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should we progess with work into a an AI that can think like a human?


After building robots for years, we are making artificial intelligents! but is it a good thing? probably not, because, what if I tries to wipe out humanity? what do we do then huh? we sit back and die! that's what!...

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This House believes that children should be allowed to own and use smart phones.


I am going to post my first ever debate topic. As stated above the motion shall be "This House believes that children should be allowed to own and use smart phones. So here are the formats for the debate. Round 1: ONLY ACCEPTANCE OF DEBATE Round 2: Arguments and proofs that support each side. ( max : 3 points) Round 3: ONLY Rebuttals against each party Round 4: Conclusion summarizing each party's arguments and his/her It is to be mentioned that I'm quite new to this website and do not...

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I'm a better debater than you. Period.


I'm better in every way possible....

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The Purge would help lower crime if real


First round is acceptance, No arguments Round two arguments and rebuttals. Round 3 conclusion. Let the purge commence....

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Is Youtube's copyright system sabotaging video creators?


Well, yes. For beginners, you can have your video flagged by someone who claims to own the copyrighted content, and they can do this multiple times, thus your video has a high risk of being taken down for no reason. And what makes matters worse, is the infamous Content ID system. This system manages to make YouTube a WORSE place by causing mass confusion, because videos are being flagged and taken down en masse by bots. And for the dumbest of reasons. You can get your video flagged and taken dow...

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star wars vs star trek


This is my opinion is that I think that star wars is so much better than star trek cause I love light sabers...

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PC or MAC?


Hello everyone to a new debate, this week or so I and my opponent will be arguing about if a PC or a Mac is better. When I mean a PC I mean any computer that does not have OS on it and by Mac I mean a computer running OS. I am on the PC side and my opponent will be on the Mac side. Here is how the rounds are going to be. 1) Acceptance 2) Present points 3) Rebuttal 4) End paragraph Accept this debate only if your very serious and you have some good points/rebuttals against me. I wish all the...

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The advancement of Technology is Good


Hello, I am new here, so wish me luck, I guess. Technology is advancing fast. It is making our lives easier and faster in many aspects. However, some are saying it is ruining the essential qualities or "peace" of life that they once enjoyed. Although I know how it feels to say goodbye to something, progress will always continue and is essential for a better lfiestyle....

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Should Violent Video Games Be Banned?


Violent video games should not be banned. Last year, the massacre in Sandyhook restarted the video game argument. Adam Lanza was "obsessed" with Call of Duty Black Ops II, but so were 82% of all people his age. Lanza's mother owned a gun, and trained Adam to use it. Most of all, Lanza had mental health problems. Violent video games dont hurt the public, but IGNORANCE TO MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES DOES. Everybody wants a quick fix to problems like this, so they immeadiately turn to banning video games,...

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Should Cities Offer Free Public Wi-Fi?


This topic poses an interesting innovation with some benefits and problems. It allows every person to hitch in, and be constantly connected, but this poses a few problems: 1. Hackers have a very efficient way to get personal information from anybody on the grid. 2. This takes away the need for cell companies, because non-3G smart devices can call and Text from Wi-Fi The biggest problem would be the first, hacking. It would be very easy to hack such a public network. Even the pentagon h...

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