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Abortion is generally immoral


Resolved: Abortion is generally immoral.Four rounds. Shared BoP. No new arguments in R4. R1 for acceptance.I shall argue that abortion is immoral in most cases. This means excluding extraordinary cases such as rape, incest, to save the life of the mother, etc. So I shall be arguing that in cases where the individual gave consent and partook in sex, resulting in a pregnancy, abortion is immoral. My opponent shall a...

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The Social Contract and Moral Obligations


PrefaceIt's been a sizeable amount of time since I last debated, and I really want to get back into it, esp. now that the campaign is over and things are settling down. This is one of two challenges I am issuing, and I think it should afford some interesting discussion. I find the topic to be cool, somewhat of a departure from a lot of the common topics used on DDO, and I think it will provide an basis for an engaging discourse! To accept, you must h...

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Does God exist?


Thanks Envisage for accepting this debate. First round for acceptance I'm pro, Envisage will be Con. BOP is on me. 'God' is the Deistic concept of God. (Creator, transcendent, powerful) Enjoy!...

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The Argument from Religious Experience


Thanks to Envisage for agreeing to debate this important - and relatively under discussed - subject with me. (In all likelihood some form of religious experience probably is what most theists take to justify their religious beliefs.) I will be arguing that the argument from religious experience can give significant epistemic justification for believing in the existence of God. Envisage will be attempting to undermine my argument and show that the argument for...

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Pascals wager


I see your last debate about pascals wager did not go as intended. I was interested in the topic until I read your opponents opinions. So I would like to converse this topic with you. I will argue for pascals wager being theoretically acceptable. I read (and wish you would like to still hold your position against/con of the debate) that you think pascals wager is false or non-sensible. I hope you still wish to debate from your past position. The way I understand pascals wager is if a belie...

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Nihilism is Valid


This is the first debate in which I have been the instigator, so, my apologies for inclarity.Resolution:Nihilism, aka the idea that in the grand perspective, individuals are insignificant, is valid.Burden of Proof:There is no BoP in this debate. There is no proof in most philosophical questions. Whoever makes the best argument wins.Definitions:NIHILISM- defined aboveTHE GRAND PERSP...

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On Balance Humans Should Adopt Ethical Egoism as a Worldview


Accept in comments. If you accept without my permission, you will suffer a full forfeitFull Resolution - On Balance Humans Should Adopt Ethical Egoism as a Worldview TermsOn Balance - With all things considered or being taken into accountAdopt - Take up or start to use or followEthical Egoi...

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Is is probable that the Christian God does not exist.


Full disclosure, I am debating this issue because I'd like to boost my ELO so that I am eligible to vote in the "better" debates. Also, I know this is a topic of importance, so I have no doubt it will be accepted. My position, as the resolution states, is that that Christian God is less likely to exist than it is likely to exist. In other words, there is reason to believe that the probability of the Christian God existing is less than 50%. Rules. 1.Burden of Proof is shared. I will p...

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Is God really the god guy and the Devil the bad guy, or vice versa?


Round 1: Debater's views Round 2: Why we believe our positions Round 3:Final arguments Hello, I am looking for a casual debate about religion, specifically Christianity, and philosophy. Ever since I thought about it when I was a child, I have been bugged by an extremely deep question about God and Satan. What if the bible was a lie and simply propaganda. God was actually evil and the Devil was actually the good guy who has been framed? I am looking for a casual debate with someone and I wou...

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is abortion a good thing


hi how has your day been mate I like totally wicked. you know what im mean bro. im solid bro...

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