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Abortion should be illegal


Read all rules before accepting. Violation of rules should result in a 7 point forfeit. 1. My opponent may not use the letter E at anytime during this debate. Any use of the letter E will result in a 7 point forfeit. 2. My opponent may not intentionally misspell a word.3. Types of abortion excluded from this debate are ones that are medically necessary for the physical well being of the mother, or terminations of pregnancies as a result of incest or rape. 4. Any attemp...

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March Beginners Tournament: Animal Rights


IntroductionThis debate is a direct challenge to @Skepticalone as a part of @Bsh1's March Official Beginner's Tournament. Thanks to @Skepticalone for agreeing with me on the topic. Rules

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Pitbulls being outlawed in cities.


Pitbulls can be loving and caring animals, like any dog. If we ban them what stops us from banning the next breed, that could potentially hurt us? Isn't everything in life dangerous? Look around we ban what we find dangerous, but couldn't the air we breathe be dubbed dangerous? I know 5 beautiful pitbulls. All live together, and none have attacked each other or me. I am interested to hear what you have to say. Don't ban what was created for a reason. Thank you....

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It Should be Illegal to Smoke on Public Property in the United States


For the purpose of the debate laws exist to: "protect our general safety, and ensure our rights as citizens against abuses by other people, by organizations, and by the government itself." (1) First round is acceptance only. Con cannot make any new arguments in the final round, as Pro has no chance to rebut them. 1-

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Should the nazi data collected in the holocaust be used?


Millions of people died in the name of what they called science yet these expiriments were unlawful, unethical and unreasonable. Because these expiriments weren't based on scientific hypothesis and theories formed over time most people call them biased basically because they were racially motivated. I strongly agree, explained "Nazi Concentration Camp science is often branded as bad science. First, it is doubtful that physiological responses of the tortured and maimed vi...

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should sugar filled foods be allowed in school(s)?


I think sugar filled foods such as candy, Snapple, cookies, soft pretzels, and unhealthy chips should not be served in school....

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Resolved: In the United States, the principle of jury nullification is a just check on government


This is a re-do. Terms have been agreed upon. I will just start with arguments since we're behind in the Zaradi Tournament. Premise I: What is Jury Nullification? Jury nullification occurs when a jury votes not guilty in a trial when they believe the evidence is—beyond a shadow of a doubt—proving the defendant’s guilt. This occurs when a jury member either believes the law is unjust or the law...

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Resolved: Viewing Pornography is Morally Wrong


This debate should be impossible to accept, if you somehow find a method of accepting you automatically forfeit all 7 voter's points. If you would like to play, just leave me a comment :PDefinitionsPornography: Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather...

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Jade Helm 15


Jade Helm 15 is a Military excersice wherein the military "takes over" Texas, New Mexico, part of California and some other areas, they are also doing a similar excersice in Canada. All this Summer. Many real cities will be swarmed with real military "learning" to take them over. I think this is awful. I think if the military is practicing something it means they intend to do it for real once they hone their skills, and meanwhile it's terrifying. We have a right not to be terrified by our ow...

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should museums be free


I think that museums should be free for young people. They give young people the opportunity to not only enjoy arts but also learn value of culture. Generally, In Japan, most students learn various cultures by only reading textbook at school. However, it's very important for them to understand cultures "directly". By appreciating arts directly, it's possible for students to get something that textbook can't give them. For that reason, I agree that museums should be free....

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