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Boxing should not be banned.


A lot of people think boxing should not be an official sport because it's very dangerous. I say that despite the risk, boxing should continue to be an official sport. I will accept the burden of proof and begin in Round 2....

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THW allow performance enhancing drugs in sport


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Should girls be aloud on boys sports teams


Yes cause girls should be treated just the same as guys.If girls really want to play then they should be able too.Girls have as many rights as guys do too. So girls should be aloud to play football,wrestling, soccer, and other guys sports. I know you might hurt them or touch them in the wrong place.Still girls should have rigths like guys. I don't care who you are or what you believe in! Girls should be aloud on guys sports teams and be treated how we want to be treated. Girls have rights!!!!!!!...

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Should dance be considered a sport? Should dancers be considered athletes?


In this debate I will be arguing that dance is a sport. The dictionary definition of a sport (according to is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess, often of a competitive nature. Dance contains all of these elements. The fact that dance is an art does not mean that it cannot be a sport as well. Dancers train and compete just like other athletes. Let me clarify that I am talking about competitive dancing, whether it is individual or with a team, not simply danc...

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Center is a more important position in basketball than point guard


First round is for acceptance. This debate is being challenged to 2ninjacat....

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To what extent has Gender Inequality in women's football improved? Has it at all?


There is obviously gender inequality in sport, like football for example. But, has it improved? Can it get better? There are people with views that women should not participate in a 'men's dominant, testosterone fueled sport' and they like to share their views. It has gotten better, since in Victorian times women did not participate in much sport at all. But why is there such a difference? Women get paid way less then Men footballers, their prize money is a lot difference yet they are doing the...

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Dance Is A Sport


I think that dance is a sport because it requires what any other sports have. Dance is a sport and an art, but many people do not think that it is a sport. A sport is defined as:"an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment."Does dance require physical exertion?Yes.Can a dancer be individual or in a team?Yes.Do dancers compete ag...

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Soccer IS overall the best sport in the world


Round uno is for acceptance. NO ARGUMENTS. I strongly believe that soccer is the best sport in the world. You will be arguing that, 'Soccer is not the best sport in the world'. Ground rules: <>Good spelling <>Don't say 'I like basket ball more', and then start listing reasons why basket ball is your favorite sport. Your job is not to promote another sport besides soccer. Your job in this debate is to give reasons why soccer is not the best sport, not why another sport is. <>Though...

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Is Pro Footbal fixed by the league through the officiating to Protect the interest of making money


The purpose of any Business is to make money. All businesses protect the "business of making" by knowing the answers to all questions asked or in this case knowing who is going to win and lose. Officiating swings momentum and increases or decreases the odds in favor of the team the league wants win. The league acknowledged the officials call more penalties earlier in the season than later in the season. They are admitting their guilty. Logically speaking, if bad teams lose early in the se...

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Is football to dangerous for children?


Is Football to dangerous for children? I don't really know the answer for this being a football player myself, but children are suffering from severe brain injuries/concussions and they are getting horrible injuries. But the Bright side about this is that they get to experience the glory of winning the championships or getting a trophy. so this debate is kind of on a half and half vote but i am going to leave the voting to you guys....

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