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Early abortion should be legal


Debate Structure Round 1 - Acceptance only, No arguments Round 2 - Arguments/rebuttals Round 3 - Arguments/rebuttals Round 4 - Rebuttals to things in previous rounds, No new arguments. Definitions/Explanations Early abortion should be legal = By this I mean abortion should be legal for a woman to choose in the embryonic period of pregnancy. Abortion - is the end (termination) of a pregnancy. A low-risk surgical procedure called suction aspiration or suction curette is generally us...

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Does Hard Work Beat Talent, When Talent doesn't work Hard?


Hard work or talent? People have been debating on this almost everywhere. These words are creators of many things, such as buildings, art, culture, etc, they all came to be because of hard work. Research shows that hard work is more successful than talent. Hard work is essential in one's life and is more important than talent because it guarantees success and talent can"t exist without it. Hard work is really important; it guarantees success and therefore is essential in life. As shown in the v...

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student should have tablet or laptop,for class,not textbooks


Every year, students in school develop back problems due to carrying the overbearing weight of school textbooks in their book bags. The heavy, lagging weight of a backpack often causes long-term health issues and back pain for students. Aside from notebooks and binders, students also have to carry pencils, pens, and spare paper. The average high school student"s backpack weights between ten and twenty-five pounds, while the average laptop weights between three and eight pounds. A study directed...

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Animals are not human beings, and they do not deserve the same treatment


Full Resolution and extent of debate: I will be debating the substance of the idea that mankind are obliged to treat animals with respect and make sure that they are treated in a righteous way. To give the debate perspective, it will be debated both what entitles animals to have rights - and opposite, what entitles humans to have rights. That will bring in questions about concepts like morality and justice but the main-them...

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Should A Man Be Allowed To Retaliate If He Is Hit By A Woman?


Ok, first off I want to say that I do not agree with a man hitting or attacking a woman for no reason. However, if a woman decides to lay her hands on a man, then she should be prepared to be hit back! I believe in equal rights between both men and women, and I think it is completely justified for a man to retaliate if a woman hits the man first....

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Should there be zoos?


Should There be zoos?...

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Homosexual actions are immoral


= = = = = = = Introduction = = = = = = = This debate is on the morality of homosexual acts with more emphasis on sodomy but not excluding other homosexual acts. I will have the burden of proof in this debate and as such, will be arguing for the affirmation of the resolu...

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Abortion is ungodly


Hello, To clarify this is the first debate I am engaging in on this website so I hope for it to be a good one and please forgive my inexperience using this website. To start this debate off I would like to clarify my stance, I believe that abortion is a crime as it is ungodly in its essence and I do not believe this too be an opinion but a fact. The definition of abortion that I will be using for this debate is the following: 'the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often perf...

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The Rebel Flag is a disgrace to this country.


The Rebel Flag, although a part of history, is a disgrace to this country and since your profile picture is one, tell my why you believe it is such a good thing....

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Racial profiling is a useful tool for law enforcement and use of this should be encouraged.


Terms of discussion: - 1st round is for acceptance and opening statements - Opponent will be arguing against the use of racial profiling in any form by law enforcement. - Definition of racial profiling: The use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed an offence (1). Race should not be ignored by law enforcement in the profiling process considering that it is just as relevant a factor as previous convictions and is a vital part in the upbringing of an...

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