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no prisons


on the path of truth comes a sudden transport with impenetrable shields let that which makes us most friends, welcome anyone else.. leaf doors on a gate of flowers and skulls.. truth beats time in prison -------------------------- habitual, love, belief, need government regulation.. for balance, no need for prisons.. responsibility enough negative leverage gravitates actions to a certain low.. predicting the future of sins.. but what will a cake lover do locked in a bakery.. we know...

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This house believes seed clouding is a sustainable long term solution for drought crisis


Putting in consideration that we are facing drought crisis i believe an important question to ask is whether the benefits of cloud seeding outweighs its benefits. I am against cloud seeding as It could change or rather interfere with the whether patterns which could cause places to experience drought or flood due to the artificial compounds added to the atmosphere....

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Young Earth Creationism Is Not Possible


I hope you like the definitions chosen, and please agree to them before accepting the debate. Full Resolution Young earth creationism is possible. BoP is shared. Definitions Young Earth Creationism: "...the religious belief that the Universe, Earth and all life on Earth were created by direct acts of the Abrahamic God during a relatively short period, sometime between 5,700 and 10,000 years ago."[...

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Man Made Climate Change Is Fake


Please stick to only the man-made part of this argument. I am not denying the world is heating or any possible effects of that. I am saying that man does not cause it. Also, quoting a consensus is NOT science. I want to hear your argument, not some random scientists. Science is based off of hard facts and evidence to support claims, not a consensus of random scientists whether they studied climate or not. Here are my reasons: 1.There is NO way to test whether Co2 is the most contributing...

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Should Animals Be Used for Scientific and Commercial Testing?


Simple debate. Definitions: *Animal testing: Animal testing, also known as animal experimentation, animal research, and in vivo testing, is the use of non-human animals in experiments (although some research about animals involves only natural behaviors or pure observation, such as a mouse running a maze or field studies of chimp troops). ( *Scientific Testing:principles and procedures for the systematic pursuit of...

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Should dinosaurs be brought back to life?


Well I think dinosaurs should be brought back to life because it could change the world and if we invent electric fences quick enough, we can have our very own JurassicPark/JurassicWorld!...

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There is no such thing as a virus


We have all been fooled by the medical system. Viruses don't exist. Viruses are illogical and can't exist, purely on a logical step by step analysis of what viruses are and how they are supposed to work. Nobody has ever seen a virus. The ones you see on the internet are just computer generated fakes or they sometimes show pictures of hormones and try to tell us that they are viruses. 1. How did the first person see a virus and know that it was a virus without having any reference material? A...

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Given the available data, denying the theory of evolution is completely unreasonable


This debate should be impossible to accept, comment if you want to debate. Some clarifications: - I will have most (if not all) of the BoP, but my opponent should feel free to present any arguments he/she deems useful, either against evolution or in favor of an alternate theory. - The first round is for acceptance and I would like my opponent to present his/her position very quickly. - My first argument will be mostly copy pasted from one of my earlier debate, so don't be surprised...

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Should Farmers only be allowed to grow organic crops?


I would like to argue that farmers should not need to make all of their crops organic. My stance is that we have the tools and resources that help aid farmers farm more efficiently. By making farmers stick to organics it is detrimental to the farming community in the aspects of time and cost. For clarification sake, I consider organic crops anything that doesn't use pesticides, herbicides or GMOs....

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math has no certain measure


my senses are not the certainty of the speedometer in my car if you drive a mile, how do you know that there is truly a mile back? machines cant tell me what is real, only what to believe.....

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