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Gay Marriage Should Be Legal in the U.S.


In this debate, I will be arguing on the "pro" side, meaning I support gay marriage in the U.S. There will be four rounds, as follows: 1) Accepting 2) First Arguments 3) Counter-Arguments 4) Counter-Arguments and Closing Statements If you want to present your opening arguments during the first round, that would be fine. Thank you to anyone willing to participate. Remember, you want to show why you oppose gay marriage in the U.S....

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The Bible and God disagrees with Gay Marriage


1st Round: Opening Arguments 2nd, 3rd, 4th Round: Rebuttals 5th Round: Conclusions I know my opponent is a Christian who -believes in God -believes in the Trinity -believes in the Bible But he is also quite picky about what to take literally, metaphorically, and truthfully in the Bible. His way of "believing" in the Bible is rare and difficult to figure (and I hope he will make his position clear when he posts arguments). I will argue that the Bible contradicts what he believes w...

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Should Gay Marriage be Legal in the US?


Rules:First round is acceptance only.Second round is posting topics. No rebuttals.Third round-fifth rounds are rebuttals. You can also post new arguments, except for the fifth round.Good luck!...

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Gay Marriage


Gay marriage defeats the purpose of "marriage". Modern day marriage is descended from Christianity and the Christian marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not arguing that gay couples should not get the same rights, but for what their partnership should be called....

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Should Gay Marriage be Banned?


I believe that gay marriage must be banned. Gay marriage is not necessarily considered a marriage, the reason why it isn't considered a marriage is because it's meant to be for a man and a woman in order for them to raise children together. Same sex marriage will give a bad effect on the child causing him to glean abnormal influences from his guardians. The second reason why gay marriage is meant to be banned, is because it's the violation of natural laws. This implies that gay marriage as w...

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Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized In America


Gay marriage should be legalized in America. There is no logical reasons as to why it should not be, but regardless, I am going to debate the most common reasons against it. The main reason people are against gay marriage is religious reasons, mainly Christianity. Religious people will say that marriage is reserved for a man and a woman, and that homosexual relations is an "abomination". However, that should have no place in a legal decision. If you recall, this land is created on the bases of...

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Gay Marriage?


Thank you in advance to whoever accepts this debate. Same-sex couples should be allowed to publicly celebrate their commitment in the same way as heterosexual couples. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation states that many same-sex couples "want the right to legally marry and honor their relationship in the greatest way our society has to offer..." Same-sex couples should have access to the same benefits enjoyed by heterosexual married couples. Many benefits are only available to married...

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Gay marriage should be legalised.


The first round is acceptance. the second round is opening the third is details and the last is conclusion. I will not tolerate any disregard for Homosexuals feeling or any other sort of abuse towards homosexuality. This argument is only to put across opinions that will not be taken offensively. Good Luck...

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Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized


Me and my opponent will both carry the burden of proof. 1st round: acceptance 2st round: opening arguments 3rd round: rebuttals 4th round: 2nd arguments 5th round: rebuttals and closing statements....

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Gay Marriage


I really just needed to shove my opinion out there. What is the problem with gay marriage? Don't tell me the bible says no. The bible has nothing to do with what any man or woman should be allowed to do in their homes. The bible doesn't mean anything to non Christians., and not every American is Christian in the united states. We are not supposed to be based on one religion, so why does the bible have so much control? It shouldn't. So when someone says, the bible says marriage is between a man a...

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