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The HPV vaccine should be mandatory.


I will start off by defining the terms involved in this topic: HPV - Human papillomavirus, the most common sexually transmitted virus in the United States. Almost every sexually active person will acquire HPV at some point in their lives. Vaccine - I think this is relatively obvious, but to be specific, the two main vaccines are from Gardasil and Cervarix, and are meant to prevent this disease from infecting new patients. These vaccines would be made available at no cost to individuals....

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Eating meat is good for your health


Does anyone want to argue in favour of this? Assuming focus on developed western nations, and that extended life expectancy and prevention of disease = good for health. Also, that eating meat is good for your health in comparison to other non-meat alternative food sources (i.e. not to be compared with eating nothing instead etc.). I'll argue against. If someone accepts, this will be my first debate, so please let me know if there is anything that I've missed out regarding format & rule...

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The U.S. ought to guarantee Universal Healthcare to its citizenry


The burden of the Pro is to show that some form of UHC is, on principle, should be guaranteed to the citizens of the United States. The Pro does not have to pick a specific type of UHC to support, nor does it need to offer a policy to implement it. Merely, the debate is about whether, on a moral/principle level, UHC should be granted. The Con should show that, on principle, UHC ought not be guaranteed. My argument: Essentially, we must be free from concerns over our survival in order to pu...

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Should marijuana be legalized?


I think that marijuana should be legalized, because if you look back at the great depression, once alcohol was illegal people did it more than they when it was legal. Once alcohol was legalized again, people cut back. Even though marijuana is not very good for you, it should be legalized. Cigarettes are legal, but yet they have cancer causing tar and addictive nicotine (and many other harmful toxins) which put citizens all around the world into the hospital. Cigarettes put people to death or oth...

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Tea is better than coffee


No semantics. Round 1- Acceptance Round 2-Arguments Definitions: Ordinary dictionary definitions are used for this debate, with context determining the appropriate choice from multiple definitions....

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Fatness !


Although the culture surrounding models and 'looks' in the media is a cancer that causes more suffering than we first think - I don't believe 'fat' people should be portrayed as attractive and normal in the media. I'm not cruel or heartless, but a tiny degree of stigmatization (which exists without help from the media) is not entirely a bad thing, for 'fat' is not desirable, not attractive, indeed it suggests a personality trait that is lazy and/or greedy and/or ignorant. This does not mean that...

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Imabench's 400th debate! Resolved: Sex should be an Olympic sport


Redoing this since the last idiot FF the first round. Debate is now just 2 rounds long so that it actually stays as the 400th debateNow then, I believe that the glorious act of sex, in which a man sticks his hoo-ha into a woman's flingy-dingy, should be an olympic sport where nations send their best sex makers to compete for the Gold. Should sex be a sport, the final score for participants shall be determined based on the following on a scale of 1 to...

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A company or working organization should allow additional short period for power nap to the staffs


Power nap ( or in brief a short sleep/nap which in this context is attributed to having a short nap during the time around or after lunch time.Feel free to argue with me on this topics.Thanks ...

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Is homosexuality a healthy form of sexuality?


I'll be arguing that homosexuality is a maladaptive form of sexuality based on anatomy and statistics. I AM NOT arguing here at this time that being gay is immoral....

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ENVIRO DEBATE TOURNEY: Recycling helps the enviroment!


Hello! I would like to thank Subutai for hosting this tournament. I would like to greet my opponent DanT, hello sir. We will both attempt to entertain you with a duscussion about the enviroment. Our resolution is: RESOLUTION: Recycling helps the enviroment!

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