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Can God create a rock so big he can't lift it, or not create the rock? either, not @ same time


Can an Omnipotent God create a rock he cannot lift? it is said that If one answers yes to the question, then God is therefore not omnipotent because he cannot lift the rock, but if one answers no to the question, God is no longer omnipotent because he cannot create the rock. my position is that he can do one or the other, at different times, but he can't do both at the same time. and, that he can't do both at the same time doesn't disprove God as omnipotent. the solution is to say that God...

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Larztheloser Should be "Knighted" With the Official Title "Beast Slayer"


Round one is for acceptance only. Most of the Burden of Proof is rested on me. Larztheloser: honorably given, possibly have the title right under his name. Using some kind of simple html-code.Beast: an animal, especially a large or dangerous four-footed one. From

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'defense of others' is too limited in practice, bob the serial killer should be killed in this hypo


'defense of others' is too limited in practice, bob the serial killer should be killed in this hypothetical bob is a serial killer on the run and's shown every reason he'll continue killing. you see him by chance at a state park. a high reason to think if you try to call authorties he will get away. u have a gun- moral to kill him? remember, 'defense of others' as a legal and moral system is often said to be only permissible if the pending harm to another is 'imminent' which usually is sai...

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The aim of cinema is to entertain and not to educate


The primary aim of cinema is to entertain the masses. Cinema is one of the major source of entertainment in this global village. Long back cinema served the purpose of educating but in these days it is only just meant for entertainment and it does not teach moral values to the people.Today, people do not like taking advice and films based on giving advice and moral to audience fails miserably.So the sole aim of the makers of cinema is to gain a profit from these films. Most of the people in...

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MOM is a wasteful mission and shall be called off.


well, to start with, i'd just like to say that all the missions that are launched off to Mars or others as well, are simply a waste of time and money and shall be called off at once....

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DC universe characters would undoubtedly defeat Marvel characters in a fair battle


Characters from DC universe will defeat characters from Marvel in a battle in which powers and gadgets can be used without limitations. Heroes and villains from the same trademarks will be on the same side....

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On Balance, authoritarianism cannot ever be justified


"On Balance, an Authoritarian State Cannot Ever Be Justified" Def.Authoritarianism-Total state control over all wakes of lifeDebate Formate:Rnd 1. AcceptanceRnd 2. ArgumentsRnd 3,4-RebuttalsRnd 5. Counter Rebuttals, Conclusion End ...

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That Religious Expression Should Be Banned in Public Places


Hi I'm new to this, and have chosen a topic which I think should lead to an interesting debate. Format Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Arguments Round 3: Arguments and Rebuttals Round 4: Rebuttals and Conclusions Thanks in Advance...

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euthanasia should be banned


Euthanasia should not be banned as it helps those people who are terminally ill and suffering from extreme physical pain to alleviate their pain by ending his or her life and die with dignity. It is more cruel and unfair to make them suffer and endure the unbearable pain.As the motive of euthanasia is to aid in dying painlessly, it should be considered positively by the lawmakers and should not be banned....

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Do religious leaders have a fiduciary responsibility to those who follow them?


My job as Con is to show that religious leaders are not what they appear and that their followers don't get what they are expecting out of the relationship. In this debate we will not be addressing founders of a religion, Muhammad founded Islam so he would not be included in this debate. Moses on the other-hand could be included because Moses was not the founder of Judaism. Of course I want to keep this debate in a Biblical framework but that is not mandatory. Stepping outside the bounda...

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