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Birth is an arbitrary dividing line between personhood and non-personhood.


It is my contention that birth is an arbitrary dividing line between personhood and non-personhood, and thus, there is no moral difference between abortion and infanticide.This is my first DDO debate, and I would like to thank my opponent in advance for accepting this debate. I will be arguing as Pro. The first round is for acceptance, and we shall begin the discussion in round two.Personhood: The quality or condition of being an individual huma...

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Should Cryogenic Freezing be Humanism's ideological answer to death?

Wylted Above are my arguments laid out in video form. The Humanist ideology needs to adapt and develop. There needs to be a shift from the question of who has the burden of proof of what happens when you die? Whether or not it should be the responsibility of humanists or those with religious beliefs. A more positive question should be, "What is science's current answer to death?". The answer is clear, the solution even clearer. Cryogenic Freezing may soun...

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The Tri-Omni God chooses life


Resolved: The Tri-Omni God chooses life Pro will uphold this resolution, whereas Con will negate it. The winner will be the person to prove his or her case with a preponderance of evidence. Tri-Omni God -- The Chri...

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People cannot be sure that they will save a best friends life until they are in the moment


So many people will say that they would give their life for that of a friends but this type of thing cannot be answered directly with a definite yes but more with a "I would like to believe that I would". This is completely a situational type of thing where the situation that you are put in effects the decision that is made. You cannot be sure of any of the answers that you give until you are put in that moment....

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Though experiments are important.


I will be arguing in support of the following three statements:If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, it does not make a noise.A train is running out of control down a track. In its path are five people who have been tied to the track. Fortunately, you could flip a switch, which will lead the train down a different track to safet...

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"Livestock" slaughter is acceptable


This is a duplication of a debate started by kbub and I was pipped to the post by a more worthy adversary but we have agreed to also have the debate ourselves. The official resolution is: "The practice of humans' killing "livestock" animals for food in the US ought to continue (Is the preferred of the two possible worlds)" The "practice" may include ANY practices of "livestock" slaughter, including so-named "humane" slaughter practices. "Practice" limitation However, neither hypothetic...

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Is there any real meaning in life?


Whether there is any underlying point in life has been a central feature of philosophy throughout the ages. It would seem to me that rather than being here for a reason, humans are simply the product of thousands of years of evolution and their upbringing, judging what they do and what they consider worthy of doing. Can there really be any true meaning to life, besides superficial meaning created by humans themselves?...

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God exists.


Resolution: God exists.I will argue that God exists. My opponent will argue that God does not exist. The Burden of Proof is shared. DefinitionsGod - The timeless, immaterial, and personal cause of the universe.Structure of the debateRound 1 - AcceptanceRound 2 - ArgumentsRound 3 + 4 - Arguments/Rebuttals

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Man is naturally Good or Neutral or Evil?


This is will be a short debate on whether Man is naturally Good/Neutral/Evil, I propose that Man is naturally neutral which I will explain further in round 2, first round is for acceptance in which you will accept then choose which side, good/evil, and then wait for me to argue, It is recommended that you present yourself.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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The consumption of meat is ethically wrong


Greetings Valladarex,Here is the debate! Ethics: normatively to refer to a code of conduct that, given specified conditions, would be put forward by all rational persons.Outlines:- First round acceptance, just so I can outline everything (you can briefly outline your arguments if you want to).- 4 rounds because of the outlining in the first.- No new arguments in the last round.- The...

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