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May Regular Tournament: God Exists


PrefaceThis debate is for the first round of Unitomic's May Regular Tournament [], on solely highly controversial topics. After long discussions on PMs, Mister_Man and I have finally decided on a topic, the existence of God, since it is one of my favorite topics. I shall be playing Devil's advocate in this debate, so it shall definitely be interesting. <...

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Is diversity a proper objective


....Diversity ,in my opinion is just a method of diversion from the real objectives of Statism...... which is, in the end, to control every facet of people's lives. The elite, both of the leftist intelligentsia at universities and the political Elite use the subterfuge provided by their skills with semantics to advance their real goals of domination over the citizens lives. No avenue that might further the statist's objectives of complete domination by government bureaucrats is overlooked fro...

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Abortion is generally immoral


Resolved: Abortion is generally immoral.Four rounds. Shared BoP. No new arguments in R4. R1 for acceptance.I shall argue that abortion is immoral in most cases. This means excluding extraordinary cases such as rape, incest, to save the life of the mother, etc. So I shall be arguing that in cases where the individual gave consent and partook in sex, resulting in a pregnancy, abortion is immoral. My opponent shall a...

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Morality cannot logically exist without God


Without God, it is impossible to have an objective moral standard. An atheist has no logical justification for a belief in right and wrong or to criticise anything on the basis of morality. If there is no God, human being a worthless. Life is no more valuable than non life. Rape is justified and encouraged if it produces offspring and helps to out breed your competitors. If evolution is true: sociopaths are the most well adapted people to reality. People should aspire to ridding themselve...

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Debate: All human actions are ultimately self-serving and egotistical


Debate (tell us why you are for or against): All human actions are ultimately self-serving and egotistical...

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There is no objective basis for morality.


I am posting this debate again because this is an issue that I am interested in and I have not yet found satisfactory answers or explanations (the last debate is here: My position is that there is not an objective basis for morality; that judging or labeling an action as either moral or immoral is the result of individual belief, or opinion, or preference, or some other non-objective source. For this debate, the...

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If A Tree Fell In A Forrest With No One Around To Hear It, It Would Still Make A Sound


Definition of sound: vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person's or animal's ear. No need to define anything else. I'm opening this back up since there was some confusion in my last attempt. This is meant to be short and fun, but I also want it to be a real debate because it is an interesting metaphysical question. You can accept and then I'll get right into it....

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Theism offers a more likely context than atheism for affirming moral realism.


I thank Sargon agreeing to debate me on this topic. I shall be arguing that given moral realism theism is more likely than atheism. Or that theism makes "more sense" of moral realism than atheism does. My job is to argue that, yes, theism offer a more likely context in which to affirm moral realism and Con's job is to argue that, to the contrary, atheism offers a more likely context than theism in which to affirm moral realism. In short, this will be a mostly meta-ethical debate. [1]<...

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The Statement 'God Exists' is Rationally Justifiable.


>>> If any of you wish to debate me, please let me know in the comments. & it would be nice if you can also include the line of reasoning you'll be going with. The statement "God Exists" is rationally justifiable, in the sense that, the Positive Existence of God must be either:- Deductively T...

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We should end wars and end evil once and for all


For far to long it has been human killing a human. A human abusing a human. I want that to end. We need to end the corruption that is in so many governments. We need the stop the people who abuse other humans. We need to unite this world and end the evil that is in everyone. Think about it, who would not want to live in a world without war, murder and other atrocities. We have to by any means....

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