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Christianity is a force for good in the world.


On balance, Christianity has done far more harm than good in the modern world. Its human rights record is disgraceful and the negative impacts of its dogmas have reverberated throughout history and even into the present day. As though this wasn't bad enough it also impoverishes the human condition by distracting people from their real happiness with illusory preachments of an afterlife. And despite the good intentions of many decent people it is still one of the prime sources of a considerable a...

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The elections that are occuring in 08 are fixed against ron paul


ok, with all the publicity that is coming for Ron Paul there is no way he keeps placing in 5th place for all of them. the people that are coming in places higher than him are more likely to be the ones coming in lower places than him. My next point brings me to the different ways that the balletts are taken. the hand voting balletts are more likely to be accurate because there are wittnesses counting every single one. sure there is human error to take into consideration but there is only goi...

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Funnier Jokes Wins.


Thanks to my opponent for requesting this debate. If anyone doesn't know how this works, it is quite simple. Each round, each debater posts one joke. Whoever has funnier jokes wins. I will be defending by title and wish good luck to my opponent. :) Men Are Like: ..Placemats. They only show up when there's food on the table. ..Mascara. They usually run at the first sign of emotion. ..Bike helmets. They're good in emergencies but usually just look silly. ..Government bonds....

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The paradox of the stone successfully disproves the Christian God.


Full resolution: Because of the scenario introduced by the paradox of the stone, the God discussed in the Christian Bible (Yahweh) absolutely cannot exist in reality. The paradox of the stone is outlined here: My opponent will explain why this paradox disproves the existence of the Christian God. Naturally, PRO will have the burden of proof. Good luck to my opponent....

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the 1980's pop music is best!!! 2


(read the 1st comment in the first one and you will know why i make this debates) because i like it and it does not have too much bad word like holy s*** but now a whole song have and modern pop music can make people lasy too because you can sing crappy sound and let the computer do the rest right? think about it!...

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George Bush is a good president


George Bush has destroyed our nation. 1. He implimented No Child Left Behind, overcrowding our good schools and still leaving our bad schools to be bad. 2. He created the Iraq War for the purpose of finding weapons of mass destruction, stopping terrorism, and promoting democracy. They vote, they have no WMDs, and terrorism will NEVER be stopped, and Iraq has nothing to do with it. 3. He lowered out economy significantly, lower than most African nations. 4. He raised gas prices, making tr...

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Liberalism and the Democrat Teachers Unions are destroying public education in America


this is so true as to not even be funny the public schools continue to go downhill this rests sqarely on the backs of the NEA and AFT and the liberals who want to teach socialism and moral degeneracy rather than Math Science History Reading and the English Language Geography Computers language and the other things that kids will need to succeed in the world I will be happy to post statistics backing this claim cheers...

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The Democrats will win the presidency in 2008.


In the world currently around us, the GOP is looked on with a certain degree of discuss by the majority of America. even the most right-winged supporters agree that now is the time for reform. 2008 will be this time. The American public sent a message with the last Congressional elections by turning a Republican dominated Congress into a Democratic one. The same will occur in the 2008 election. Another reason the Republicans will never win the 2008 election is due to the fact that they have no...

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The existence of God


I affirm that God exists. "The complexity of our planet points to a deliberate Designer who not only created our universe, but sustains it today."(1) The Earth...its size is perfect. The size of the Earth and its corresponding gravity holds an atmosphere of mostly nitrogen and oxygen gases, only extending to about 50 miles of Earth's surface. "It is at a perfect distance from the Sun; not too hot, not too cold."(2) It has the perfect gravity without the difficulty of heavy gravity and lo...

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Gay Marriage


As far as controvercial topics go, Gay marriage is one of the biggest ones, but it doesnt have to be. Why is gay marriage such a controvercial topic? Closed minded self-richeous people who are too stuck in their ways, they are the reason its such a controvercial topic. I'm not saying that everyone has to think that being a homosexual is right, or that everyone should be, but for goodness sake, why stop two people from having the right to marry eachother? "You cant get married because youre gay"....

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