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Should Violent Video Games Be Banned?


Violent video games should not be banned. Last year, the massacre in Sandyhook restarted the video game argument. Adam Lanza was "obsessed" with Call of Duty Black Ops II, but so were 82% of all people his age. Lanza's mother owned a gun, and trained Adam to use it. Most of all, Lanza had mental health problems. Violent video games dont hurt the public, but IGNORANCE TO MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES DOES. Everybody wants a quick fix to problems like this, so they immeadiately turn to banning video games,...

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Should kids have cell phones in school


I personally believe that cell phones should be used in school because they can help you with work, and they can keep you safe. Some people may think that cell are a distraction but they can really help you in class....

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Is Technology harming our brains?


Technology is not harming our brains because without it, we would not have progressed as far as we have done today. The inventors of technolgy allow us to make progress in our understanding so we can build further on our knowledge. Technology isn't just the mobile phones and computers used by humans today, it is also the medicine that allowed us to fight diseases, send man to the moon and publish books. Every progression humans have made is possible because of the technology that got us there....

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Was iOS 7 Apple's right move?


This debate will consist of four rounds, with the following round being for the purpose of acceptance only. If you accept this debate, you agree that you believe iOS 7 was a wrong turn for Apple. You may talk about experiences with the new iOS 7, but that may not be the cause of this debate. You may also describe it, but again, this is not the purpose of the debate. You could list its effects on a company's ecosystem, if it relates to the topic. Your purpose is to produce your arguments an...

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Top military small arms


(Sorry if I have typos as I am writing this on my phone.) So this debate is similar to a topic that another user has posted. Which firearm is the best for each position (Rifles/Carbines, DMR, SMG, LMG, Sniper Rifles and Shotguns) 1st Round: Simply state your respective choices. 2nd Round: Make you argument for each choice. 3rd Round: Rebuttal on the opponents choices 4th Round: Further rebuttal and no new arguments. My choices: Robinson Armaments Xcr, HK 417, HK Mp7, M27 Iar, XM 2010 Enhanced...

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The malicious and misleading advertisements of today


Advertising at times misleads the public. This may be deliberate or unintentional. There are organisations for helping consumers. For example, the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) and of its supportive organisation, the Consumer Complaints Council (CCC).Complaints pour into the office of CCC regarding advertising in the press as well as TV. However, it is not always easy for the CCC to make its ruling. Take for example, the country-wide advertisement launched by the National Egg Coo...

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Parental control on sns or other social networking should be banned


Parental control for social networking should be banned, The privacy of children should be kept. Also, by social networking, the children can improve the relationship with their friends...

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Instagram is a useless tool of narcissism and self-promotion


Instagram is a useless tool which promotes a low sense of emotional intelligence, an unhealthy amount of narcissism, and societal vulnerability. It is the poison that will leak into our children's minds and leave them exposed on the Internet by disguising itself as a discrete and consequence-free app. Instagram started as a well-intentioned app, where posts of food, art, travel, and other interesting things in the world were displayed. It has turned into selfie-central, where millions of insecur...

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Mac is Better than Windows


Mac is better than windows because they boot using EFI strings instead of hardware, meaning faster booting/running speeds, and they utilize RAM more efficiently and don't crash often, due to the fact that they run on Unix. Although the upfront costs for purchasing Macs may be more expensive than Windows, updating the operating system and keeping the computer secure are both large concerns with Windows, and cost a lot. Macs are $30 per upgrade. With Mac, there is an app store and you know what yo...

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star wars vs star trek


This is my opinion is that I think that star wars is so much better than star trek cause I love light sabers...

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