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Is tit for tat a good way to lay down the law?


Just in case my soon to be contender has forgotten the rules,Round 1- AcceptanceRound 2- Main ArgumentsRound 3- RebuttalsRound 4- Closing Remarks(Closing remarks can not be more than 5 sentences)Breaking Any Of These Rules Subjects the Offender to a Full Seven Point Forfeit.BOP is split both ways, as pro must prove that tit fo...

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nature is the only thing that affects personality


We can tell the personality of an unborn child in their mothers stomach area. Often people will turn from their roots because it is not "who they are"....

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Gays should have the same rights as everyone else


I believe that all people gay, straight,lesbian,blue,purple it doesn't matter everyone should have the same rights and opportunities others have. This is because gay people are treated differently in many communities like the straight and religious communities. They always argue that homosexual people are not normal because they simply can not procreate. While this is true there are many straight people who can't procreate either, so because those people can't reproduce they should be treated le...

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American Companies should be made to pay outsourced workers in foreign countries American wages


There are many problems occurring around the world, people are starving, families are being torn apart, and almost entire nations socially and economically imprisoned. Many factors cause this to exist, I will reference specifically Mexico and south America. We will begin from a somewhat recent event, which is NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) this was an economic policy originally thought up by Reagan. It was not signed into law until 1992 under President Clinton. It was said to help...

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Are Men Superior To Women?


I'm going to start by saying that i am a man and am not directly saying that man is better than women. Based on what I have seen as a kid and in society today, men seem superior. Growing up, my mom would turn to my dad to deal with a situation or "figure it out." My dad could always calmly handle situations and to the best of his ability come up with a solution. When my parents got divorced, my mom seemed to turn to me when something needed to be done or if she needed to know what we should do i...

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Christian rap battle: Truth_seeker vs. JasperFrancisShickadance


You said you wanted to do a rap excluding negativity I'm about to rap as deep as the complexity of relativity We're about to move around our emotions like gravity I'm specializing in good and evil through divine eyes of the realities we got as a premise I'm speakin' of the love, benevolence, n' goodness from God to save us from demise Do not answer a fool according to his own folly or you'll be just like him Do not even mimic his ways or his life, you'll only be bound to live in si...

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You Do Not Exist


Your objective if you choose to accept is to reason that you exist. My objective if you choose to except is to reason that you do not exist. Rules: 1. You are allowed 3 points for your evidence of existence. (I.E., I exist because A, B, and C) and you may not add more points, you must stick to the points you choose. 2. You may use quotes and citations however you may not chop up paragraphs. If you choose to use a citation you must use the entire paragraph so that people do not have to...

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liberalism is driven by emotions, not truth.


That is why liberals always parade people who have problems in front of everybody, never researching WHY they have these problems.The worst judgments in our courts are from an emotional response to a situation....

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Wylted 100th Debate: The United States should implement caning as a punishment for criminals.


This debate won't be started for at least another 2 weeks. Between then and now, I'll work on the resolution. Any advice on that part is welcome. The debate should be impossible to accept and I will be nominating judges and doing a choose winner option. Judges are yet to be determined and any suggestions by potential opponents will be considered. I'll be arguing that criminals should have the option of being caned it going to prison, should they receive a jail/prison sentence. Yes, e...

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It is impossible for God to know everything (assuming God exists)


Definition: Knowing if a statement is true means that you are be able to correctly respond with either true or false when asked if that statement is true....

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