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Public High schools


Negative Constructive Resolved: Public high school students in the United States ought not be required to pass standardized exit exams to graduate. Observation 1: Moral Obligation In the resolution the word "Ought" is used to hold the resolution to a moral obligation. Meaning he is arguing that we are morally obligated to remove the necessity to pass exit exams in order to graduate. Now, in order for my opponent to uphold the resolution, he must do the following: 1) Prove his system of...

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Should Child Pornography be viewable


Resolution: That Child Pornography should be viewable. I think Child Pornography should be viewable, because some child pornography viewings may be from searches/schemes/blackmail/malware/false Internet links. No big debate in first round....

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Lying about your age on dating sites is wrong


I recently posted a profile to a dating site. I met up with a gal and we really had a nice coffee date. We decided to go on another date and things were really going quite well. However, although she was an older women, I had to confess I had lied about my age on my profile. She was hurt. I had the notion that all is fair in love and war but I have learnt that if you start off with a lie, it is a long hard road back to connecting again. She said that I lied to her and also to everyone else o...

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Should parents control their teens love life? (non-sexual relationship)


In my opinion I don't think parents should. I was dating a guy that my parents and I have known since I was in the 4th grade, he did weed one time because his guy friends were pushing him to do it. He did it, but he regretted it right after he hit it. He could no longer talk to me face to face because of what happened. My mom said he's a bad kid and doesn't care for the rules. He does! He tries to talk to me in the hallway going to class, he'll try to talk to my parents about it but they just re...

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why not legalise polygamy


polygamy ( having sexual relation with more than one woman) is good for a man. itjust hels him not to get bored. man by nature a sexual animal. women are hi food. so why not let him have more food ?...

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THW allow transgender marriage


Transgender shouldnt allowed because thats not a normal thing. we are created to be a couple, and if we have being a couple we'll have a child an then our child will have a child too. and thats the fact should we realize for....

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This house woud ban university fees


Throughout your whole life you are basically being paid for. Why would you want another couple years feeling like your just a toy, a ten pound toy which will be thrown away with no legacy, no memory. Paying for what you do is when you finally realise for what it's worth. There was a boy, he was in set 6 for everything. Then when it came to GCSE he failed miserably and had to another four years of work, because he had not thought of the future, he had wasted his life (four years) because he did...

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Women are treated better than men in the US


This debate is, "Women are treated better than men in the US" and I will be the pro agreeing with this claim. If you accept you will be saying that men are being treated better than women in the US. First round is acceptance...

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Hello! so i am doing a debate today for the topic of euthanasia. (PS. i ask someone who is completely new to debating to please debate against me, cause i am too new to debating.) Definitions: Euthanasia- the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. The practice is illegal in most countries. First round- Acceptance Second round- Arguments Third round-Rebuttals Fourth round-Closing statement...

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Parental pressures make geniuses


Well,i truly believe that parental love in the form of parental pressure do make geniuses.Whatever i am today,whereever i am today,i owe it to my parents.i m so sure that without their constant reminding of my duties,i would have been nowhere in my life....

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