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Casual sex is irresponsible because it has great potential to cause suffering


These arguments are presented in ascending order of the instigator's belief in their philosophical importance. There is ALWAYS a risk that having sex will create life, which you will then have to either raise or terminate. To create a human life without being ready to provide for its happiness is irresponsible because it causes human suffering to that created child, and may even create suffering to the zygote if it is terminated (please note with respect the "may". We don't know whether or no...

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you (the person arguing) shouldn't hate me


one: u don't know me You have absolutely no idea who i am so how can you hate me? two: if u hate me you must have reasons, those reasons may not be true, only your belief for the person who may accept this i praise them: this is just a fun topic by the way im in primary so if u have a prolonged hate against primary children then yh oh i made it 500 chracters cuz i don't have much time XD anyone?...

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Some people need to calm down on this website.


It has come to my attention that a good number of people are angry and trying to hurt other people. Take a chill pill bro......

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The Death Penalty should be legal


This is going to be a long debate. There will be 5 rounds. My opponent is TejreticsStructure1. Acceptance2. Arguments3. Arguments<...

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Is it okay for white women to wear black hairstyles?


Racism is defined as : The belief that all member of a certain race possess certain characteristics to that race to distinguish it as superior or inferior to other races. Therefore when black women say that white women shouldn't wear certain hairstyles, it is racism. The complaint is that they are scrutinized for wearing the hairstyles in the workplace but it is celebrated on white people. Racism towards African Americans does exist however that is not the fault of the white person wearing the h...

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homosexual should not be allowed to adopt or raise any child!


I am in the believe that it should be illegal for all gay couples to adopt or raising any child. I have known a gay couples who have adopted there "own" child, and I saw have it ruined there kid. When he started going to school people started bulling him because of his gay parents, and he"s been going though a hard time ever since. He does not have many friends and generally he is just having a hard time being social. But I can see why, one time one of the boys from his class where holding a bir...

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Abortion is acceptable


Abortion is wrong for many reasons... You are taking away the life of an innocent human being...

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Cannabis should be legalised across the globe.


Cannabis should be legalised across the globe. I am not saying it is harmless, I am saying that a government who bans it's citizens from using it has become over controlling. This debate is about freedom and democracy, more than the health risks of cannabis. Also, this debate is set in the context of the current world affairs. One must accept that they think alcohol, coke, cigarettes e.t.c should all be illegal, if they think cannabis should be illegal as well, based on its health risks....

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Should Gay Couples and Single Americans Have The Right To Adopt?


Acceptance Round: Position: I believe that gay couples and single americans shouldn't have the right to adopt. Please notice the time frame is 12 hours....

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Should ugly people be banned from having sex?


It's gross even thinking about ugly people having sex, but it's worse that they procreate. Ugly people should not be allowed to have kids. Not only because we don't want more ugly people on the planet, but because people don't like them anyway. People are rude to ugly people (which is good) and hate them and make fun of them, and every ugly person knows it. They are miserable and bitter. Why should they be allowed to create another human being to go through life the way they have? They should kn...

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