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Should all kids be able to own and use their own mobile phone?


Let's start by laying down some rules and definitions Round 1: Acceptance Round Round 2: Opening Statement Round 3: Arguments Round 4: Counter Arguments/Arguments Round 5: Counter Arguments/Closing Statement Mobile Phone: any wireless telephone that operates over a relatively large area, as a cellular phone or PCS phone....

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Should youtube ban stunt videos?


Adolescents are getting hurt from trying to imitate stunt videos from youtube....

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Technology: Reducing the quality of Human Interaction


As the con, I am taking on the role of arguing the negative ramifications of technology (in use). Specifically in regards to the quality of human interaction. Note - I agree that technology is a tool and not an agent in which would be responsible for its actions. I'm discussing the usage of said technology only and the effects therein. For the purposes of this debate, human interaction will be defined as the effect in which we act and react to those around us. Unless an alternative agreed...

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Apple Has Better Products Than Samsung


Apple's entire system runs 5 times smoother than Samsung's Let me start with a question: Do you know who invented the first touchscreen smartphone? The answer is apple. Do you know who, in a court case, admitted to copying Apple's design? The answer is SAMSUNG. I don't ever want to hear that "Apple has copied Samsung." It is a lie. Apple's operating system runs the smoothest out of any smartphone device. Apple invented the Touch ID which gives your whole device an extra layer of se...

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Apple is superior than Microsoft.


Hello, and welcome to this debate. I will for once prove that Apple's technology is highly superior than Microsoft's. There will be four rounds in this debate. I, PsychoScientist, am a student, and I use a MacBook Pro, for my work. I have indeed knowledge of debating between these rival companies, for I have used both Microsoft and Apple....

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Pc's are better than macs


Resolved that Pc's are better than macs I am against this motion. PC: A computer running windows Mac: A macintosh computer: does not include devices such as the iphone!...

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Nuclear Power


IntroSome time ago I was discussing nuclear power and noted that I am not a big fan of it. Think offered to debate me on this topic in responses to my comments, so, here we are. We will be using the current LD topic for this debate. Please note that the topic is written such that Pro is arguing against nuclear power rather than for nuclear power. Thus, I am taking a stance against nuclear power.I have nominated the following judges, some at the sugge...

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Do video games lead to violence?


I believe that video games lead to violence. This violence can be demonstrated by kids, teenagers, and even adults. With technology these days, video games seem too real. I know that in the game 'Grand Theft Auto', gamers kill cops and steal cars. This gives people an idea that it is just to do this in the real world. I remember on the news one day how police were questioning a male for something. The male then stole one of the officer's guns and then killed the officers, followed by him stealin...

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Android phones are better then Apple's


Ok so I am an experienced person in this technology and stuff and I am fortunate enough to use both kind of phones (Android ones mostly) So the reason I am with the Android phones is because they are customizable and are literally very simple to use, iphones too are easy to use but then not every one can get used to this iphone!! I mean Android is very much change able, for example look at HTC they customized Android for their phones look at Cyangogen, they made there name by modifying android i...

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Modern Personal Technology is more harmful than beneficial


I believe that modern personal technology is more harmful than beneficial because most kids would rather stay on their phones, computers, or watch T.V. other than play a game, sport, or spend time with their families. Technology is also bad because of social media. Young kids don't need to be on it but they still do. For teenagers especially theres cyberbullying which leads to suicide. Plus young kids on social media is even worse when people post inappropriate pictures or videos. Theres also...

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