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Teenager should be given more freedom


first round is acceptance. looking forward for this debate........

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In A Fight Between the Star Fox Team and Jigglypuff, the Star Fox Team Would Most Likely Win


As Pro, I am affirming the resolution that in a fight between the Star Fox Team and Jigglypuff, the Star Fox Team would most likely win. Definitions: Fight - Star Fox Team - <...

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Gay Marriage is Harmful and Must be Opposed


Marriage is a formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife. There is no point in a gay couple getting married just so they can raise a little certificate saying they are married because it isn't really making a point when they can just say that they are a couple. It can also be harmful for many reasons....

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Rap Battle : Rematch


Shadow Vs Myself Con takes the first round, meaning he starts following this in Round 1. He will pass on Round 4 to even out the rounds. Failure to type anything other than "pass" in the final round will result in a full ff. Voting will work as follows Con R1- Pro R2 Con R2 - Pro R3 Con R3 - Pro R4 Then Con will pass his R4 Above judges shall vote on the rounds and whom they thought won that round. There are 3 rounds total, meaning this can go one of two ways. Either a 3 - 0...

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Abortion aka kill you child because of your mistake


It makes no sense to take away a fetuses right to live just to make your life easier. It is an independent human with it's own dna. And is morally wrong to execute a defenceless, unborn child. I am pro-life because i stand for the rights of the unborn and give a voice to the voiceless. No mother should be judge,jury, and executioner on their own child....

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do Americans live beyond their meens.


Of course Americans live beyond their meens because they use so much of their resources. Also, look at their national debt, it is so high that the possibility of paying it off within 30 years is unthinkable and it's still rising fast. As well as there debt their food intake is very unsustainable as meet is one of them main parts of the average Americans diat. In my opinion American is no longer there country that it used to be as many of them large companies who imploded people are now based in...

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Creative Stories (3000 characters max)


The first round is only for acceptance, the second round is for the story. Most creative story should get arguments and sources, and the best spelling and grammar gets spelling and grammar, and conduct is assigned to the story the voter likes....

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William the Conqueror had the right to invade Britain and become King of England


This debate will follow the premise that William I (the Conqueror) of England had a legitimate claim on the Kingdom of England and therefore had the right to invade Britain. I will take the pro side of this premise.This debate will follow a generic format with the first round being for acceptance only. I am keeping this debate impossible to accept, however I will likely open this up later on. Good luck!...

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cats or dogs (cats yes dogs no)


cats are better than dogs it is plain and simple anyone who cant see that is stupid. for one cats don't go to the bathroom an your floor and they don't wake you up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. They require less care when you go to work for the whole day, they require less attention they can fit in smaller apartments their life expectancy is higher than dogs they are adorable they are smarter than dogs and they stay out of your way so you don't trip on them. They stay high on...

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War Game scenario: Russia vs China


This is a war game scenario in which was originally a challenge to WarDebator to see how good he is. This was going to be part 2 to my original war debate. State in the comments why I should debate with you. If you are going to be busy and forfeit don't be my opponent. If you somehow are able to accept this you automatically forfeit your chance at winning. Please, if you are the best debater or one of the best debaters, please look for a more worthy opponent. Voters (don't be biased) will be vot...

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