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This House Asserts That Ontology Necessitates God!


Shalom Aleichem! The idea of this debate started with me contacting Roy for a debate. Given a list of topics he believed that the best topic to discuss is the Ontological Argument. I believe I should mention the Spirit of the Motion is whether the study of Being, with relation to the studies of Ideas can make God a necessary conception. There are some rules which both parties must accept: 1. The first round for Roy is acceptance only, and to share any pleasantries. He accepts the defin...

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Most People Hate the Truth Which is We All Deserve Death and Hell


You can argue that we don't deserve to die so it is not possbile that you can be hateful of a truth which is a fallacy, or silly arguments like that. You can call my arguments silly. When you say death is natural or only an event we don't deserve, I'll say that is silly and I will explain why it is silly: it is silly because if we don't deserve it, that means it is not fair. Since it falls on all of us, then it must be fair. Is it fair or is i...

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God Can Gain Knowledge While Being Omniscient


The burden of proof will be shared. I will be arguing that there is no explicit contradiction in God gaining knowledge while still being omniscient by definition, like some may think. My opponent will argue it is a contradiction for God to gain knowledge if he is omniscient, because if God knows all there is to know already, then he cannot know more. God For...

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Cogito Ergo Sum is Bunk


Resolution:The argument "I think, therefore I am" fails to prove its conclusion. Definitions:I don't think either of us intend to play the semantics game in this debate, so I'll keep these general.I: The self, one's conciousness

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Psychological Egoism


Definition:"Psychological egoism is the thesis that we are always deep down motivated by what we perceive to be in our own self-interest." I will be defending this thesis, and my opponent's objective should be to show that there are instances where a person acts with with purely altruistic motives. First Round will be for Acceptance. Any questions, please ask in the comments before accepting. Any confusion that arises that could've been avoided with a simple qu...

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Absolute truth is the absolute truth.


Absolute truth exists absolutely, regardless of the subjective nature of experience. The key here is the difference between what we consider facts and what we consider truth. Facts are conditional and changeable due to entropy, but truths, such as how gravity works, are immune to such change. Because such things are immutable, unchangeable, and constant, they are in fact absolute truths. The possible existence of another universe doesn't negate these truths because one could come up with any...

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Objective Moral Judgements can be made in Moral Nihilism


*Leave a message if you want to accept this debate*Details:I have been thinking for a while how to word this resolution, which is my own position in terms of moral philosophy. I am a Nihilist, and I think it's a rational starting position for making moral judgements. For example, I will make the claim the holocaust was wrong, and I make that as an intended objective statement. The BoP is on me to demons...

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God exists


Looking for a short devil's advocate debate... Normally I would be Pro on this topic, but I'd like to be Con for this one.The BoP is on Pro to show that God exists. God shall be defined as the transcendent mind which is all knowing and all powerful, and preserves the universe in existence.Since this debate structure is kindof funny, because my opponent has the burden, he can go first right away with his arguments.R1: Rules/Acceptance and openi...

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Resolved: All human acts are selfish.


I'd like to thank Cold-Mind ahead of time for accepting this debate. RulesMy opponent will begin his argument round 1Round 2 is arguments and rebuttlesRound 3 is rebuttles and Con's conclusion.Round 4 is Rebuttle and conclusion by Pro.Con will end round 4 by stating, "No argument as agreed upon."No swearingNo SemanticsBurden of Proof is equally sharedViolations of these rules will result in a forfe...

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3 sides of the coin


There are 3 sides to a coin. Heads. Tails. The edge. We perform coin tosses to make decisions sometimes. Sheeple pick a side. Never the edge. This debate is about the tendency of the human species to choose a side, which the sheeple do, so they can be declared by the elites to be winners. The elites, those in the .000001% income bracket that attempt to control us, use this tendency to create more power for themselves. Don't listen to the propaganda and choose a side, eventually you...

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