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DDO Members Union (Pro) vs. DDO Revolution Party (Con)


The Debate.org Members Union (AKA DDO Members Union) is an organization that was founded on March 1, 2014. It was formerly known as the Troll Hunting Society, but after an hour or two of its existence its name was changed to the current name. The Union was inspired by Jifpop's "DDO Revolution Party," but it is an entirely separate organization. Anybody, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and political stances, may join the Union simply by saying they wish to join. The DDO Mem...

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Should abortion be illegal?


In the age where human rights is of immense importance, why is it that society demeans the meaning of life by legalizing abortion?...

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the ACLU has been defending evil sence 1920


The ACLU is an organization that stands for all of the bad guys they support any freak that runs to them for help! such as the NAMBLA and other such anti american anti moral groups. the ACLU fights against Christianity and Judaism and all that is good in this country. The ACLU defended the rights for Nazis to march through a prominently Jewish community in Skokie Illinois. The ACLU fought to take down a cross on a World War II memorial saying it was forcefully shoving Christianity down pe...

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President barrack hussain obama has done bad for america


I believe Barrack hussaine Obama has ruined our country. He gave us a dept, wants socialist medicare system that will make everyone poor, and he stopped guantanimo bay so we get no more information. He is also appointing czars in office, hes trying to make us communist. Who doesnt know that. We should appoint Glenn Beck In office also, but thats another arguement. Any refute?...

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Abortion is genocide and should be illegal in the United States


Abortion is genocide. Some of the biggest pro-choice people admit that the argument that a baby is not alive in the womb is inadequate. From the moment the child is conceived, it is a human. Murder is the act of killing a human life. Why should their be a double standard that while "in the womb" it doesn't count as murder?...

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Barack Obama will be a great leader because he gives great speeches and promises hope and change.


Some people claim that the above is true. I don't get it. Barack Obama - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_Obama great - used as a generalized term of [overall] approval (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/great) leader - a person who has commanding authority or influence (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/leader) speech - a usually public discourse promise - to pledge to do, bring about, or provide (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/promise[2]) hope - desire...

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Socialism Is A Very Bad Idea


Socialism has ruined the lives of billions since its inception. Many of those billions have been killed in genocides (e.g., The Great Leap Forward). Now, he problem is getting worse. People's quality of life has been severely reduced by socialism. It only makes things worse, so why do mentally sane and people capable of reason & common sense still follow this ideology? It astounds me....

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Should affirmative action policies be eliminated?


Affirmative action generally means giving preferential treatment to minorities in admission to universities or employment in government & businesses. The policies were originally developed to correct decades of discrimination and to give disadvantaged minorities a boost. The diversity of our current society as opposed to that of 50 years ago seem to indicate the programs have been a success. But now, many think the policies are no longer needed and that they lead to more problems than they solve...

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Guiliani Is Not Qualified To Be President


Governor Guiliani is not qualified to be the president,he does not stand for the common folk.I think that he should continue as the governor in order to gain experience. He did not do anything to help the state of New York,when the twin towers fell on 9/11,but took the credit for the rescue efforts. He is for opening the border gates to welcome illegal immigrants which I strongly and violently disagree with due to the fact that they are coming from Mexico and Cuba with out legal documentation....

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The United States Is a Faltering Nation. It Is On The Decline


Well, I'd be more than happy to get further in depth after my opponent brings up his points, but here are mine: The United States is on the decline. This is because of several reasons. 1. Lack of serious global competition, power-wise. 2. Severe Lack of Soft Power, and Hard Power that may be faltering 3. Enemies that are transboundary and practically invisible 4. Dependence on Foreign Oil and Oil in general 5. Economic stagnation 6. Policing policy failing 7. Lack of a strong candidate...

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