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Columbus Day Should Not be Celebrated.


I wish to debate whether or not Columbus Day should be celebrated. It is in my opinion that Columbus's legacy is grossly misrepresented and that his "accomplishments" was nothing more but a failed journey riddled with genocide and imperialism. Thus, Columbus shouldn't be honored with a national holiday. Before going into detail, I await an opponent to accept my debate and agree to only ONE term.... 1. If you accept this debate, as con you must make the argument why Columbus Day SHOULD/REMA...

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It's nearly impossible to win a one round debate.


No matter what I say in the first round, it opens up for one quick counter argument and no chances at rebuttal. There's the off chance that the opponent fails to read the topic appropriately but those are fairly rare. Largely the only person who would take such a debate is somebody who has thought of some clever way to counter the original argument. For example, this debate might be countered with various claims and accusations and I would be powerless to rebut those claims and thus lose....

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Debate.org is too American oriented


When I first signed up for debate.org, I was given the choice of country for which I was from, not just which US State (I am not American). It is also on the world-wide web and by no means has it ever stated on the website that this is "Americandebates.com" or "arguments relating the US issues". Yet when one goes to make a public profile and checks at the issues there are several that are just regional things relating the America like the proposed Border Fence, Dubya, the missle shield, etc. The...

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Debate.org should freeze the polls a week after the last round.


This is all about putting an end to annoying revisionism as a means of changing win totals after the fact. (usually of someone you dislike). Take this one for example: http://www.debate.org/debates/changing-curfew-time-to-11-00-p.m.-in-california/1/ Back when I took that debate, I won about 7 to none. Because my opponent forfeited several rounds and posted no real arguments. But now when you look at it, due to votes not being counted after accounts close, and people going back and votin...

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All knowledge is founded on faith - 2


This debate has a numerical suffix in the resolution to distinguish it from my first debate on this subject. (http://www.debate.org/debates/All-knowledge-if-founded-on-faith./1/). ----- The term faith has many contextual uses, but for my purposes, I refer to the following definition: Faith: Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. [1] The term faith, insofar as this debate is concerned, is synonymous to belief. The resolution can therefore be properly understo...

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The Word "Omnipotent" Can Be Shown To Be Oxymoronic


The proposition on offer is that the word omnipotent can be shown to be oxymoronic. Relevant definitions: Omnipotent: Having unlimited or universal power, authority, or force; all-powerful. [1] Oxymoron: A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist. [1] 1 - The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition ********************************************************* My opponent...

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I will contradict myself.


I will contradict myself. CON, each round you must post ten questions. I will contradict myself in answering these questions. Whoever is my opponent........ I <3 your brand of toothpaste that you use. Actually....... I detest that brand. Wait....I don't know....

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"God" did not create the universe.


God has been around forever. To represent forever we draw a circle, it has no beginning it has no end. Take note of the circle, it never changes. No matter how many laps you do the circle is going to stay the same. As god is the circle, and god is all that was, god would never have changed, god would never have move forward, god would never have made a decision and thus would not have created the universe. He would have been caught in a continuous loop of pointless existence. Any question...

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My opponent is InfraRedEd


Resolved: My opponent is not the user InfraRedEd: http://www.debate.org/InfraRedEd/ If he is my opponent, I have lost. Otherwise, I have won. He is the only one who could win this debate, but he is not my opponent....

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I am a bad debater.


I think I'm a bad debater because I have only won 1 out of my 7 debates and that my win percentage is not even 15% yet. I think that I am also bad at debating because many people believe me to make no sense and to have nonsense arguments. I will therefore finally say that I am a bad debater....

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