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This debate is just for fun! Sugar Cookies are better then Chocolate Chip cookies.


This debate is just plain fun. I believe that between only sugar and chocolate chip cookies, that sugar cookies are better. This is because sugar cookies can be dipped in milk, and you can put a lot of stuff with them like pretzel crumbs and lots more. With chocolate chip cookies if you did this then it would take away either the taste of the chocolate or the taste of the add-ons. I'm anxious to see what my contender has to say. Just remember if you accept this debate then just remember...

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Wal-Mart is good for America


Thank you for joining this debate, I will first state a couple of my points, Wal-Mart does more harm than good by paying lower wages, decreased health care benefits and squeezing competitors out of the market. With the "squeezing" part, Playing the same old game when Wal-Mart comes to town just won't cut it in most cases. Also when Wal-Mart came to US counties from 1987-1998 the poverty lines all rose drastically. Wal-Mart built it's new Mega-Store right outside Huntington so it didn...

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MANBEARPIG is a greater threat than Hillary Clinton, just barely


"They're already dead, didn't you listen to me? They got attacked by Manbearpig and Manbearpig leaves no one alive, I'm super cereal! And nobody'll listen to me. I'm cereal!" ~The character portraying Al Gore in South Park I can't believe that even I'm going to say this, but Hillary Clinton isn't a threat; at least not in comparison to ManBearPig. Hillary will only begin to destroy lives of many Americans if she is to become President, but Manbearpig will completely abolish mankind to the fir...

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Women equal to men.


Men are definitely the dominant gender. All physical sports are either exclusive or dominated by men (NFL, baseball, basketball, boxing...). Women have to have their own separate category of themselves to compete in these sports. If women are equal, then they should be drafted into the military along with men. Women rarely get to power politically by their own. A court or legislature usually has to mandate their participation. Women are good at making babies. Even the best cooks are men. I...

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Gay Marriages


I am in favor of gay mariages, because it is who they must be. God might not have said it was right, but did he also say that being straight is right. Now i do not want to bring god into any of this because most peopele do not believe in him. Now, what are the people doing to us, what are they doing for you to dislike them? Nothing at all. Once someone told me how do you know you are gay if you never had sex with a guy, and i simply answered how do you know you are straight if you never had sex...

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Everyone is at least a little gay.


I've heard people say that everyone is a little gay or somewhat bi-sexual. I disagree. I think there are folks that are not sexually attracted to the same gender in the slightest....

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10% (Kemonomimi/Nekomimi) is not furry.


I will first define some keywords. Kemonomimi - an anime and manga terminology describing humanoid characters that possess animal-like features. ( Nekomimi - a female with cat ears, a cat tail, or other feline accoutrements on an otherwise human-shaped body. ( Examples of the above two can be found at NSFW Furry - the term used to define pornographic content (generally drawings, more...

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So you're against patriotism? I'm Pro patriotism.


You're against patriotism? Why don't you just leave the country. If you were in a Nazi concentration camp during WW2 you'd be pretty patriotic when those war monger US troops came to save your azz. What an ungrateful jerk......

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Men should be allowed into lesbian bars.


I have a number of lesbian friends and I would like to have more, so some of my mates and I went to the Candy Bar in Soho, which is a lesbian bar. However, we were refused entry on the grounds that we were men, even though I explained that our intentions were entirely honourable and we would be in now way offended by the sight of women engaging in sexual activity with one another. I believe that the refusal of the bar's management to grant admittance to men...

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Children should be lied to


I believe that lying to children, whether in the form of perpetuating silly myths like the existence of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, or by withholding factual answers to their questions about subjects such as sex and death, is bad, primarily for the children themselves but also for society as a whole. Lying either directly or by omission is harmful because children eventually find out the truth, and an air of distrust is created. Children hear their parents say "It's w...

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