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ham or turkey for lunch


I believe that I should have ham but my mother says I should have turkey please help me in the quest for what I should have for lunch. It is a life or death decision....

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Redvines are better than Twizzlers


First round is for acceptance only and/or any rules or formatting that you would like to have. Last round is rebuttals and last remarks, but no new arguments. I am looking for someone to debate with from the comments section. I am pro, which means that I think Redvines are better. This debate will not include which of the two tastes better. Thank you!...

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Should junk foods advertisements be banned to stop childhood obesity


Childhood obesity is one of the most serious problem in the 21st Century. It is one of the Global problem and it is steadily affecting many Low, Middle and High income class families and their children all over the world. Overweight and Obese children are likely to stay obese into adulthood and likely to develop Non communicable diseases like Diabetes and Cardio -Vascular diseases at a younger age of Overweight and Obesity. These above causes are mainly based on the advertisements of junk foo...

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I Personaly think that if you are a transgender people should, one Respect and two let them make there own decisions for instance, Locker room problems, lets say the person was born a girl and is trans, they were born with the brain of a girl. and should make the decision. if they have a sex change then I would go more towards the side of boys locker room but still not say anything and keep my mouth shut with them being their own person and can think by themselves....

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Is spanking a child, child abuse?


No spanking a child is not abuse, it is considered a proved form of discipline. Spanking shouldn't be the first choice when it comes to a child, other more calm and nice methods should be used first, but there comes a point when if a child consistently repeats an action that dangers himself or others or breaks any rules set in the household, school yard, or public should be "spanked" appropriately. Using this method to reduce defiance isn't taking away any freedom of the ch...

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People that self harm are not crazy


It has been known for the mentally-ill to be called "crazy", and are told that they have and deserve no rights. Specificaly people that self harm. People that self harm are not crazy. Self harm is a way to releive your anger, sadness, or they think that they deserve what harm they are inflicting onto one's self. People that self harm normally hide their scars, cuts, burns, etc and the people that don't normally just are seeking help. People with Depression are normally SH the most....

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Cartoons, Christmas, and Education causes kids to be mentally ill


Cartoons, Christmas, and education cause mental illness for kids 1-18 education causes mental health issues, your brain is not supposed to be big. Scientifically, it was supposed to keep its small size. and ruins their future source: we already proven that Christmas should be banned by NoMoreChristmas characters like santa claus fool kids to believe they're real, but the truth is they are not. cart...

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Should people be forced to get vaccinated


With more and more rumors coming about about vaccines causing health problems, less Americans are getting vaccinated. I think everyone should have to be vaccinated so we can help stop diseases from evolving and making people sick....

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Soy is Detrimental to the Development of Young Men


Resolution--Soy is detrimental to the development of young men.--As PRO, I will be affirming this resolution.Burden of ProofI accept full burden of proof. I am therefore tasked with establishing that soy has been shown to have significant negative impacts on the health of men, specifically for young men.<...

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smoking should be illegal


Everyone knows that smoking kills. That's not why it should be made illegal. Nicotine is very addictive. That is not why it should be illegal. I am not a smoker because I value my own life. However, I believe suicide, should someone want it, should be legal. I consider smoking "prolonged suicide." Honestly, that is why I don't smoke, but that is not why it should be illegal. Okay, I'm done with that weird repetitive schpiel. I'll get to the point ("Get on with it!"). Smokers inhale approximate...

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