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Are needs assessment important for EBOLA or No


Why is assessing the need and identifying current knowledge and attitudes about ebola an important part of developing an educational campaign? should people be educated about this deadly virus?...

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Everything or 100% Existence and, Life the subset of Everything is a Machine.


We live in our home. Our home is 100% Finite Existence or World or Universe or Everything. This Everything collectively known as Single Entire World or just World is a Machine. World is a Machine. Life is a subset of this Machine. Life is a Machine. Entire World is one Changing World. Changes are localized or can be said to have Frames of reference. So one World has many events or different parts changing or having different clocks. Everything is a variation or picture or ev...

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Should America Ban Political Parties


For years after George Washington left office, the political parties have split up this country. The Civil War was caused by political parties, and it's the political parties who declare war. Due to political parties, the winner of the elections isn't caused by the voters but the money a party puts into the candidate....

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Movie Hopping? Is it Wrong or Right Defend Your Answer


Movie Hopping? Is it Wrong or Right Defend Your Answer Let's say you and a friend are going to watch a movie at your local movie theater. The movie comes on and in the first five minuets of the movie you know you are going to hate this movie. So you and your friends walks out and go to another movie that you guys wanted to see. 1. Are you wrong because you did not pay for the movie you are leaving to see 2. Are you right because you have already paid your money for movies no matter which...

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Story Telling - Unexpectedly Talking Animals


For this challenge, I am looking for someone to tell a story with me. The story must, at some point, include unexpectedly talking animals. There are five rounds and my opponent is encouraged to write as much or as little as he/she would like (although a longer story would be much more fun). I encourage plenty of detail, with character names, traits and back stories... It makes carrying on the story more interesting and more difficult. For an example of a similar debate/game, see here http://w...

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is study better than sports


i agree that sports is better than studies because every child loves to play and watch some sports and he never wills to study.If a man does not go out for studies so he can do something related to sports.Sports is also good for our health.If we study 10 hours per day so our health would not be good.We can also be famous if we are a good sportsman.We become very excited to watch a good sportsman and some matches of cricket and football.We will become very active if we play some sports for 1 hour...

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obama take better care of Ebola


I think Obama needs to take better care of Ebola because we never even had Ebola before he was president....

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E.T. Exists!!!


My contention is that it is probable that there are no intelligent beings in the universe except on earth. It is so probable, in fact, that I will say "E.T. does not exist", provided this claim be taken as "there is no evidence E.T. exists, and E.T. is not likely to exist, either. My argument will be divided into two sections. The first of which is to silence the conspiracy nuts. The Pro need not respond to it, unless they want to it. It is merely to set the scene. The second section is my ac...

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Vegetarianism is the only ethical choice in the 21st century.


I think that vegetarianism is the only moral choice in the 21st century because eating meat is becoming a huge problem now. First, to produce all that meat, large areas of land have to be used to grow the animals, when they can actually be used for something more important, like planting trees to save the nature or other stuff. Also, lots of people are becoming overweight, and that can be a large problem of the 21st century. There will be twice as many people in hospital, and that can be disastr...

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Jeans should be considered business casual


Jeans are not comfortable to wear, at all. Unless you purposefully torture yourself several days in a row with the same pair in order to stretch out the elastic just enough that at least you can breathe while sitting, it's no fun at all. Even then, put them through a wash cycle once, and you have to start anew. Now on the basis that casual is roughly defined as relaxed and unconcerned, jeans cannot fall under that definition. Now if jeans cannot be simple casual, it remains the question of wh...

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