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Flat Earth Theory vs Ball Earth Theory


There is more scientific evidence supporting that the earth is flat than there is evidence supporting it is a ball. We will be debating which is more likely. Given the information which has been collected, is it more like that; The earth is flat? The earth is a ball? I will be arguing for flat earth....

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Young Earth Creationism Is Not Possible


I hope you like the definitions chosen, and please agree to them before accepting the debate. Full Resolution Young earth creationism is possible. BoP is shared. Definitions Young Earth Creationism: "...the religious belief that the Universe, Earth and all life on Earth were created by direct acts of the Abrahamic God during a relatively short period, sometime between 5,700 and 10,000 years ago."[...

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Given the available data, denying the theory of evolution is completely unreasonable


This debate should be impossible to accept, comment if you want to debate. Some clarifications: - I will have most (if not all) of the BoP, but my opponent should feel free to present any arguments he/she deems useful, either against evolution or in favor of an alternate theory. - The first round is for acceptance and I would like my opponent to present his/her position very quickly. - My first argument will be mostly copy pasted from one of my earlier debate, so don't be surprised...

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Evolution taught to Christian Schools


Evolution is scientific fact that's taught in all public schools. Christian schools deserve the same factual education public schools teach. The fact they don't teach it is denial of facts and evidence itself and we shouldn't have the next American generation denying facts because of their personal beliefs...

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Is Human Activity an addition to increased Global Warming/Climate Change


Throughout Humanity's Existence the species has done nothing but destroyed everything around it. We have seen the extinction of more species at fault of Humanity, we have seen the rising of sea levels and the drying up of rivers and lakes due to Human Activity. This is why I stand in Pro position that human activity is an addition to increased Global Warming/ Climate Change. 1. Humans have increased Climate Change because of Increased C02 emissions Source: Climate Change Causes: A Blanket a...

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Evidence exists that is more logical for creationist than evolutionist conclusions


1st Round for Acceptance/Definitions. I will be arguing that evidence exists which is more logical from a Creationist point of view than an Evolutionist worldview.Opponent will be arguing that evidence does not exist which is more logical from a Creationist point of view than an Evolutionist worldview. My goal is to show that evidence exists which is most reasonable from a Creationist, not Evolutionist, standpoint. DEFINITION...

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Life on other planets


Other than Earth, there are other planets that human has already discovered, that are capable of supporting not only extra-terrestrial life, but human life. Such as Kepler 22b. So, when you look at temperature, kepler 22b has an average of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, this is an extremely suitable temperature to sustain human life. Also, kepler 22b has land and oceans almost identical to Earth...

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Creationism(Pro) vs Evolution (Con)


As you can see I made this debate impossible to accept. Anyone who manages to accepts forfeits this debate. Comment below if you are interested.Full Resolution: Which model, evolution or creation provides a more plausible explaination for the variety of species we see today.Round 1: Acceptance + Both sides define their modelsRound 2: ArgumentsRound 3: RebuttalRound 4: Each side defends his/her original case Creationism: The bi...

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Should animals be kept in zoos/aquariums?


This debate is about whether we should be keeping animals in zoos and aquariums. I will be arguing that we should not. My opponent should be arguing that we should. We will start with our opening arguments next round. Good luck and thank you!...

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Is our world merely a flat plate, supported by a shell of a tortoise?


I don't expect anyone to accept this debate. But if you do, then... Whatever.Rules1. No plagiarism; Don't copy someone else's work and claim it as your own.Failure to follow this (In singular form, seeing as; I ONLY LISTED 1 RULE!) rule will result in a 7-point forfeiture.

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