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why do footballers get more money than doctor when doctors save your life and footballers just kick a ball about. If you were about to die you would call a doctor to save your life. footballers are just entrainment doctors actual save people's life everyday. the world can survive without football but we can't survive without a doctor. Doctor do so much but earn so little compared to a football. per year foottball can earn from "3,000,000,-"5,000,000 doctors are only getting 406,154 this i...

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China's economy is bound to collapse.


Reasons for my belief in a Chinese economic collapse1. I believe that China's economy is going to eventually collapse for multiple reasons, one of those being their overproduction. China's economy has grown tremendously in the past few years and this appears to make it seem it will continue its prosperous progress, but they are growing too fast to regulate. This issue is most apparent with China's real-estate market, which makes up 15% of China's gross domestic...

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In the long run, Keynesian economic policies have proven to be ineffective


The first round is for acceptance, and arguments must have evidence to substantiate them. Also, some definitions to clear up any confusion: Long-run: The period of time in which all prices, especially wages, are flexible, and have achieved their equilibrium levels. Keynesian: Acting along the lines of the Keynesian school of economic thought, which is based upon the work of British economist John Maynard Keynes. Keynesian economics follows demand-side theory, and focuses on influencing agg...

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Capitalism is the best system to produce the best results


This debate will have a free style. The only requirment is that any and all questions directed towards a contendor be answered. I shall begin with opening remarks and a brief history. From the start of recorded human history, most people lived in what we would consider pretty terrible standards. However, something happened in the 1700s. We had an industrial revolution and living standards increased, and since then living conditions have increased dramaticlly. So, why was that? One common myth...

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The global economy no longer needs or benefits from Central Banks


Central banks around the world have taken unprecedented actions since the Financial Crisis in 2008. Ostensibly, these actions were necessary to prevent economic calamity and to preserve overall wellbeing. In the six years since the Financial Crisis, central banks around the world have continued to pursue, by historical standards, extraordinarily accommodative monetary policy in order to restore national economies to more robust growth, consistent inflation and full employment. Pro puts forwa...

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Socialism does NOT work (a devil's advocate debate)


I am challenging ChosenWolff to a debate, in which (I am a socialist) I shall assume the devil's advocate role and argue that socialism does NOT work, whereas my opponent will be arguing that it can. More specifically, I am arguing against what one might call state socialism (what most people think socialism is).The definition of socialism is: ' a political and economic theory of social organization which advocate...

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Governments should deficit spend in a recesion


I am arguing that increased government expenditure is good in a recession and governments should deficit spend. 1st round acceptance....

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Anarcho-capitalism isn't anarchist pt.2


Because of full forfeit from my previous opponent, I have decided to make a second attempt at this debate.I have made it impossible to accept, so if you're interested then leave a comment saying such.Introduction:This debate will be centered around the idea that 'anarcho'-capitalism can't seriously call itself an anarch...

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Puppy Mills


Puppy Mills are just crude... They keep the dogs in small cages their whole life. Many are starved and they get terribly sick. If this isn't enough for you people to realize how cruel Puppy Mills are then... Maybe you just have a cold heart. I'm sorry for any hurt feelings this may cause....

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Concealed Carry (CCW) Laws Reduce Crime


In this debate, I will argue that allowing (shall issue laws, for example) CCW will decrease violent crime in the United States. My opponent, as CON, will be arguing against this proposition, that CCW laws have no effect, or increase, violent crime rates. Definitions:Concealed Carry: concealed carry weapon, a practice in which a person carries a weapon, generally a firearm, hidden on their person. This generally (except in states, such as Alaska and Arizona) requires...

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