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Modern Feminism is Necessary


Dietorangesoda and I have talked before about the necessity of feminism in the west, and have happily agreed to have a debate about it! So here we are now.For the sake of this debate, we have agreed that we will only refer to feminism in America and Canada. I'm more than happy to agree that feminism (or a form of women's/human rights movements) are needed in many parts of the world, especially developing countries. But for this debate, we are talking about the necessity of femin...

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Are Diverse Ranges Of Students Helpful In School?


Hello. Today I will be talking about whether student diversity in the classroom is important or not. I believe it to be so, mostly because I have the idea that we will eventually work with people of different races some time in our lives, sooner or later. Having diverse classrooms will help students because during school hours, they will have to work together, and they may even play together during their recess. Preparing students for the future is the motto of many schools, so prepare them by i...

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Political Correctness and Terrorism


IntroDarenskiy approached me and asked to debate. This was the topic we agreed on, and I think it is an interesting and highly relevant one. It should be an interesting and timely debate.Due to a recent experience of mine with receiving almost no votes on a high-quality debate, I have decided to make this a judge-only debate. Judges were selected based on their impartiality and on the fact that they were recently active in terms of voting. The judges...

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Homosexual couples can raise children just as well as heterosexual couples.


This debate is based on my opponent's assertion that homosexual couples cannot raise children as well as heterosexual couples. He's agreed to debate me on this topic before; however, due to my work schedule I was unable to participate and had to forfeit. Apparently he has a lot of credible sources to back up his point of view. While I don't care about the automatic loss, I'd like the opportunity for my opponent to defend his beliefs. I'm planning on taking Thursday off, so hopefully that plus th...

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Is feminism a force for good in America?


Full resolution: In America, is modern feminism and social justice a force for good in America? Rules: 1) DO NOT accept this debate if you will just argue that feminism is just for gender equality. 2) No trolling, semantics, kritkiks, and so on 3) Follow the structure 4) Jf you must forfeit, let us know beforehand 5) Only accept if you will won't quit after a round or two 6) In round 1, five a one sentence arguement explaining your side 7) BoP is shared Structure: Round 1: A one se...

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Decriminalization of All Drug Usage


One of the most heated and consequential endeavours of our time is the War on Drugs, which I am in full opposition against. In this debate, I will argue in favour of the decriminalization of all drug usage, even though I still would institute certain punishments for the actual production and distribution of some particular drugs, like krokodil for example, but the private usage must not be punished. my opponent will...

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Polygamy should be legal in the United States


Round 1 Acceptance Round 2 Argument Round 3 Closing It is in my opinion that any number of individuals whom are in love should have the right to marry as two individuals or multiple individuals. There should be no limitations as to how many individuals are allowed to join in matrimony. Define: Polygamy noun 1.the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time. This is to say any combination i.e. 2 male 3 female; 3 female 2 male; not limited to 1 male wit...

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Chess should be recognized as a sport!


I'll add more detail later but I'm kind of just polling to see if anyone's interested in this topic...

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Gay Marriage/Homosexuality


Round 1 - Acceptance Round 2 - Opening Statements Round 3 - Rebuttals Round 4 - Closing statement No forfeiting No kritkiks No slander/ hate speech...

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Should Animals Be Used for Cosmetic and Cleaning Product Testing in the USA?


Many arguments have arisen with the growth of the animal rights movement such as the difficulty of enforcing an abolition of animal testing. There are many animal rights acts that have been put into place and enforced that were controversial at the time they were created. An example would be the Humane Slaughter Act that prohibits the use of painful slaughtering methods on farm animals. The only requirements I could find for research facilities was the regulations for any indoor facility used to...

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