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Let's Rap Battle, (Big Words)


The Person with the biggest words and hardest hitting lyrics wins. As many words as you will like. Take rap to a new level. WHO ACCEPTS?...

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Should trans gender people be legally recognized as the gender of their preferred gender?


Recently,a problem has been stirring up. People who are partly male/female, or a person who wants to be recognized as Male/Female. But due to complicated reasons transgender people want to be allowed to change the gender they want and they are getting furious due to a few transgender people not allowing to certain toilets. Personally, I feel like they shouldn"t be legally recognized. Firstly, I personally think that people will start to exploit this power. Perverts will try to change their gende...

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Christianity vs Islam


Muslims and Christians agree on several topics. Namely, we agree that God exists. We also agree on several social issues going on today. Here is where we disagree on. We disagree with Muhammad is a prophet, deity of Christ and the trinity. My opponent and I will discuss these topics. I hope this will be a fruitful dialogue. I will allow my opponent to give his case on why Islam is correct on these topics....

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The friend zone does exist.


The friend zone (fzone) most certainly exists, and is undeniably a negative phenomenon. A phenomenon that no one is at fault for letting happen, but both parties CAN be at fault for perpetuating. Those are my main points that I will focus on defending. I would first like to define and distinguish between two different kinds of fzone, then I will allow any potential cons to make their opening arguments. So, quite simply, the fzone is any situation where person A is attracted to person B and wo...

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Foolishness in the bible that no god would ever put into effect thus proving that god is false


Introduction to utterly prove god’s foolishness:No god nor any supreme deity would ever communicate in text form the worst form of communication possible so that man could get it wrong. And for there to be no updates in at least 2,000 years, how is anyone expected to get it right? Then wi...

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The Bible is Fake and Fairy Tales


My opinion is the Bible is fake and full of Fairy tales. How can any body know the beginning and the end? There is no Factual basis or scientific or Archealogical proof for the events that happened in the Holy Bible. Faith and belief is the only excuse. There have been many different versions of the Holy Bible , so many in history have rewrote and manipulated the supposed bible.If a book is that holy it shouldnt be tampered with....

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God exists (pro) vs God does not exist (con)


I will be arguing in this debate that the case for God is extensive and is most often underrated. I will be using science, philosophy and logic to form the foundations for my arguments for God. I am a Theist and my opponent should most likely be an atheist who denies the existence of God. Definitions : Universe - all of space, matter, time and energy God - The necessary, uncaused, omnimaximal, timeless, spaceless being. Exists - to have an objective being or existence. Rules :...

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Homework should be cut down in high school.


For most high school students, homework pushes kids far beyond the school day. High school students get a average 17.5 hours of homework a week, which equals ~2 hours of homework each day. (including weekends). That time could be spent doing extra curricular activities, like sports or after school jobs. Even with all of its benefits, it proves that places without much homework do better. For example, Finland, which stopped giving a lot of homework to students in 2009, scored 6...

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THB That All Forms Of Organized Religion are an attack to freedom and should be over.


Religion itself is a way of thinking and living our life and almost always has a spiritual base and worships a God, more than one God or other entities. The main religions in the modern world are Christianism(all of its forms), Islamism(all of its forms too) and Judaism(all kinds too). Each culture or country has a religion that outnumbers the others and so it's the official religion, for example, Saudi Arabia rules itself by the Sharia Laws. In my country, Portugal, the religion with more b...

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Should schools switch to the year-round schedule?


Year round schools are beneficial for students....

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