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Intelligent design is a more likely cause than Abiogenesis for the origin of life


Abiogenesis is the natural process of life arising from non-living matter such as simple organic compounds. Pro must show that the most likely origin for the first life on earth to be an intelligent source. Con must show that the most likely origin for the first life on earth to be a non-intelligent source. Round 1 will be acceptance. Round 2 will be opening arguments. Round 3 will be rebuttals to opening arguments. Round 4 will be rebuttals to round 3 rebuttals. Round 5 will be for any c...

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Name the most annoying songs you can think of.


Name the most annoying song you can think of! It can be a parody, youtube original (created by a youtuber), or a song from the radio. I'll go first. Anaconda- Nicki Minaj...

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The Movie Tangled is Better then the Movie Frozen

Truth_seeker No trolling. First round is not for acceptance, Con will submit his argument in the first round. Good luck! :D ...

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Christianity is Satanic and against the Bible they Babble from.......


The Christian religion is built on false traditions of man. Not found in bible..................................

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The DDO Revolution Should Control DDO


Yes, the debate is simple. I will be arguing that DDO should br controlled by the DDO Revolution, and all powers of the president will be facilitated through the Supreme Leader, Jifpop09. If your intrested, tell me in the comments. You will post right away in R1, but WILL NOT POST I...

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Why do Americans try to be like Europe in education when it's the first thing they cut from budgets


As this is my first argument on DDO, I would plead that my opponent doesn't bear down hard on me, and I apologise for any spelling, format errors that occur due to me using my IPod Touch as my medium. So to begin this debate, (Though I take the stand as Pro, in this debate, the positions are arbitrary, as this is intended to be more of an informative discussion than a debate between two well defined sides.) I just don't understand why America tries to compete with us Europeans in education ye...

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If I were to say a something offensive and then forfeit the last three rounds, I would lose.


If I were to say a something offensive and then forfeit the last three rounds, I would lose. By accepting this debate, my opponent agrees that in this case, the word "lose" means to have less points at the end of the voting period. This way, whoever my opponent can not immediately vote for me, making it a win on my profile, then change their vote later, making them win. The time to argue is one day so it move move quickly as I will be forfeiting the last three rounds of this....

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Spanking your child is considered abuse


I have no idea as to why parents think its okay to hit children. Even if a child is acting out violence is never the answer. Not only is hitting a child hurting them physically, but it's also emotionally and socially hurting them. Some children grow up to be an extremely violent person. A child that gets abused at home is most likely to end up being socially unstable and may even suffer from severe depression. There are so many cases in the world where a child had been killed by their abusive pa...

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Christianity is so much crappier than budhiaisaim


whatcha got ya frenchie vote for me for bacon and strippers...

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Christian "only" debate- No christian can be against abortion but for the death penalty!


This is a debate for christians only because its content is directed toward a christian individual, although It really mirrors for everyone. My statement without sourving, merely opinion: You cannot be against Abortion but for the Death Penalty because they both entail in taking the life of a human being! The only difference is age. Like abortion you don't have the authority to decide someone's death, whether for your own selfish reason or for mere "convenience.". I am now restating why you must...

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