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Is the Megalodon alive today ?


What do you think is the megalodon still alive I think it may but what do you think....

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Earth: Spherical vs Flat


Recently I've come across a lot of flat-Earthers for some reason on the internet recently. The burden of proof is on both parties as I set up the debate so that both parties are making an affirmative claim. Pro is spherical Earth model, which is me, and Con is flat Earth model, my opponent.FOUR ROUNDS:1st Round: Acceptance/Opening statements2nd Round: Opening arguments3rd Round: Rebuttals/More arguments4th Round: More rebuttals/Closing statements...

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Resolved: The United States Government Should Colonize Mars By 2033.


Hello. I am glad to be participating in this tournament and I hope that this will be a good debate. For Round 1, I will explain the rules and you will accept the debate. For Round 2, we will place down our arguments, and for Round 3, we will place down our rebuttals. For Round 4, we place any final arguments and rebuttals. Good luck, and may the better debater win!...

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Philosophy: Determinism Accurately Describes Reality


In this debate, my opponent is taking the hard determinist stance that everything in the whole of existence is predetermined. My duty is to demonstrate that some things are not determined, and I will also present a case for free will. Definitions: Determinism - The philosophical doctrine that every state of affairs, including every human event, act, and decision is the inevitable consequence of antecedent states of affairs. [1] Free Will - The philosophical doctrine that the conduct of...

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Earth is flat


It's almost 2017 and my opponent still believes that the earth is a flying ball! I intend to show my opponent that the earth is indeed relatively flat, excluding those mountains etc. My opponent is new to DDO, so I'll not be strict on structure, he can just freestyle....

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Star Trek technology is achievable


The technology on Star Trek is reasonably achievable. While the technology is inherently fictional, the function of the technology could be duplicated in the real world, including it's practical application.I have provided a list of Star Trek technology. My opponent must choose one of these listed fictional technologies and argue why it's impossible to create. My burden of proof will be to explain why it is possible to create such a technology.

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The Big Bang Theory Is True


I'm doing this for a lot of reasons - Commitment, learning, and most importantly, the weekly stupid. The Big Bang Theory - "A cosmological theory holding that the universe originated approximately 20 billion years ago from the violent explosion of a very small agglomeration of matter of extremely high density and temperature."[1] First round for acceptance, and please don't forfeit. Sources [1]:

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Scientific evidence does not support Evolution


I will be arguing that that evolution has not been proven scientifically and any evidence used to support it could be reasonably explained from a creation viewpoint. Since the theory of evolution is taught in schools as science, and creation is presented as religious, the burden of proof is on con to show that evolution can and did happen. Science - Knowledge gained from observation, experimentation, and demonstration (Can be proven). Evidence - The available body of facts or information ind...

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Universal Common descent is a scientific explanation for the genetic origins of living organisms


ResolutionUniversal Common descent is a scientific explanation for the genetic origins of living organisms.Definitions Universal Common descent - Universal common descent is a general descriptive theory concerning the genetic origins of living organisms (though not the ultimate origin of life). The theory specifically postulates that all of the earth's known biota are genealogically related, much in the same way that sibl...

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Do you believe it possible to live in the future and past at the same time?


We classify time as now, but what if we are living in the past and future at the same time? And I know that grammar uses sentences to form present tense, I know Minkowski's diagram has a world line and and somewhere below the worldline is a here and now. We use the term present and now because we dont understand time. But lets say im eating an apple. As youd consider the present, every bite i take and swallow, would then be considered the past. For an additional bite i didnt know i was going tak...

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