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Debate.org should have a mobile app.


Imagine yourself at school or work and its break time and you want to go to debate.org. Well right now, you can't because you have to be on a computer. You could still do it on mobile devices, but you would have to access the mobile site, which doesn't have as much features as it does on PC/Mac. I think Debate.org should have their own mobile app for this very reason. It could be available for iOS and Android for either Free or $0.99. With it, you would have access to all of its features as it w...

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DDO should keep a voting system with multiple categories


Currently, debate.org uses a seven point voting system for judging debates, with points awarded in categories according to:Who had better conduct (1 point)Had better spelling and grammar (1 point)Made more convincing arguments (3 points)Used the most reliable...

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Rematch: Pikachu vs Jibanyan


1st debate: http://www.debate.org/debates/Pikachu-vs-Jibanyan/1/ New rules: 1) Evolution or Fusion of any character is forbidden. Meaning Pikachu is unable to become Raichu (even though it will never happen anyways), nor can Jibanyan fuse with any Yo-kai to become Baddinyan or Thornyan. 2) Neither character can recieve backup. It will be only Pikachu and Jibanyan fighting. However, Ash and Nate can instruct their partner, but Ash and Nate aren't allowed to actually enter the battle. Als...

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Dragon Ball is better than Naruto


Goku has a way better backstory than a kid who is a nine tailed fox that is a knock off of Pokemon! I think at least....

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PMF Debate Voting


IntroBecause Whiteflame and I had so few votes on our PMF debate, we have decided to create this second debate to hopefully attract some additional votes on it.To that end, we have tied our first debate so that only the voting here reflects the outcome of our initial debate ("The United States should use private military firms abroad to pursue its military objectives").RulesVoters here must vote based on who t...

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The fat should be made to buy two seats on planes


I was involved in a rather unpleasant incident on a British Airways flight from Aberdeen to Heathrow recently. (1) The aircraft was an Airbus A319 with a single economy (coach) class cabin which was fitted with seats with a width of 17.0" (2) and the aisle seat I was allocated was located next to a grossly overweight gentleman, whose considerable girth was overflowing onto my seat, thus preventing me from putting the armrest down or fastening my seatbelt. I therefore challenged the man and here...

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Animal testing


I think that animal testing should be illegal, people say it helps with medical advances but it really does not. Animal testing is 43% accurate when it comes back to humans. Animals feel emotionally and physically the same way as we do. They do not through themselves at us willing to be tested on ready for a long suffering painful death but we do it to them anyways its wrong to test on them. There are other ways that we can test medicines, like artificial skins. What's your opinion on animal tes...

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I will lose this debate.


If anybody thinks I can actually win this debate, please challenge me and then we'll talk....

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children these days are spoiled brats


I believe that children these days are spoiled brats. Look around. Nearly every child whose age ranges from 6 to 18 has some form of electronic device in their hands. I'm sure most of them didn't have to raise of finger to get these devices. They merely asked their parents for one and got it, some sooner than other but they got it. Children of the past could not even fathom having such devices in their possession until they were self-sufficient and living on their own yet today 2nd graders have...

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Rap Battle!


Round 1 acceptance only. Round 2 and 3 RAP! Dis me/rap about how great you are. Whatever you want. Whatever you think will make a good rap. The only thing voters need to vote on, is rap quality. Which will be "most convincing argument." Spelling/grammar doesn't matter, neither do sources. Let's take a break from serious debates and have some fun....

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