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Does anyone know why this code is not working?


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Is Apple better or Android better


some people says apple is better but some says android is better, but i want to know HOW apple/ android is better...

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Drones should not be used for commercial deliveries


Drone deliveries will reduce privacy. When a drone delivery is being made, there will be drones flying above houses to fly straight towards the destination. The people living in the houses will likely become nervous that the drone is spying on them. These sounds may even be heard at night making it hard for the residents to sleep. This will reduce privacy and add another aspect of life where caution and suspicion should...

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Will Technology Replace the Jobs of People in the Future?


Nowadays with advanced technology and the increasing amount of artificial intelligence and robotic use, it is probable for technology to replace jobs. When looking beyond technology, there is more than just drones, virtual reality, 3D printers, etc., --There is a visible pattern of increasing technological advancements as machines with more complex algorithms and functions, such as Alexa (Echo) and Watson, are emerging in the technology industry. Many robots have the physical ability to do chore...

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Linux vs Windows


Actually this has been for a very long time question and I, the cons and the are going to *kinda* answer it. I'm going for the Pro, which is Linux. For the first reason, maybe you have know it, that Linux is FREE and OPEN SOURCE. This means that for devs, you can YOLO and make your own operating system to show off your friends. And the second reason, which kind of makes Linux reputation in servers, and maybe in your NAS or even your computer, is its security. There's almost...

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The Internet Of Things Outweighs Decreased Personal privacy


1. In the first round, we will accept the debate. 2. In the second round, we will have our arguments 3. In the third round, we will have a rebuttal speech 4. Lastly, we will have a final focus....

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Blender is better than 3DS Max


The community will help you learn, help you complete projects, and most will do really well. We have quite a few high class images, games, animations, and the likes that are made entirely with blender. I suggest you look around the gallery and such before you make your choice, but out of everything I have heard on this site and many others is this: "blender is just about as good as 3ds max, and with the new render engine, and all the new features, upgrades, updates, and bug fixes, it has got...

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Human Cloning


The first mammal clone to be born was 20 years ago. With as much as our societies medical knowledge and technology has advanced in those 20 years, logically speaking human clones should be a possibility. Yet they are not, for good reason, besides the ethical issue involved with cloning there is also a very large political aspect which makes cloning a poor choice for society....

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Should we be nervous about how addicted we are becoming to Technology?


We should because it may stop us from eating, exceriscing, and getting good grades. We may eat less because we are addicted to our devices and don't feel the need to eat. It may stop us from working out and staying fit so we become less healthy. We are playing on our phones in class, replacing study time with technology, and making us so addicted to our phones we stay up late at night and will not be listening to the teacher during instruction time....

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This House would ban drivers from using mobile phones


Short debate. 2000 chars per round. 24 hours per round. This debate uses judge voting. Nominated judges are: Blade-of-Truth, whiteflame and lannan13. Please only accept this debate if you intend on seeing it through. DO NOT FORFEIT ROUNDS. First round is acceptance and definition. A reminder that if you accept this debate, you are taking the Pro side which means you AGREE with the motion. It is also up to you as Pro to define the motion in your Round 1. Looking forward to a good de...

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