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Abortion is generally immoral


Resolved: Abortion is generally immoral.Four rounds. Shared BoP. No new arguments in R4. R1 for acceptance.I shall argue that abortion is immoral in most cases. This means excluding extraordinary cases such as rape, incest, to save the life of the mother, etc. So I shall be arguing that in cases where the individual gave consent and partook in sex, resulting in a pregnancy, abortion is immoral. My opponent shall a...

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This House Believes That Sense Experience Is The Ultimate Source of Knowledge!


Introduction:This is a debate regarding Epistemology, it seeks to address the age old question which has seperated scientists and philsophers: wether empiricism is significantly the fundamental source of knowledge or whether innate knowledge or rationalistic knowledge forms a significant enough part of human knowledge. The resolution states "rational...

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Theism offers a more likely context than atheism for affirming moral realism.


I thank Sargon agreeing to debate me on this topic. I shall be arguing that given moral realism theism is more likely than atheism. Or that theism makes "more sense" of moral realism than atheism does. My job is to argue that, yes, theism offer a more likely context in which to affirm moral realism and Con's job is to argue that, to the contrary, atheism offers a more likely context than theism in which to affirm moral realism. In short, this will be a mostly meta-ethical debate. [1]<...

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Resolved: When given the chance, we should emulate the choice of Achilles


Resolved: When given the chance, we should emulate the choice of AchillesIn Greek mythology, Achilles was given a prophecy that presented him with the choice to control his destiny:He could either live a quiet, long, and happy life to die peacfully in his bed or he could live a life of great deeds but die young and be remembered for millenia.Achilles famously chose a life of glory. The prophecy was fulfilled when Achilles was slain in his prime at the bat...

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Should women carry handguns?


Women should stop the chances that they will become the victim of a violent crime, and start carrying handguns to protect themselves. Why should a woman have to endure a rape or worse die at the hands of the growing number of violent offenders, just waiting for her around nearly every corner. Another side to this is that one sane person could save countless lives, in the right situation....

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There is no free will.


People claim that there is no such thing as free will. Everything is because of fate and so. The BoP is shared clearly. 72 hours to argue. 10,000 characters. No forfeit. No Trolling. No Insults. No semantics. The voting style is open to anyone. This will be a four rounds of debate. First round is for PRO's ARGUMENT. Second round is for REBUTTALS or NEW ARGUMENT. Third round is for CON's REBUTTAL AND PRO'S CONCLUSION. Fourth round is for my CONCLUSION. My opponent shall typ...

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why was the universe created (if you want to participate just leave a comment


1st round is acceptance this debate will be over why the universe exists in the first place. the person to come up with the most logical theory wins the debate...

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Utilitarianism is an unsound ethical system


1. First round for acceptance 2. No new arguments in Round 4 3. The debate should be impossible to accept. Finding a way to accept without permission will result in an automatic loss for Con. If you would like to accept, please say so in the comments section, and I will challenge you in a few days. 4. By accepting the debate, Con agrees to use the following definitions: Utilitarianism- the doctrine that "the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people" should be the guiding...

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If you cannot look into someones eyes and tell them to kill themselves than you aren't friends


I truly believe this....

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Can anything be proven?


The method used to solve problems is the scientific method, which results in a conclusion. It is impossible for anything to be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt because: a) conclusions are biased b) conclusions can only be supported, not proven correct, by information gathered c) conclusions can be overturned by new information being discovered Just to be clear, my argument is that it is impossible for anything to be proven, true or false. In order for Pro to win the debate, they will h...

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