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Nations should work to prepare for climate change instead of preventing it.


No one is denying that climate change is upon us. The present effects of global warming and other forms of climate change are well documented. As we see it, the people of the world have two choices: --shore up our defenses against the worst effects of climate change and hope that we won"t eventually be incapable of coping with the rising seas, floods, droughts, disease, etc. that are even now threatening communities on every continent, or --focus our energies and resources on preventing furt...

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Global warming is a bigger issue than World Peace


Global Warming. It is our biggest issue. I didn"t choose world peace because we were always be fighting. For as long as we have lived, we have fought. And yet, we are still alive and "healthy". Global warming, on the other hand, is a new problem. A new problem that isn"t going away. Our ice caps are melting, raising our temperatures and killing hundreds of arctic animals. By raising temperatures, it"s evaporating more water, making the ground dryer, making it harder for plants to grow. Less plan...

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should kids be allowed to stay late after dark 13-18


kids should be allowed to stay late because it gives them a taste of the world. also its the 21st century almost 75% of kids have a type of phone to call parents or 911 if any trouble happens...

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Can one be 100% confident in completing an act? if there is .00000001% risk?


So basically, my friends and I are having a serious but small debate. It is concerning that if there is risk involved in a specific act, then one cannot be 100% confident in completing the act. I stated that this was false, that even if there is 99% risk involved, one can still be 100% confident that he or she can complete the said act. My example was a bridge that was over a deep cliff with alligators at the bottom. I said that even though there is the possibility that one could fall off the br...

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Germany was most responsible for the starting of WW1.


Comment or PM if you are inrested in debating.-Bop is on Pro-Follow the formatFormat:R1: Acceptance onlyR2: ArgumentsR3:rebuttalsR4:coclusions/counter-rebuttals (No new arguments)...

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Captain America (Pro) or Iron Man (Con)


Round One: Acceptance ONLY Round Two: Opening Arguments Round Three: Rebuttals and Closing Statements Voting Period is 1 Week. We both have 24 hours to argue. I am a new debater so please excuse me if my arguments suck. This is not me trying to get a vote, but please do not hammer me about it. I am here to get better. The debate is merely, debating who would win on a one on one fight. No outside help. In this case, even Jarvis is disabled (Keep in mind that the Iron Man Suit is COMPL...

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WAR DEBATE: Russian Federation (Pro) vs. China (Con)


1. When you accept the debate, state your country, and state the numbers of your armed forces (aircraft, men, ships, etc.). Use this source for military numbers ONLY, as it is the most reliable:http://www.globalfirepower.com......; 2. Each country's turn can range from about 3 days to 60 days long, so all actions must be in accordance with this time period. (DO NOT try to win in one turn! Take into account that your opponent is also a living, thinking being that can adapt to a situation.) 3....

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Matt Ought to Take his shirt off publicly


The full resolution is Resolved: Matt ought to remove his shirt publicly in a Google Hangout session with members of DDO present.Matt - The user known as Zaradi, aka me.Let bsh accept this ;) ...

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China would have been better off under the Guomindang


In this debate, I will be arguing that mainland China would have been better off than it is today, which is if the Kuomintang (Guomindang) won the civil war and the Republic of China had goverened Mainland China.UtherPenguin will be arguing in favor of China being best off under the People's Republic of China with the Communist Party winning the civil war.RulesStructureRound 1: acceptance and Con's initial argumentRound 2: My initia...

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A majority of guys favorite color is blue


I asked my brother this question and he said no, but I think that it is. If you go in the men's section at the store, you will see a lot of blue. If you just ask them, they will say blue. I've been doing a survey on this and so far blue is the majority,...

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