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The Earth is flat


This debate is impossible to accept please apply in comments. If you accept you forfeit all points to me. The topic is that the earth is flat. I think that Earth is not flat.Structure1. Con acceptance, Pro writes Contentions2. Con writes Contentions, Pro rebuts3. Con rebuts, Pro makes conclusion4. Con makes conclusion, Pro waivesDefinitionsEarth: the planet on which we live<...

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The earth is a spherical shape.


Pro, please provide proof that the earth is not flat. Bop is on pro. Proof must not depend on the first assumption that it is a sphere. Proof must be reprovable with common sense and everyday observations and experimentation recorded anyway. Any media publicly available is useable. Sources can include anything until the opposition proves them unreliable recources, or the claim is false. I hope pro accepts this debate, I feel this is the most important conspiracy. It proves the bible t...

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Young Earth Creationism Is Not Possible


I hope you like the definitions chosen, and please agree to them before accepting the debate. Full Resolution Young earth creationism is possible. BoP is shared. Definitions Young Earth Creationism: "...the religious belief that the Universe, Earth and all life on Earth were created by direct acts of the Abrahamic God during a relatively short period, sometime between 5,700 and 10,000 years ago."[...

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Given the available data, denying the theory of evolution is completely unreasonable


This debate should be impossible to accept, comment if you want to debate. Some clarifications: - I will have most (if not all) of the BoP, but my opponent should feel free to present any arguments he/she deems useful, either against evolution or in favor of an alternate theory. - The first round is for acceptance and I would like my opponent to present his/her position very quickly. - My first argument will be mostly copy pasted from one of my earlier debate, so don't be surprised...

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The World is Flat


I believe that the world is round. It has been proven throughout history and science. There are pictures from outer space confirming this. It is seen all over the internet and in text books. All the rules and discoveries of science revolve around the fact that the world is round. Equations for calculating movement in outer space is based on the fact that the earth is round. Although I have never actually been to outer space myself I think that the most reliable source of knowledge comes fr...

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Animal Cloning


I'll be arguing against animal cloning while my opponent has to argue for animal cloning. BoP is shared. Structure: Round 1 - Opening Statements from Con Round 2 - Rebuttals from Pro, Defense from Con Round 3 - Opening Statements from Pro, Rebuttals from Con Round 4 - Defense from Pro, Con Must Waive Rules: 1) No hate speech/ slander 2) No kritkiks 3) No plagiarism 4) No new arguments in final round 5) Please use citations 6) No forfeiture 7) No trolls Voting Rules: 1) Vote...

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Abiogenesis Is Sound


*1st round is acceptance.*Definitions below are agreed to by accepting the debate.Full ResolutionAbiogenesis is sound.ProHas the BoP and 3 sets of 10,000 characters with 3 days to post per argument to AFFIRM that abiogenesis is sound and refute Con.ConHas also...

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Evidence exists that is more logical for creationist than evolutionist conclusions


1st Round for Acceptance/Definitions. I will be arguing that evidence exists which is more logical from a Creationist point of view than an Evolutionist worldview.Opponent will be arguing that evidence does not exist which is more logical from a Creationist point of view than an Evolutionist worldview. My goal is to show that evidence exists which is most reasonable from a Creationist, not Evolutionist, standpoint. DEFINITION...

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The Universe is 13.8 billion years old


I will not be arguing that the universe is exactly 13.8 billion years as this is very difficult. However, I will be arguing that the "scientific worldview" of the age of the universe is very reasonable and that the age of the universe can be measured in millions and billions of years, not thousands. I expect (though not require) that my opponent will be a creationist who will be arguing that the universe (and Earth) is several thousands years old, and my opponent may present his/her arguments...

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IVF Debate


Although some embryos can be discarded, couples also have the opportunity to donate their unused embryos to other couples who are unable to produce healthy embryos, or can donate the embryos for use in science to make advancements in IVF that can benefit all couples that turn to the procedure to start a family. People do not consider Embryos to be living because of the fact that they are not fully developed, and only consist of a few cells. But for those who are pro-life, they have the oppurtuni...

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