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Bring back the death penalty for murderers in England.


My opening argument is simple: Murderers do not care about the human rights of their victims, so should not have any rights themselves. Article 3 of the universal declaration of human rights is "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person." ( The murderer denied their victim that, so why should they get it themselves? If the murderer won't respect other people's human rights they should forfeit their own human rights as well....

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Is Police Brutality okay?


When should police brutality be okay? In my opinion, never. But what about in instances where they're deranged? I want to know your opinion....

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Legal Prostitution in India


Prostitution is perhaps the oldest practice if not profession but , still our civilisation is not evolved enough to accept it.I am concerned not because I want us to respect sex workers or that the whole profession intrigues me. Our society is in crisis today.Women , young girls , children are being raped , molested , abused and what not.Newspapers and news channels are flooded with incidents which are bound to shake our souls and we the people , the mob , have merely remained a witness.Stric...

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The use of torture is justified in ticking time bomb situations.


For the purposes of this debate "torture" is defined as those methods of interrogation revealed as being used by the CIA on GITMO detainees. These methods include physical and psychological stress, the most severe being water boarding. The methods are non-lethal. An ABC News article describes the methods, at least in general: [1.] The article says tha...

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Schools should be segregated by sex.


In my opinion, I think that schools shoud not be segregated by sex. First, students should learn social skills. When they grow up, they will spend more time that they had spent in the school. Society is not segregated by sex, instaed, every sex is respected. If they cannot have real-life experience, they will have trouble adapting to the society's condition. Second, segregated schools require so much money. Government or the school have to train teachers, develop more materials. It would be...

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Abortion should be illegal


Thank you in advance for accepting, Con.As Pro, I shall be arguing that abortion should be illegal with no exceptions. Abortion shall be defined in this debate as "a medical procedure used to end a pregnancy and cause the death of the fetus."[1]The first round will be for acceptance. Trolling and insults will result in a full seven-point loss.Sources1.

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Christianity inhibits US advancement


I argue that Christianity inhibits advancement of the United States. For this debate, let's define advancement as 'development or improvement' Before I begin, let me take this opportunity to point out that I am not here to attack Christianity or Christians. The debate is centered on the negative influence of Christianity (or lack thereof, as Con might argue) on the United States in key elements of advancement such as politics, finance, education, and our society in general. I am not arguin...

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Private vs public. Which is better? Pro-private, Con-public


When it comes to public vs private, public looses badly. Think about the public places you visit. Parks, for instance. In public parks, there is often graffiti, vandalism and litter. Think of the restrooms at public parks. Unclean, smelly and heavily vandalized. In the publicly owned park, everybody in a sense owns it. It's easy to not take care of it. Not in a privately owned park though. It's more pleasant and clean. Almost the exact oppisite of a public park. That's because a person owns it a...

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Over population is one of the cause for Global Warming .


See ... the one who will accept the debate will have have to say , why overpopulation is not the cause for Global warming in first round .... in the second round I will counter back you points mentioned in first round . GOOD LUCK !!!...

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Gay Marrigae should be legal and gays should not be discriminated against


Homosexuals are people just like heterosexuals. They deserve the same rights. It should be as simple as that. We are spending time money and energy fighting love. It doesn't matter if you believe that it is right or wrong, it's still love. People should not fear holding hands with the person they love, or kissing them in public. And everyone should be free to Marry the person that they love. This isn't gay rights, It's human rights....

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