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Atheistic Objective Morality


Challenge StatusThis debate challenge is for MagicAinReal. I will be sending the challenge to him on Monday. If anybody else accepts this debate then voters are obliged to vote for me as I did NOT give them permission to accept. ResolutionResolved: Assuming that God does not exist, morality can be objectiv...

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The Argument from Logic


I thank DakotaKrafick for being a willing and eager participant in this debate on God's existence. I will be using a less commonly used argument for God's existence; Con (DakotaKrafick) will be arguing against it. My burden of proof is to show that the argument I propound is sound; Con's burden of proof is to show that it is not.By "logic" I simply mean the laws of logic such as the law of non-contradiction, law of identity, and the law of the excluded middle.<...

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Science is not objective.


Outline: (1) Introduction and rules (2) Undisputed definitions (3) Disputed definitions (4) Key support for resolution (5) Reinforcements (6) Common counter arguments (7) Round 1 closing statement (8) Sources (1) Introduction and rules Thank you for participating in this debate. I will be arguing in favor of the debate resolution, "Science is not objective." (r.1) Please observe the principle of charity during the course of this debate.[1] (r.2) Please do not attempt to unfairly...

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Human beings are superior to animals


Humanity in general has often struck me as being incredibly arrogant in almost everything we do. We assume our intelligence and ingenuity gives us the right to meddle with anything and everything that's within our grasp. We have this elevated view of ourselves in regard to nature. This notion that we have surpassed the lowly beast and are inherently "better", superior creatures that can lord over nature as we see fit. However, take the human being out of an ecosystem and nature thrives. Take...

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What would happen if Pinocchio said, "My nose will now grow"?


I affirm that if Pinocchio said, "My nose will now grow" his nose will more than likely grow. Pinocchio is a fictional character with a nose that will grow every time he lies. Consider the premise: If Pinocchio lies, then his nose will grow. Pinocchio lies. Therefore, his nose will grow. If Pinocchio tells the truth, then his nose will

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Team Debate: God Exists


IntroductionPrefaceThis is a team debate. We (Team Con) thank Team Pro for accepting and having time to do this debate. Please do not accept this debate until the 29th of May, 2015. There is an Elo restriction of 2,000 to vote on this debate. There shall be 72 hours per round, with 4 rounds and a maximum of 10,000 characters per round.

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God DOES exits, but not in the way you think it does


Hello my friends! This statement should be a surprise, taking into account that it comes from an agnostic. Do I believe in an anthropomorphic, sentimental being who created us all out of benevolence? No. But things get deeper. Although I currently have a PhD in Algebraic Topology philosophy always fascinated me as well. Through many years of intense research and thought I found my Holy Grail - positivism. But not in the sense of baroque positivism, oh no, something MUCH MUCH better came to my...

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I am the only individual in existence with free will.


Resolved: One can rationally support the claim that they are the only individual in exsistence with free will.=================================================================

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God exists.


The resolution is that God exists. Pro will be arguing that God exists, while Con will be arguing that Pro has not established that God exists. By accepting this debate, Pro agrees that they have the burden of proof to establish that it is objectively more likely than not that God exists. The rules for assessing this are the standard rules of logic, including the rules of deductive and inductive inference. For example, a deductive argument must be deductively valid and have premises that we h...

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Resolved: The Father Should Not Have Say In an Abortion


ResolutionThe Father Should Not Have Say In an Abortion.As PRO, I will be affirming this resolution by arguing that the decision should rest entirely on the mother.As CON, you will attempt to negate the resolution by arguing that the father should have equal and/or greater say in the decision.Burden Of Proof

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