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Gay marriage should be legal


I'll keep this one simple.This debate is (quite obviously) on the subject of whether or not gay marriages should be legal.Round 1 will be for acceptance, with no arguments posted.Round 2 will be for arguments, no rebuttals of Pro's arguments by Con yet.Round 3 will be for rebuttals of round 2 arguments and for adding new arguments.Round 4 will be for rebuttals of round 3 arguments and for adding new arguments.Round 5 will be for final rebuttal...

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Religion is good for humans while homosexuality and gay marriage is bad for humans


As a homophobic atheist, I prefer to debate an atheist because most atheists are pro gay and anti religious. Even though God is fake, religion is a psychological immune system so it's good for those who believe God exist 1. Gays triggered the HIV epidemic in North America according to the timeline of aids from " Source 1981 "270 reported cases of severe immune deficiency among gay men, and 121 of those individuals have died" 1982" "CDC reports cases of...

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Gay Marriage


Me, being the fabulous dude I am (even though I'm female), think gay marriage is a beautiful thing. I have a homosexual uncle and he's happily married now. They're so amazing to be around and everything is so fun when they're around. Anyone opposing, feel free to argue. I love a good debate....

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Gay Marriage


Marriage is a liberty, I do not believe it ethical to make Gay Marriage illegal so long as it does not harass the lives of the majority. With that, I shall allow the opposing side to bring their argument to the table....

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Gay marriage should be legalized in all states


I believe that same sex marriages are the same at heterosexual marriages. To me marriage is between 2 people who love each other, and they would favor in sharing their love for the rest of their lives. As we live in a modern day society, people are now re-defining the meaning of marriage and is starting to suppose gay rights, and that's great! But there is still a percentage of people who believe it's wrong. Gay marriage can be a positive thing prior to our financial system. If gay marri...

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Gay marriage


Gay marriage is wrong and should never have been legalized. This "progress" that people like you claim that America has made is only proving to be a step back. Real progress would be a way to achieve this without restricting the liberties of those within the Christian community. What is progress when there is a group of people who are being forced to commit actions that go against what they believe in? I do not believe in this at all, but if it must be done then why can't gay couples go some...

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It is a good thing that gay marriage is now legalized in the United States


Hello - and thank you for joining my debate. This debate will have 3 rounds for argument with the following setup:1st round: Opening statement and argument2nd round: Counterarguments3rd round: Final counterarguments and conclusion / final statementI look forward to a friendly and detailed discourse from both sides.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Gay marriage should stay legal in all 50 states


Hello welcome to the debate! This is 1st round acceptance only! *Just to clarify* Con will be arguing that same-sex marriage should be illegal in all 50 states Con may use religious arguments if they so choose. Violation of these rules will result in automatic forfeiture. Good luck to you!...

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Gay marriage should be illegal


The Bible does NOT say that gay marriage should be illegal and I would argue that it does not even call homosexuality a sin. What evidence do you have to support your position that it does?...

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Gay Marriage should be Legalized


I will be arguing that gay marriage should be legalized. I am giving us each 72 hours since I will have limited time for research and rounds. First round is acceptance. Any sources can be used, as long as they can be linked and viewed on the Internet or can be quoted, like the Bible or a study. Please no trolling. If so, I will end the debate. Gay Marriage is defined as The state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage"...

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