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You can not prove or disprove anything


First round is acceptance only This debate ought to be purely philosophical so I'm not going to bother with explanations of "prove" and "disprove". Be mindful of that and don't bend the rules too much. Good luck!...

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Abortion is the killing of an innocent human being, the right to life is an inalienable right given to every innocent human being, therefore, abortion, as the direct result of the killing of an innocent human child, violates the inalienable right to life. Thus, abortion is wrong. I would like to argue against abortion. There is no layout other than that my opponent should first provide a retort to the paragraph stated above in round one. This is just a free discussion in a relaxed manner. Als...

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Ethics of Mass Effect #1 - The Rachni


I decided to start this, much in the same line of bsh1's Star Trek debates, to start a series of debates about Mass Effect. I love Mass Effect not only because of the rich storyline but also because of the tough ethical questions and dilemmas that the game forces you to face down and confront. This debate series is intended to replicate those questions and debate about the proper course of action between the two options that the game presents to you.

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Morality is Objective


This Debate is Part of the first round of BSH1's "Ethics and Philosophy Tournament". The minimum voting Elo rating is 2500.DefinitionsMorality: principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.Objective: not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.Feeling or opinio...

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something can not be true and false at the same time.


A far superior individual stated something cannot be true and false at the same time. A truth is a truth. A falsity is a falsity. Seeing as I clearly have a low iq I must agree with this as my opinion is merely an opinion. The individual was clearly telling the truth so it must be impossible to disagree with this statement. You being the con will clearly be unable to argue against the statement that - something can not be true and false at the see time....

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Objectivism is not sound


Resolved: Objectivism is not soundFinally, I have the time to begin this debate. I personally think that whilst Objectivism has some truth to it, there are elements which do not allign with reality.I hope my opponent, Shabshoral, will still have the time to accept this. If you my opponent wishes to cha...

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The secret that leads to happiness, is to try to became a better person.


First of all, in order to make my case, we should think what happiness is? Well, happiness, is nothing more than an emotion, a feeling or a state of mind, that a person has; it is not a physical object nor it exist outside the persons psychological world, or simply put, his head. Therefore, it is created by emotions and it exist by them and as one of them. Of course, this emotions are produced and affected by our environment, but also, since they are just emotions (they are an idea in our head,...

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Saints have dirt under their nails.


That's just the truth. Clean handed scum only care about themselves. That is the truth....

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Is there free will?


Is there free will? I will be taking CON. The burden of proof lies on PRO. First round is for definition of terms. You can dispute definitions throughout as part of the debate. Second round is for opening statements, and remaining rounds (and, if you like, sequel debates) are for rebuttal. Free will - The making of a choice from within, not relying on outside forces Unfree will - The making of a choice from without, relying on outside forces Will - The making of a choice in any way Lib...

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Atheism is a Religion


Religion n. the belief in and/or worship of an ultimate power, especially a God or gods. Atheism, the belief that there is no God or gods, does not exclude the belief in an ultimate power. Different atheists believe in different ultimate powers from fate to chance to themselves. It is impossible to ascribe to atheism without ascribing to an ultimate power in the same way that it is impossible to ascribe to any religion without accepting its ultimate power or God. Because Atheism requires a...

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