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Is The Biblical God Morally Better Than Humans


Round 1 is simply introductions and rather or not my opponent accepts my challenge. I have challenged Toxifrost to a religious/philosophical debate and at the moment I'm currently awaiting his answer. Personally, I'm a Christian and a firm believer in the Bible. I will try to argue that the biblical God is morally better (even morally superior) than us humans. I hope this argument remains civil and not turn into a contest of insults or popularity contest, meaning that if I lose it is because...

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This debate is should not be possible to accept. If you are interested post a comment. Greetings people of DDO! I saw this topic being discussed in the forums and in some debates in the recent past, but none of them seemed satisfactory to me, so here I go trying it on my own.As Pro I will argue that abortion is always a justifiable course of action, thus Con will argue that it is not the case that abortion is a justifiable course of action (this can...

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Resolved: The Letter of the Law Ought to Have Priority Over the Spirit of the Law.


Hello! This debate is set up for the purpose of challenging me on a subject I know little about. I hope that whoever accepts, we'll have a polite, fun debate.The definitions are as follows:Letter of the Law: Interpreting the law literally; or as it is written.Spirit of the Law: Interpreting the law according to a social and moral consensus on the interpretation of the...

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Philosophy is dead, or has been replaced by science


This will be an argument that will debate logically, if science has replaced philosophy or as Stephen Hawking so ignorantly said if "Philosophy is dead." I will define both philosophy and science for my opponent:Philosophy: A way of perceiving or understanding reality with logical thought. Science: A way of perceiving reality with empirical thought and observation. ...

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Does God exist?


Thanks Envisage for accepting this debate. First round for acceptance I'm pro, Envisage will be Con. BOP is on me. 'God' is the Deistic concept of God. (Creator, transcendent, powerful) Enjoy!...

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Lower Tier Finials: Resolved: The Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombings were justified.


I'd like to thank Daltonian for accepting this debate ahead of time. This is the finials of the Lower Tier for the DDO Tourney.Rules Round 1 is for rules and definitions by Pro while Con accepts and/or chooses to define anyword Pro left undefined. Round 2: Opening arguments shall be presented. There shall be no rebuttles round 2. <...

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Con When a women has an abortion, she is removing only a clump of cells from her body ( I am opposed abortion after 6 months ). Should the government force her to birth what is technically a parasite in her body? Arguing that a fetus is a human and should receive basic human rights is a viable reason for not aborting, yet if you do believe that a fetus is a human, and thus with human rights, a fetus does not have the right to live inside another organism (just as any other human), nor does the...

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Females are better people than males.


If there were to be only one gender on earth, which gender would be able to live together more peacefully? If one were to look at the nature of females overall, and how they interact with the rest of their community, I believe most would agree females are much better than males in this aspect. They're often more less-aggressive, more empathetic, and able to better cope with reality. This debate will essentially be about who is better at living in a community of others, males or females....

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The Kalam Cosmological Argument is Sound


The kalam cosmological argument is a powerful and cogent argument for the existence of God, and I'm willing to defend that claim against anyone who disagrees....

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One's "Physical Experience" Can be Proven to be Absolutely True


As per the debate title, one cannot prove that their physical experience is absolutely true in respect to objective reality. One shouldn't be able to accept this, but If you choose to accept this challenge, you must agree to the definitions below. If you accept, please elaborate on your points so they can make more sense to others. Definitions: Prove : Demonstrate the truth or existence of (something) by evidence or argument. [1] Absolute : Not qualified or diminished in any way; total....

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