about this and conclude that is a bad idea based on the logic that is the mushroom is not healthy for you, logic is the Measurement of resonable, i know logic therfore i know i am resonable, in not eating the poisonous mushroom, fx there is no logic in fantasy, and i write this message to you while hovering across the grey cratered surface of the moon while typing on my floating...

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Is our world merely a flat plate, supported by a shell of a tortoise?


I don't expect anyone to accept this debate. But if you do, then... Whatever.Rules1. No plagiarism; Don't copy someone else's work and claim it as your own.Failure to follow this (In singular form, seeing as; I ONLY LISTED 1 RULE!) rule will result in a 7-point forfeiture.

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The probability argument falls flat when it comes to explaining the past


I am starting this debate because I've seen some famous fundamentalists and evangelical Christians mention this argument when trying to disprove abiogenesis. I would like to explain why this fails in a debate. Criterion for this debate is that my opponent has to have at least 10 debates finished.This is to prevent trolls and people unfamiliar with this site and topic to accept,although there are still some chances for that to happen (see what I did there?). 1st round - acceptance 2nd round...

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Free Will Exists


I saw this debate and want to argue from the con side, since I have been thinking this over for almost 10 years now.Resolved: Free will exists.I am in the negation (con), and my opponent will stand in the affirmation (pro) of this resolution.I set this debate up for anyone to accept if they are ranked as good or better than me, because I want a meaningful debate. Rules:1. We have 10.000 characters, you shouldn't use url shorteners or anything l...

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