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Smoking should not be banned.


First round is for acceptance. I am pro, I believe smoking should not be banned, I am looking for an opponent that believes smoking SHOULD be banned....

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Obesity is a disease


Resolution: "Obesity [1] is a disease [2]."I will be arguing against the resolution. My opponent will be arguing for the resolution. The opponent will begin his argument in the first round, and he will not include an argument in the final round. This rule is in place because the opponent will be arguing in the affirmative—and he who argues in the affirmative generally ought to initiate the debate. (NOTE: This debate is currently impossible to accept...

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Is spanking a child, child abuse?


No spanking a child is not abuse, it is considered a proved form of discipline. Spanking shouldn't be the first choice when it comes to a child, other more calm and nice methods should be used first, but there comes a point when if a child consistently repeats an action that dangers himself or others or breaks any rules set in the household, school yard, or public should be "spanked" appropriately. Using this method to reduce defiance isn't taking away any freedom of the ch...

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Is Mc donalds better then Burger king?


Both MC Donald's and Burger king have good food but burger king gives much bigger sizes of burgers than MC Donald's does....

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This House Would Ban Animal Testing


Hello everyone. I am here today to propose the motion that this house would ban animal testing. My model is that we will phase out all animal testing over the next ten years while governments, the EU and the UN etc. fund research into new alternative methods. My first point is that animals have a right not to be harmed. 100 million vertebraes are experimented on around the world each year and unfortunately, not all of them have been treated well. You are probably familiar with the Silver Spr...

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Low Mental Health Is One Of The Main Reason For Shootings, Not Any Media


Structure - (1) Acceptance (2) Beginning arguments + definitions + links for evidence on arguments points posted on this debate (optional) (3) Main arguments + definitions (optional) + links for evidence on arguments points posted on this debate (optional) (4) Ending arguments (important! No new definitions and new argument points are to be made in the last round, say something in a previous round or remain silent) Reasoning for debate: I am tired of hearing people claiming that media,...

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Soy is Detrimental to the Development of Young Men


Resolution--Soy is detrimental to the development of young men.--As PRO, I will be affirming this resolution.Burden of ProofI accept full burden of proof. I am therefore tasked with establishing that soy has been shown to have significant negative impacts on the health of men, specifically for young men.<...

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We should remove free Medicare (ObamaCare)


This topic will reside at on the ineffective attempt of free Medicare, often referred to as ObamaCare. I would like to start with a simple, yet true statement; ObamaCare is not free. This healthcare is coming from us taxpayers. In regards with the people who can't afford normal healthcare, there are already insurances and charities to help them, (in which we are also being taxed.) Call me cold and heartless, but the economy is better without free Medicare....

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smoking should be illegal


Everyone knows that smoking kills. That's not why it should be made illegal. Nicotine is very addictive. That is not why it should be illegal. I am not a smoker because I value my own life. However, I believe suicide, should someone want it, should be legal. I consider smoking "prolonged suicide." Honestly, that is why I don't smoke, but that is not why it should be illegal. Okay, I'm done with that weird repetitive schpiel. I'll get to the point ("Get on with it!"). Smokers inhale approximate...

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Parents who don't vaccinate their children should still receive benefits from the government


Some parents may not be in the budget to pay for vaccination for there child. Parents may fear that their child will have bad side-effects as well as allergies. it is also not illegal or compulsory to vaccinate your child, Australia is a free country and she parents should have the option of taking the risk of not vaccinating their child....

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