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Gay marriage should be legal


I'll keep this one simple.This debate is (quite obviously) on the subject of whether or not gay marriages should be legal.Round 1 will be for acceptance, with no arguments posted.Round 2 will be for arguments, no rebuttals of Pro's arguments by Con yet.Round 3 will be for rebuttals of round 2 arguments and for adding new arguments.Round 4 will be for rebuttals of round 3 arguments and for adding new arguments.Round 5 will be for final rebuttal...

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Gay marriage.


Okay soo, I don't like having to defend my sexuality. But I always will. Even if it wasn't gay I would defend it. I'm writing a research paper on "Gay Rights". One of the questions I have to answer is "why are people gay" which really confused me. I don't think there is a "set" reason why. So I look it up. & this website comes up. Saying "scientist finally unlock puzzle to why people are gay". As I'm reading through this I look to my friend Shanda Marie Mossholder & say why did I do this subject...

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Gay Marriage


I am going to start out saying that if straight people can married, why can't gays? There is nothing wrong for two guys or two girls to get married. I am going to ask you one question, why do people get married?...

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Gay Marriage


Love is love, and homophobia is uncalled for. It's discrimination based on something that absolutely cannot be changed, and it's no different than discriminating against someone based on the color of their skin. Who are you to tell me who I can and cannot marry? Will it honestly affect your marriage or even your life in any possible way? No. It will only affect me and the person I marry. Saying that it should be wrong because "God" doesn't approve, and gays can't reproduce? If there is a God,...

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if gay marriage should be allowed or not allowed in the US


hello to the challenger! I am excited to have this argument. to tell you I am new. I have had 2 debates, and 1 that is going on right now. we are argueing if gay marriage should be ok or not ok in the united states. i will be the one going against it. i hope we have a fun and good time in this debate!...

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Gay Marriage


Homosexuals, like heterosexuals, neither chose their sexual orientation, nor should they be denied the same legal rights heterosexuals enjoy simply because they were born different from what is considered "the norm." Every respectable scientific organization in the world, including the American Psychological Association, says that sexual orientation is connected to biological factors and cannot be changed. Just as it is wrong to deny legal rights to blacks, women, and people born left-handed...

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Marriage should not be redefined or gay marriage should be illegal


In this debate, make sure you include in your argument the following: 1. Show how there is a right to same sex marriage and how traditional marriage laws violate the equal protection clause. 2. Show how having gay marriage is more beneficial then banning it. 3. Show that gay marriage would benefit state interests. Also, you can cut and paste information from other debates you have been in to save your time, if you want. What is CIVIL marriage and the purpose of it: "Sexual unions o...

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The Bible is against gay marriage.


BOP will be on Pro to provide at least one verse in the Bible which explicitly condemns the idea or practice of gay marriage. Con's responsibility will be to refute any and all of Pro's examples.DefinitionsBible: the collection of sacred writings of the<...

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gay marriage


So what if they cant reproduce they love each other and that's what matters and the world is already over populated having gay married couples is not a bad thing to help that problem....

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Legalizing gay marriage


A man and a man, or a woman and a woman should have the same rights to get married as a man and a woman have. Love should not be defined by race, gender, political affiliation, or what kind of religion you practice. You can't help who you fall in love with and no one should be able to tell you who you can and cannot marry....

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