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Do media sites harm adolescents?


These social media sites are extremely harmful for adolescents, there will be three rounds, firstly introduction, second, emphases and who's right or wrong, third conclusion. I wish my opponent the best of luck....

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Technology has lead to the death of human emotions


according to me technology has not lead to the death of human emotions whereas it has increased human bonding and relationships. with the advent of social networking sites people are able to know their relatives and family friends. Earlier people had to wait for months to talk to each other and no communication means no expressing of human emotions, but today as the communication is increasing the people are able to talk to each other frequently and express heir human emotions too. with video co...

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PC gaming is, on balance, better than console gaming.


Pro will argue that PC gaming is better, on balance, than console gaming. PC gaming will be defined as the following: "PC games, also known as computer games, are video games played on a general-purpose personal computer rather than a dedicated video game console or arcade machine." {1} Consoles are defined as the following: "A video game console is an interactive entertainment computer or customized computer system that produces a video display signal which can be used with a display dev...

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star wars vs star trek


This is my opinion is that I think that star wars is so much better than star trek cause I love light sabers...

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Mac is Better than Windows


Mac is better than windows because they boot using EFI strings instead of hardware, meaning faster booting/running speeds, and they utilize RAM more efficiently and don't crash often, due to the fact that they run on Unix. Although the upfront costs for purchasing Macs may be more expensive than Windows, updating the operating system and keeping the computer secure are both large concerns with Windows, and cost a lot. Macs are $30 per upgrade. With Mac, there is an app store and you know what yo...

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phone use in the classroom


Although schools have traditionally banned or limited cell phones in the classroom, 73% of Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers said their students use phones in the classroom or to complete assignments, according to a Pew Research Center study released in February. I think that students should be allowed to use phones in not only school but in the classroom. I also think that the pros out number the cons by a long shot....

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Technology in the classroom


Technology in the classroom has major benefits. In todays world education varies from school not matter what country you are in. same goes for the students. There are so man students at different levels in the classrom, and with tradtitional teaching techniques, nothing can be really well taylored to the students needs. When technology is added to the classroom the students can become more involved. The student beomes more engaged when they have to press buttons and actively participate in the c...

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Google Chrome is more useful than Mozilla Firefox


I will be arguing that Google Chrome is more useful than Mozilla Firefox, and my opponent must argue that Mozilla Firefox is more useful than Google Chrome.RulesRound 1: Acceptance, definitons, and clarification.Round 2: Arguments/RebuttalsRound 3: Rebuttals

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there should not be a control on the use of smartphones amongst students


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is now a normal part of modern life, used by everyone from toddlers to pensioners. So studentsneed to grow up making use of technology such as mobile phones if they are to be able to fully participate in contemporary society. The average age at which students get their first mobile phone is eight according to a recent study.[1] To prevent a studentfrom having a mobile phone at that age is to put them at a clear social disadvantage compared with thei...

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Technology Creates More Problem Than It Can Solve.


Technology Creates More Problem Than It Can Solve. It's True.Worldwide, We Can See Technology Causing Many Problems, Issues and Critics. But Tech Dose"nt Have any Appropriate Way To Solve Those Problems, It Just Knows the Way To Create Something. For Example, Nuclear Fission Power Plant.Though It Produces Electricity and Meets the Need of 1000"s, It Pollutes the Nature Crucially which Inturn Is Causing Problems For the Same Citizens the Tech Is Supply Electricity, Helping them w...

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