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Abortion Is Prima Facie Morally Wrong


Allow me to begin by saying how pleased I am to be debating Josh Brahm. I'm sure that many of you will never get to read a more powerful case for the pro-life position than the case you will read in the course of this debate. And I only hope that I can do as well while I proceed to defend the pro-choice position. In this debate I'm going to argue that abortion is not morally reprehensible and should not be illegal, given the actual qualities that a human fetus possesses. Unlike a person, a f...

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Monkeys should be considered persons.


(1.) "I believe the idea of animal rights has reason, not just emotion, on its side (327. 1. 8)." (2.) "All of our duties regarding animals are indirect duties to one another- to humanity (327. 3. 16)." (3.) "Pain is wrong because of the pain that is caused, we cannot rationally ignore or dismiss the moral relevance of the pain that your dog feels (328. 1. 6)." (4.) "Like children, however, some animals are the objects of the sentimental interest of outhers. You, for example, love your...

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Do humans know everything?


Think about it...and when I say think about it, I mean throw away everything you think you know about what you don't, and think deeply about the argument. It is possible to know everything. By possible to know everything, I mean not in a carnal state, but rather in a general state. When one knows everything in a general state, only thing can someone learn everything in specificity. There are may questions people think are unanswered, but they are in our face. In order to know everything, you hav...

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The Human Soul Likely Doesn't Exist.


I have chosen Peili for this debate.The Human Soul Likely Doesn't ExistDefinitions:Human Soul: the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought. (It's essentially the Cartesian conception of the soul as I feel that is the most well defined notion.)Likely: Probable as far as one knows or can tell.

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A stupid person can objectively know that he is stupid


I will debate that a stupid person cannot objectively know that he is stupid. 1. First round is only for acceptance....

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Does a soul necessarily exist?


Round 1: Acceptance, opening argument Round 2: Rebuttals/advance argument/new argument Round 3:Rebuttals and refutations Round 4: Closing statements Define terms and cite sources, serious takers only please. Aristotle defines the soul as the cause of life and action. His reasoning behind this thought is that a body can have life or it can not, but in either case it is still a body is the common factor. Therefore, he concluded, that there must be another factor. While his reasoning that a fa...

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God Can Gain Knowledge While Being Omniscient


The burden of proof will be shared. I will be arguing that there is no explicit contradiction in God gaining knowledge while still being omniscient by definition, like some may think. My opponent will argue it is a contradiction for God to gain knowledge if he is omniscient, because if God knows all there is to know already, then he cannot know more. God For...

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Abstract reasoning and God


If I can use abstract reason to come to a conclusion about God, and it is a logically coherent argument free of fallacy, can I not consider that argument proof beyond reasonable doubt of the existence of a God? At least, until it is shown to be flawed? My opponent will either argue that this claim is false (an abstract "proof" of God is not beyond reasonable doubt) or that it is correct but that I must present an argument that meet this criteria for my claim to be of any significance. ab...

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It is impossible for God to not exist!


How can god not exist? It is like if you say that a baker ceases to do baking business!God is the wheeler dealer of existence, no way would he have succeeded in this trade if he didn't poof himself into existence!

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RESOLVED: It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.


INTROTrue love conquers all. This is an expression which most of you are undoubtedly familiar with. But to what extent does such an expression hold merit? For some, love is fleeting. For others, love is f...

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