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God Debate Switch-a-roo


Con-- Me, I am christian and will argue that god DOESN'T exist. Pro-- You, you must be atheist and will argue that god DOES exist. The purpose is that after I calmed my christian bloodlust against atheism in my first month here i got bored of the god debates that take up about one-fifth to one-seventh of our beloved site. So i want to spice it up a bit. And the christian god as described in the bible (for standard lets use the KJV) is the god we are arguing about existing. I have a...

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Can we know anything for certain?


We use logic to deductively determine the truth value or soundness of arguments. But even logic rests on axiomatic principles suchs as the identity and non-contradiction principle. If we were to ever doubt of them, what else could we use to determine their veracity? Would we be left with utter uncertainty? Of course i am not sold on the con argument, i am just defending it for the sake of debate, if there is any point in debating at all. I am new to this site, so if anyone wants to join th...

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Heavenly Panda


Djibouti is clearly bigger the Uranus because Djibouti has a population of 893,740 and nobody lives on Uranus....

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In determining anything to be true do we use faith whatsoever?


Faith is the excuse people use for believing something when they don't have a good reason.-Matt Dilahunty When we go about our lives we tend to think that using faith ever is "okay" or rational or acceptable. However you want to say it under NO circumstances ever using faith is the most rational reason in determining something to be true. Whether determining your own personal religious view or if you are deciding who to trust with a prized possession of yours faith is the most irrational way t...

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Immanuel Kant was more important than John Stuart Mill in the development of philosophy


100th debate! This debate should be impossible to accept. Introduction and Clarifications Credit to SocialPinko for the idea. We had a similar debate a while back and I wanted to do one like this again. The terms “important” and “development” will be open for debate. There is no need to agree on the specific definitions but we should apply common sense...

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Is is probable that the Christian God does not exist.


Full disclosure, I am debating this issue because I'd like to boost my ELO so that I am eligible to vote in the "better" debates. Also, I know this is a topic of importance, so I have no doubt it will be accepted. My position, as the resolution states, is that that Christian God is less likely to exist than it is likely to exist. In other words, there is reason to believe that the probability of the Christian God existing is less than 50%. Rules. 1.Burden of Proof is shared. I will p...

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God Exists


PrefaceThis has been for a while, and still is, my favorite topic on DDO, ever since my first debate, titled "A Supreme Being Can Rationally Exist". I'm looking forward to some more interesting opposition on this topic, which is my strong suit. Voters must have an Elo score of 2,000 or more to vote, and you must have completed at least 1 debate to accept. If you have not completed a debate yet and still wish to accept, please apply in the comments section. ...

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Capitalism is Superior to Socialism


Which system is superior: capitalism or socialism?I propose that capitalism is the only moral system, since it is the only system firmly grounded in the concept of individual rights. Socialism, on the other hand, is based on forced cooperation and the violation of individual freedoms.To understand what these rights entail, we must ask ourselves: what are rights? To answer this question, we must first ask, what is man? What is his nature?Man's Nature, Individualism, and Rights:Man is a rational a...

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RESOLVED: It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.


INTROTrue love conquers all. This is an expression which most of you are undoubtedly familiar with. But to what extent does such an expression hold merit? For some, love is fleeting. For others, love is f...

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Gay And lesbian Marriage is right.


Hello there,Some of you may recognize me from my other account,(which is still on,but I'm not using so send me anything to this one instead. The other account is a similar Username. If you can't figure it out,don't message me.)but I've made another instead. But enough bout me,I'm here for a debate. I will be taking the Con side for Homosexuality,and in this argument there will be no specific way that we'll post,just say what you wanna and let the people decide who was better. Thank you....

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