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Santa Claus exists.


Santa Claus exists, and there is an abundance of solid evidence for it: -Scientists have discovered a hidden underground toy factory in the northern Polar Icecap in 1998 -Santa Claus is the only logical explanation for why children receive toys on Christmas -Santa Claus is the only logical explanation for why the cookies which are left out are eaten -I saw Santa Claus when I was a little boy in 2000. He tied me up to a chair and did weird things to me. It was magical, just like he is -The...

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The Big Bang Theory Is Probably True


Unfortunately, neither of the people who wanted to accept this debate have responded back to me. However, after an interesting discussion in one of the poll's comments section, ChosenWolff has kindly asked to take up the challenge. Full Resolution The Big Bang Theory is probably valid. BoP is on pro. Definitions The Big Bang Theory: "The prevailing cosmological model for the early development of the universe. The key idea is that the universe is...

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The Theory of Evolution Is Valid


I am challenging Dragonfang to this debate per his request. Please agree to everything below for accepting. Full Resolution The theory of evolution is valid. Definitions Theory of Evolution: "The process by which species of organisms arise from earlier life forms and undergo change over time through natural selection."[1] Valid: "Having some foundation; based on truth."[2] Rules 1. The first round is for acceptance. 2. A f...

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Life Originally Arose via. Abiogenesis


This debate challenge is the arranged debate made with Joepalscak. I would like to make a late apology for a previous debate we held which I forfeited all my rounds.[] The same will most certainly not be occurring again.Full Resolution:

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The Earth orbits the Sun


Early scientists once held the geocentric position that the Sun orbited the earth. Later, Darwin introduced the heliocentric model, Earth rotating the sun. This model was excepted and the other discarded and thought prehistoric and pretty much as stupid as the Earth being flat. My question: What PROOF do you have to confirm the heliocentric model? Because I have proof that completely debunks it. And please mention the pendulum....

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0.9999 (repeating) = 1


Normally debates are about opinions. This is about fact. I maintain that 0.9999 (going on forever) is the same thing mathematically, and realistically as 1. I expect my opponent to have an understanding of math, such as basic algebra, and rules of infinity. First round is for acceptance AND posting arguments. For the sake of simplicity, the term 0.999... will mean 0.999 repeating. FAIR WARNING: This is a mathematical fact. The evidence is on my side. If you choose to accept this argument, you...

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Homosexuality in Humans is Natural


First round is for accepting the debate, stating the resolution, and definitions. Resolution: Homosexuality in Humans is Natural Definitions: Natural is that which does not conflict with natural law. Natural Law has many possible definitions. However, for this debate, natural law will be defined as the evolutionary process. Homosexuality is the state of being sexually attracted to the same sex....

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The Genesis account is scientifically viable.


I will be arguing that the account of creation in the book of Genesis, specifically Genesis 1:1-2:3, is scientifically viable. This is my first debate so don't expect me to be amazing haha....

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plus is minus, and plus and minus is cause and effect, logic


equal is where im holding my hand in front of me, plus is where i can move my hand to, and minus is how my hand got to where it is, and where ever my hand is, is equal. i equal because i can plus and minus giving is taking, and taking is giving. you cant give me an apple, without taking an apple from somewhere...

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Dinasour soft tissues and DNA prove their recent existance


Dinosaurs are claimed to have gone extinct 65 million years ago. Recent findings of soft tissues in fossils, such as the 2012 discovery of DNA, and even unfossilized dinosaur bone nullify the idea of their ancient extinction. These findings fit just fine in the Biblical Creation model but contradict the geologic column/evolution models. Round 1 - Acceptance Round 2 - Opening Arguments Round 3 - Rebuttals/Closing Statements...

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