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3 sides of the coin


There are 3 sides to a coin. Heads. Tails. The edge. We perform coin tosses to make decisions sometimes. Sheeple pick a side. Never the edge. This debate is about the tendency of the human species to choose a side, which the sheeple do, so they can be declared by the elites to be winners. The elites, those in the .000001% income bracket that attempt to control us, use this tendency to create more power for themselves. Don't listen to the propaganda and choose a side, eventually you...

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God exists


Looking for a short devil's advocate debate... Normally I would be Pro on this topic, but I'd like to be Con for this one.The BoP is on Pro to show that God exists. God shall be defined as the transcendent mind which is all knowing and all powerful, and preserves the universe in existence.Since this debate structure is kindof funny, because my opponent has the burden, he can go first right away with his arguments.R1: Rules/Acceptance and openi...

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Catholics are not Christians


A real Christian is saved from Hell now and has eternal life now. Cathoics hope to be saved, but they are not saved now and they do not have eternal life now so they are not Christians now. I welcome my opponents explanation of what he thinks makes him a christian. I say He is a Catholic, and not a christian. And if he does not accept this challenge, he is a chicken catholic....

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euthanasia should be banned


Euthanasia should not be banned as it helps those people who are terminally ill and suffering from extreme physical pain to alleviate their pain by ending his or her life and die with dignity. It is more cruel and unfair to make them suffer and endure the unbearable pain.As the motive of euthanasia is to aid in dying painlessly, it should be considered positively by the lawmakers and should not be banned....

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Can a person prove their existence?


I am arguing that a person cannot prove that they exist in the physical world. By physical world I mean that they must exist in physical form and NOT in the imagination or mind of a being. If my opponent is unable to prove his existence than he will be defeated. Rules: My opponent will use each round in order to give as many "proofs" for his existence as he/she wishes. I will use the beginning of each round to rebuke the his/her proofs. In the 2nd post of the 5th round my opponent is not...

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The Death Penalty--With a Twist!


PrefaceI thank Kbub for agreeing to debate me on this! I think it is an interesting take on the Death Penalty debate, in that it seeks to evaluate the philosophy behind it, rather than becoming muddled in the practical concerns of its implementation. I would ask, however, that all arguments be topical to the resolution, and that we stick to the issue at hand (i.e. no Kritiks, theory, etc.). I ask this only because I am genuinely interested in debatin...

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This House Believes That On Balance Homosexual Acts Are Immoral!


As-Salam-o-Alikum! This debate entitled: This House Believes That On Balance Homosexual Acts are Immoral is a re-do of one of the first debates I had from my old account. I lost miserably to kbub and I would like to see if my refined argument can now hold any ground. Now I believe that I should clarify the rules, the order, and some principle definitions which will be referred to throughout the debate. 1. The first argumentation rounds of both parties must be positive material only, no...

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Feminism: Positive or Negative


I am obviously against Feminism, because I feel it's no longer just a movement for equality, but a movement implying that all men are misogynistic pigs, which I obviously refute. There are no rules in this debate. Whoever wants to debate, accept the challenge and post your argument....

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The consumption of meat is ethically wrong


Greetings Valladarex,Here is the debate! Ethics: normatively to refer to a code of conduct that, given specified conditions, would be put forward by all rational persons.Outlines:- First round acceptance, just so I can outline everything (you can briefly outline your arguments if you want to).- 4 rounds because of the outlining in the first.- No new arguments in the last round.- The...

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Is The Bible Is The Best Advertisement For Atheism??


I consider that the Bible is the Best Advertisement for Atheism, on the grounds that I myself and many I've known became Atheists from their reading the Bible and discovering it is Irrational Nonsense.This is a common view as even Richard Dawkins (an Agnostic Scientist) has publicly stated that he wants Bibles in all school libraries so children can access it unguided, to attempt to read it l...

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