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Gay Marriage


Homosexuals, like heterosexuals, neither chose their sexual orientation, nor should they be denied the same legal rights heterosexuals enjoy simply because they were born different from what is considered "the norm." Every respectable scientific organization in the world, including the American Psychological Association, says that sexual orientation is connected to biological factors and cannot be changed. Just as it is wrong to deny legal rights to blacks, women, and people born left-handed...

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gay marriage should not be legal - civil unions okay


we should recognize that the natural world creates natural distinctions between male and female, and their cohabitation etc is what produces offspring. they are a natural unit for the purposes of kids, and a natural unit for the purposes of simply recognizing nature. we can have civil unions or something to respect others, perhaps, but that doesn't mean we have to give the same value to something that is fundamentally different, by calling it marriage. also, as far as procreation goes... we'...

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Marriage should not be redefined or gay marriage should be illegal


In this debate, make sure you include in your argument the following: 1. Show how there is a right to same sex marriage and how traditional marriage laws violate the equal protection clause. 2. Show how having gay marriage is more beneficial then banning it. 3. Show that gay marriage would benefit state interests. Also, you can cut and paste information from other debates you have been in to save your time, if you want. What is CIVIL marriage and the purpose of it: "Sexual unions o...

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Creating laws in support of gay marriage would create discrimination against church leaders


Alright, the title is pretty clear. Five round debate 10,000 characters. RD1 acceptance only. Let's see what you got....

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Should We Legalize Gay Marriage?


I believe that a marriage is formed by love and by two people thinking that they should be together for the rest of their lives. A Marriage is simply showing the world that they love one another and plan to be together for the rest of there lives....

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VIDEO DEBATE: Gay Marriage Should be Legalised

Sashil are some "errors" in the video because I changed the rounds and time to argue to suit my opponent's needs.It might still be processing when you upload it. Darned slow Youtube!Ore Ele debate mentioned in video:

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Gay marriage should be legal in all 50 states


Gay marriage should definitely be legal in all 50 states. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Lets talk about kids. If same-sex marriage were legal, imagine how many children would be adopted and taken out of the foster systems. Let's say one woman has a biological child and have a partner (who's also a woman). If they live in a state where same sex marriage isn't legal, if the biological mother were to pass away, her partner wouldn't have the right to the child. That's putting ANOTHER...

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Gay marriage should be legal in the United States.


I will be using a dual overlaying teleological/constitutional argument to contend that gay marriage should be legalized in the United States. In this project I will borrow the harm principle, as articulated by John Stewart Mill, to argue that the only reasonable circumstance in which a government can limit a citizen's liberty is to prevent that person from causing harm to others. This view when taken to its logical conclusion would entail the legalization of gay marriage. Contention 1:...

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Gay Marriage


I think that Gay Marriage should be allowed because, you should be able to love who you love. Even if it means the same gender. How would you feel if you couldn't love who you love....

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Gay Marriage


I think that gay people should be allowed to get married. I mean why not? They are no different than us.. They haven't chosen to be gay. So many people say they choose to be gay. Some people take their lives because they don't want to be gay. Think for a minute about this.. Did you ever just choose to be straight? Or were you born like that? People can't help who they love, and they shouldn't be punished or feel downgraded. They are the same as us. They are just humans. Everyone's different. If...

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