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No money for education


Just keep the buildings maintained and let the people use them and manage their use. If they want to just play bingo that is just fine. Why don't the universities cancal classes and just have $port$ since it is what they have done anyway by cutting off funding and letting Monsanto tell Berkeley to fire a prof who showed that there might be adverse effects to GE. Big business is telling us what to teach and ruining any chance of getting an education. We need to free education and give it back to...

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I am against the use of the death penalty in the US court system. My main reasoning behind this political position is the high cost required of tax payers to keep an inmate in jail on death row. The average cost to keep a prisoner in jail on death row for one year is $44,000. This amount of money increases every year that the prisoner is in the prison system, which adds up over time for taxpayers....

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Dropping the atom bomb on Hiroshima/Nagasaki.


I think it was totally unecassary to drop the atom bomb on Japan as they were about to surrender anyway and it killed so many people, I also believe that America didn't have full knowledge of the atom bomb, so it was a case of 'I've found something that we can throw at them.' Of course Japan was not totally innocent, as they commited some henious crimes (Pearl Harbour) and I'm not going to argue that Japan was right when it so clearly wasn't (siding with Hitler) but I did not think it was a good...

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Parental pressures make geniuses


Well,i truly believe that parental love in the form of parental pressure do make geniuses.Whatever i am today,whereever i am today,i owe it to my parents.i m so sure that without their constant reminding of my duties,i would have been nowhere in my life....

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Economic Sanctions ought not be used to acheive foreign policy objectives


This debate is a trial of my new, highly experimental case and might be a total ouright fail. The point is that I will not defend my case, I will enjoy the spectacle of my opponent bashing my case for 2 rounds. Only someone with LD expirience please. 1st round: arguments like a real debate 2nd round: Optional: Critiques and ideas Thank you to whoever accepts this debate Resolved: Economic sanctions ought not to be used to achieve foreign policy objectives. I affirm the stated resolution...

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Should Children Forced Into Religion?


Hey guys, first time posting here. Anyways, to buisness. I disagree on the fact that children should be forced into religion based on their parents choices. I also disagree the fact of children being baptized when they are born. For one, it is a considered a commitment for the parents to teach them the Christian Faith, and the child cannot make his own choices whether he wants to join the Christian religion. Really, parents abuse their childs right to a religion....

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The universe was Created by God and not by evolution.


I believe that No matter what way you look at how the earth was created you will find you have to have faith in something, and by using the most logical observations will find the most practical and explainable way the earth became is by the Bibical creation by God in 7 days. I am looking for someone who believes the earth became though evolution and does not believe in God to try to convince me that the 7 day creation is not possible. Any one who is up to the challenge I will be more than happy...

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The Free Market


The Free Market is simply the sum total of voluntary exchanges bounded by private property rights. Socialism, therefore, is the sum total of coerced exchanges bounded by the will of the government. I think those two sentences speak for themselves as to which one is better, the better one being, of course, the Free Market. This is a simplistic start, but it's my first debate on here, so whoever may choose to challenge me, step forth, and good luck....

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India's success at Beijing Olympics 2008 will make the Indians lose interest in cricket


Thsi is the first time India has won her first individual gold medal in the Olympics. Also, there's Vijendra and Sushil Kumar success. Due to this, peolple have become interested in other sports, in shooting and boxing and wrestling of which they were not well aware earlier. Also this debate is confined to the talks of India, I would request only an Indian to accept this debate....

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If any of you dont know what impromtu is, let me explain before i tell you the rules. Impromtu is basically a speech writing category, choosing out of three topics the judge gives you. you have to choose one of these topics, and write an inspirational speech about it. For example: The judge just gave me three topics. 1.baloon 2.Bird 3.toe nail clippers I choose number one. "to reach great heights in life, you must be like a ballon. Growing bigger and bigger to reach your highest potentia...

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