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Agricultural Taxation


I Affirm that Agricultural, because of its negative environmental impact due to greenhouse gases and other forms of pollution it produces is a negative externality. Thus by economic principles, Agriculture should be taxed in the amount of money that would clean up the amount of pollution it produces, or in the amount that would subsidize a positive externality that removes the pollution agriculture produces. Given: In this debate the emittance of greenhouse gases and other forms of pollution...

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There is a conflict of interest when dentists advise on tooth care.


ATTENTION: -=This debate is intended for aphistis from I would politely ask no one else to accept this for at least a month, thank you.=- While obviously an expert in a given subject is more likely to be qualified to speak on issues relating to that subject, there still exists a clear conflict of interest when those experts fiscally profit off of situations that could arise from faulty or missing advise on that subject. Dentists being a clear example. That this confl...

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Dropping the atom bomb on Hiroshima/Nagasaki.


I think it was totally unecassary to drop the atom bomb on Japan as they were about to surrender anyway and it killed so many people, I also believe that America didn't have full knowledge of the atom bomb, so it was a case of 'I've found something that we can throw at them.' Of course Japan was not totally innocent, as they commited some henious crimes (Pearl Harbour) and I'm not going to argue that Japan was right when it so clearly wasn't (siding with Hitler) but I did not think it was a good...

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to be pupil better rather than student


Today all people know that after schools pupils should enrol on a course of university, there is a doubt that some of the children want to stay in schools. So there is a question what is better to be pupil or student? From my point of view, to be pupil better rather than student. You know that when we became student we have a lot of problems, but these problems we should solve by ourselves. And we have a big responsibility on everything. And it makes our life difficult. In contrast to be pupil m...

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Casual sex is irresponsible because it has great potential to cause suffering


These arguments are presented in ascending order of the instigator's belief in their philosophical importance. There is ALWAYS a risk that having sex will create life, which you will then have to either raise or terminate. To create a human life without being ready to provide for its happiness is irresponsible because it causes human suffering to that created child, and may even create suffering to the zygote if it is terminated (please note with respect the "may". We don't know whether or no...

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Do you think that parents/guardians should force their kids to go to church?


I think when a child gets to that age when they start to know more about there religion and kind of decide weither they agree or not with what their church is preaching, they should be allowed to choose weither or not to participate in that religion. I believe that parents should teach kids how to think, not what to think....

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Tacos vs. Burritos


First Round Acceptance. I am for Burritos. No forfeits. Good luck....

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Are some video games educational for kids?


I think yes because some games are educational for kids. I know that Minecraft would not be educational, but people use it for math and geometry. Some schools are doing that now. Let's bring a new era to school education!...

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Lord of the Rings or star wars


Lord of the Rings is better because of the rich literature history Tolkien developed, to make middle earth, hundreds of characters, dozens of races, even more languages. Star wars is young, and lacks the individual dedication and richness Lord of the Rings has, one man dedicated his life to it, 40 + to Star Wars, the information is inconsistent and confusing, it is not linear, and lacks concrete ambition, meaning it lacks a linear singular interpreter, or interpretation, and opens the door for t...

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American Revolution war- UK should win?


Hello So I'm interested in history, special in American Revolution war. I think that it was right that Americans won. This is open challenge for everyone who thinks that UK should won. :)...

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