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Feminism: Positive or Negative


I am obviously against Feminism, because I feel it's no longer just a movement for equality, but a movement implying that all men are misogynistic pigs, which I obviously refute. There are no rules in this debate. Whoever wants to debate, accept the challenge and post your argument....

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The Death Penalty--With a Twist!


PrefaceI thank Kbub for agreeing to debate me on this! I think it is an interesting take on the Death Penalty debate, in that it seeks to evaluate the philosophy behind it, rather than becoming muddled in the practical concerns of its implementation. I would ask, however, that all arguments be topical to the resolution, and that we stick to the issue at hand (i.e. no Kritiks, theory, etc.). I ask this only because I am genuinely interested in debatin...

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This House Believes That On Balance Homosexual Acts Are Immoral!


As-Salam-o-Alikum! This debate entitled: This House Believes That On Balance Homosexual Acts are Immoral is a re-do of one of the first debates I had from my old account. I lost miserably to kbub and I would like to see if my refined argument can now hold any ground. Now I believe that I should clarify the rules, the order, and some principle definitions which will be referred to throughout the debate. 1. The first argumentation rounds of both parties must be positive material only, no...

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Is The Bible Is The Best Advertisement For Atheism??


I consider that the Bible is the Best Advertisement for Atheism, on the grounds that I myself and many I've known became Atheists from their reading the Bible and discovering it is Irrational Nonsense.This is a common view as even Richard Dawkins (an Agnostic Scientist) has publicly stated that he wants Bibles in all school libraries so children can access it unguided, to attempt to read it l...

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The consumption of meat is ethically wrong


Greetings Valladarex,Here is the debate! Ethics: normatively to refer to a code of conduct that, given specified conditions, would be put forward by all rational persons.Outlines:- First round acceptance, just so I can outline everything (you can briefly outline your arguments if you want to).- 4 rounds because of the outlining in the first.- No new arguments in the last round.- The...

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This House Believes that the Social Contract is a viable political theory


The debate is as simple as it stands. My opponent should spell out the social contract theory in his first round (instead of using it solely for acceptance). The social contract I refer to is the one used in political philosophy - the concept of the social contract as a form of legitimizing the state. I look forward to whoever accepts this debate for a rigorous competition. Note the debate has a smaller character limit than most - 4000 characters maximum....

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Do animals have souls?


I do not believe animals have souls. For the purpose of this debate, humans will not be included as an "animal". The purpose of this is to leave out pointless debating. You may post your argument in the first round, as I will. My argument goes as follows: The definition of "soul" is "The spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe" [] and animals are not rational beings; they may be aware...

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Legalize Gay Marriage


I have seen that you take opposition to gay marriage, and I would like to challenge you on that. The first round is for accepting. Thanks, and I can't wait to debate you....

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If the Taliban are terrorists, then the United States are as well


Official Resolution: If the Taliban are terrorists, then the United States are as wellThis is an intresting concept I've been meaning to get to, on a philosophical argument I've been studying for awhile. The BOP will reside on me proving, that if the Taliban were to be considered terrorists, then the United States would also have to be considered terrorists. The opposition must be of the belief that the Taliban are terrorists. Usually...

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Atheism is based on ignorance


I argue that atheism is a system of beliefs not supported or backed up by complete facts. It can be just as dogmatic as any other system. For the majority of the time, it's based on emotion and flawed arguments. First round acceptance...

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