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Electronics positively affect school (and everyone else) today.


Electronics negatively affect schools today, because yes it may be "the-way" to be learning. and yes it may be "the-way" kids are being taught now, but no is it always the answer. First, a counter argument may go as far as saying making textbooks is harming the environment, or that we have to cut down trees, which provides our oxygen to get the paper. That is all true, but is cutting down trees really an MAJOR problem? No. Secondly, Nothing is wrong with using good paper and pencil. Using...

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Technology Advances are good or bad?


Nowadays more people become dependent on computer and other types of technology used on their daily life, so if a computer crashes we are unable to do something until the problem is solved. This type of dependence puts the people in disadvantage and become sedentary again. Noneh....

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Should children be allowed to watch or play viloent tv or games?


I think children should not be allowed to play or watch viloent games or tv because sometimes it can make them become viloent themselves e.g. hitting people @ school,swearing more,being agresive towards others e.c.t so thats why i think children should not be allowed to play or watch viloent tv or video games....

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Should You Buy the $99 PC from Walmart?


I think you should buy a 99 dollar PC from Walmart because that is pretty cheap for electronics....

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The A-10 should remain in service in the Middle East


The A-10 Thunderbolt II is amazing. With a GAU-8 cannon that can fire 30 wine bottle sized rounds per second and Maverick missiles ready to blast down all opposition, this aircraft is perfect to fight terrorist groups because it can resist damage and does not need to fly fast because terrorists do not have easy access to fighter interceptors. It can carry up to 16,000 pounds of missiles and bombs, making it perfect to destroy a large area in which the terrorists may be in, leaving nothing to cha...

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Are cats real?


Greetings, Fanath, and anyone ever viewing this. Thanks for taking the time to read my argument. I trust you'll handle this debate maturely. Cats are not real. Although they sometimes may seem like they do exist, this is an illusion. My BOP is I asked a cat if he was real and he said no. Besides this, what proof is there that they're real? Since life is only a dream, cats are merely figments of imagination thought up primarily by troubled first-world citizens. Cats were first thought of by the...

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Airpower can hold Land.


A simple two round discussion about whether or not air forces by themselves can hold land. I intend to show through historical examples and modern warfare theory that the air forces of today can indeed complete the Army's role of 'clear, secure, and occupying land' without needing large battalions of ground troops for support. Con will have to prove that winning major wars still requires a ground component and that boots on the ground are vital for its success. This debate is open to anyone with...

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Should Cities Offer Free Public Wi-Fi?


This topic poses an interesting innovation with some benefits and problems. It allows every person to hitch in, and be constantly connected, but this poses a few problems: 1. Hackers have a very efficient way to get personal information from anybody on the grid. 2. This takes away the need for cell companies, because non-3G smart devices can call and Text from Wi-Fi The biggest problem would be the first, hacking. It would be very easy to hack such a public network. Even the pentagon h...

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Tesla Model 3 is possible


Full resolution: it will technically be possible for Tesla to produce a full electric car by 2017 with 200 miles range for less then $35.000Together with my contender I want to explore if the lower priced Model 3 car is technically possible by 2017.Reasons why I think Model 3 can be a lot cheaper then Model S:1) Tesla has more then 25% profit on the Model S, they will take less profit on Model 3.2) The Model S has 200 miles range using a...

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Retrogamer176 did not create a time machine.


Retrogamer176 did not invent a working time machine that can travel to the past and the future. The BOP is on Retrogamer176. Rules 1. No forfeiture 2. Maintain a civil and decorous atmosphere 3. No trolling or semantics 4. No K's of the topic 5. My opponent accepts all of the following definitions and waives his/her right to challenge these definitions 6. The BOP is shared 7. Both debaters must follow this format: R1: Acceptance R2: Arguments (No rebuttals) R3: Rebutt...

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