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Is Jesus the Messiah?


I reviewed all the evidences you provided, you make a very compelling case, and you got me to question the New Testament. I think that there is enough evidence that it mandates a debate to settle it and to come to a undeniable conclusion. So I hope you accept this debate....

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Should public prayer be banned in schools?


Thank you for taking the opportunity to debate with me. I believe that children should be allowed to pursue their religion and prayer habits at school, we should not be trying to fit them into the mainstream culture if necessary. Children were born into a culture and into a religion and should without a doubt stay that way. If school really do have a problem with no public prayer, then there is obviously a issue with the heads of that school and matters need to be taken more seriously. Even if...

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homosexuality is NOT condemned in the bible.


I'll start with this. Most Christians have not read the string or you would know Rom (Paul) has not 1 thing to do with homosexuality. As for Romans 1:26 ""For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, 27and in the same way also the men gave up the natural function of the woman and burned in their lust toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due...

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Free Will cannot logically be possible.


The Grandfather Paradox is as states: If you were to go back in time and kill your own grandfather, you would cease to exist. If you cease to exist, you grandfather would be spared. If the option of travelling back in time were given, you would not be able to logically take it. Going back in time would disrupt the future, which completely disables the idea of free will. This means that time is a completely straight path, and therefore cannot be altered. Einstein's general relativity genera...

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Does The Christian God Exist?


Hello there,this is Jonan4tor here to Debate a debational topic that's been around for awhile:does God exist? Now I am talking about the Christian God. Also,since I am Christian,I will obviously take up the argument that he does exist. I do not wish to offend anyone's religion here,and I ask that you don't offend mine. We will debate using logic and math and science(if we can.) The first round is acceptance and from there on it is open....

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The Jewish People were mandate by God to reject Jesus as God or the messiah


I started a debate on that subject, but was not taken seriously. I would like to challenge my opponent to debate seriously about that issue. You may put your argument on the first round. Second round for rebuttal and third round for counter-rebuttal and closing the debate. Only the Hebrew Scripture can be use as authoritative to confirm if the New Testament is inspired. First, as p...

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The Catholic Church is a bad thing


I will be arguing for why the Catholic Church is a source of great evil and horror (a bad thing). The format for this debate will be Round 1: Acceptance and questions Round 2: Arguments Round 3: Rebuttals Round 4: Counter Rebuttals and closing statements Please be polite and respectful The premise is the title Taking another stab...

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As per the Hebrew scriptures, Satan is an obedient angel.


Round 1 - Acceptance, Opening Statements, and Questions Only Round 2 - Opening Arguments Only (No rebuttals) Round 3 - Rebuttals Only Round 4 - Counter-Rebuttals Round 5 - Closing Arguments and Closing Statements The Hebrew Bible is in this debate is the only authoritative book to be used. Serious debate only Arguments will start on round 2...

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Christian ethics should only be situational


The topic of my supposed debate is that taking into account the whole idea of the Christianity, as revealed by Jesus, we can firmly conclude that anyone holding himself to be Christian should act teleologically and relativistically, not deontologically and legalisticly. I would be happy to face any objections against that view....

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The Judeo/Christian god must be the one true god


Let's have a good old fashioned debate. It's been a while.By accepting the debate you must agree to follow the format or else forfeit:

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