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Collectivism vs. Individualism


Full Resolution: On balance, Collectivism is preferable to IndividualismTEAM DEBATE !!!PRO team-- Romanii-- UniferousCON team-- Famousdebater-- Hayd== Rules ==1. First round for acceptance. No new arguments or rebuttals in the fi...

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The consumption of meat is ethically wrong


Greetings Valladarex,Here is the debate! Ethics: normatively to refer to a code of conduct that, given specified conditions, would be put forward by all rational persons.Outlines:- First round acceptance, just so I can outline everything (you can briefly outline your arguments if you want to).- 4 rounds because of the outlining in the first.- No new arguments in the last round.- The...

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Most Things Are Preferable to a Sharp Stick in the Eye


Resolution: "Most Things Are Preferable to a Sharp Stick in the Eye" The debate will be done in rhyming poetry format, and judged based on arguments and the structuring of those arguments. Both substance and style should be considered when voting. First round is acceptance. I'd like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate. Good luck....

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DCL: Cultural Relativism


IntroThis debate is for the Debate Champion's League. Many thanks to DK and Max for organizing this tournament, and thanks to our opposing team (Pugna Verborum) for this debate. We're looking forward to an excellent debate.Due to a recent experience of mine with receiving almost no votes on a high-quality debate, I have decided to make this a judge-only debate. Judges were selected based on their impartiality and on the fact that they were recently a...

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If the fetus is a human person, then abortion is generally immoral


Debate DescriptionIn this debate Pro (myself) will argue that abortion is generally immoral because it directly takes the life of a human person who possesses the same basic rights that you and I have. Con will argue that the fetus is a person with said rights, but that abortion is still morally acceptable. I ask that Con only accept the debate in this round and wait to post their opening argument until round two. Round three will consist of rebuttal...

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Could we consider as philosophers non academic people (eg. Rappers, Artists, Poets, etc)?


So the other day I had this argument with a friend and pretty much I was the one considering street artists, rappers, etc the modern philosophers and that we could compare such people with Plato, Aristotle,etc to a certain extend. To support my argument I would just say that since a philosopher doesn't need an academic background (mandatory) and since that kind of people tend to have that kind of moments of questioning life and existence, they may well come up with certain philosophical aspe...

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The Devil is on balance a better role model than God


===Resolution===This debate will be dealing with the relevant characters in the forms represented by Christianity and the Christian Bible. Whether one of the characters is a better role model will be with regards to their actions represented in the Bible. Note though that no religion will necessarily be assumed to be correct. ===Definitions===The Devil: a fallen angel who rebelled against God. The Devil is often identified as the serpent...

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It is probable that God exists


TERMSResolved: It is probable that God exists.Rounds:1. Acceptance only2. Opening arguments3. Clash4. Closing arguments/clash For the purposes of this debate, the term "God" will be defined broadly as to include the general attributes (ie: omnipotence, omniscience) commonly associated with Judeo-Christian monoth...

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There exists absolute truth.


I believe that absolute truth exists. Here is what I define as absolute truth: Absolute truth is all absolute, being correct in every context of reality, and it is a truth that depends on its own truthfulness for being valid. As such, this truth is self-reliant for its validity. This truth then proves itself as valid. Also, absolute truth is composed of aspects, each aspect being an essential ingredient for absolute truth. These aspects include syntactic and state-wise components, which...

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The Argument from Religious Experience


Thanks to Envisage for agreeing to debate this important - and relatively under discussed - subject with me. (In all likelihood some form of religious experience probably is what most theists take to justify their religious beliefs.) I will be arguing that the argument from religious experience can give significant epistemic justification for believing in the existence of God. Envisage will be attempting to undermine my argument and show that the argument for...

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