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Is having widespread advertising good for a society?


Con The levels of advertising are just too much these days. You cannot walk down the street, ride on a bus, watch television or read your email without seeing advertisements. People shouldn't have to have their lives attacked by a huge quantity of information they might not want. Advertising leads to many people being overwhelmed by the endless need to decide between competing demands on their attention – this is known as the tyranny of choice or choice overload. Recent research suggests...

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Marijuana should be legalized


In many states, they have begun to drop the noose that restricts medical marijuana use. In my state of CA you will find more dispensaries then star bucks.. however I think everyone should have this choice, and that it shouldn't be only ok for the terminally ill. I want to argue that this should be the federal standard(legal), and that marijuana has been taboo for so long, based on ignorance and denial. I am (pro) so will be defending and asserting this motion.<...

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Some people need to calm down on this website.


It has come to my attention that a good number of people are angry and trying to hurt other people. Take a chill pill bro......

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Teen Violence in Scotland.


Okay people know I'll just start by saying that in fact I YES ME am a teenager and I live in Scotland. and I have been noticing more and more that people seem to think that teenage violence is happening alot and under age drinking is happening more and more. But people use are all forgetting that when you are young you wont to try new thinks and that YOU also would prob be put in this sort of part of society if you where my age. Yes something happen that may hurt use or scare people but its a...

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public nudity a misdemeanor.


I can understand some people not wanting to wear their "birthday suit". But making it a law of a misdemeanor, does not seen justice didn't we fight for our rights for freedom isn't this taking it way....

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gay marriage


I would appreciate if you accepted this debate Resolution homosexuals should be able to marry contention 1- not only is not allowing gays a violation of the so proposed ideology of america being equal but it is also preposterous on the idea that if homosexuals want to be miserable in a marriage then let them "we the people of the united states are endowed with three unalienable rights the right to liberty, freedom, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS" does this not imply or state that men can pur...

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In times of utter despair, the only thing a person can hold onto is the idea of hope.


A person does not only have to hold onto hope to get out of their situation. Hope can be the key to survival, but just hoping won't do anything. Maybe a little more effort into getting out of despair will work, but clinging on hope will help less....

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homosexual should not be allowed to adopt or raise any child!


I am in the believe that it should be illegal for all gay couples to adopt or raising any child. I have known a gay couples who have adopted there "own" child, and I saw have it ruined there kid. When he started going to school people started bulling him because of his gay parents, and he"s been going though a hard time ever since. He does not have many friends and generally he is just having a hard time being social. But I can see why, one time one of the boys from his class where holding a bir...

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Should Obama be kick out of offers


Obama did nuthing for owere cuntry. He made obama cair that hert michigen famlies Im one of them. He is also got rid of nasas space man traval no amariken ben to space for 7 years becuas of him were are sufring. All obama cars about is munny He is hearting our millitary we youst to be the best now were not. He is trying to get rid of ouwer millitary.

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The Death Penalty should be legal


This is going to be a long debate. There will be 5 rounds. My opponent is TejreticsStructure1. Acceptance2. Arguments3. Arguments<...

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