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Digimon would beat Pokemon, hands down!


This is my very first debate, how exciting! Personally, I'd rather challenge someone else's debate because I'm starting out, but since there are no debates in the challenge period that I can accept at the moment I'm making this debate, I will have to settle making my own. For clarification, this debate is arguing over which multi-species would win if they all fought. Not whether which franchise is better, more popular, or whatever. This is about the capabilities of the creatures themselves an...

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X Factor is better than American Idol


The following debate will be about whether the X factor USA Or American Idol is better. I will be arguing on the side of X Factor USA and my opponent on the side of American Idol. I wish my opponent good luck. Let the Debate Begin!...

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Console gaming is better than PC gaming.


I just like Consoles way better. Cheaper. Way more convenient. Better controls. Higher quality AAA Exclusives. It's all there for a cheap price. Consoles also have a better and more friendly UI than say Steam or onlive. It's also way more social. The PS4's "share" feature and XBL almost effortless partying system shows that. And we don't have to keep up with Drivers,DRM and outdated hardware. I don't care if my game look like a potato I want to have a effortless experience...

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Theoretically, Discord cannot be defeated by any villain


Discord is a mighty villain from MLP:FiM. I think he is so powerful that he cannot be defeated by any villain. That's right. ANY villain, from any movie, show, or book.Discord is defeated if any one if these conditions occur:-he is killed -he is sealed in stoneHe is not defeated even if the villain can fight him off to a forever standstill. (becuase that's technically a tie)"Theoretically" means that if I can find one situation where Discord cannot b...

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Killing stupid people should be legalized.


Killing stupid people is the best way for the human kind to make a leap forward in any areas. With below an average common sense, stupid people are ignorant, witless, and of no use whatsoever to contribute even a picayune prosperity, and enhancement to a society, country, or himself. Saying that, stupid people are burden to others, and are better off without an existence....

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Sloths should be forced to wear shoes


Sloths hang onto trees too much for there own good... if we had given them shoes they would have to stay on the floor for extended periodsa of time... A way to do this would be to teach every single sloth how to: 1, put on shoes 2, tie said shoes 3, take off their shoes This would therefore make the sloths have to stay on the floor... they need to wear shoes. Need proof? http://www.htzfm.com/files/htzfm/images/SLOTH.jpg...

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Best music from the 1960s-1970s


This debate will be about me vs Con in choosing the best music from 1960s to 1970s. Each round post 3 songs. Do it the format-- I done it song-- author year 1.) Do You Think I'm Sexy-- Rod Stewart 1978 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIlHt_syoSE 2.) You Make Loving Fun-- Fleetwood Mac 1977 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFZMgf6M5KM 3.) I'm Henry the Eighth, I am-- Hermans Hermits 1965 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsCeVdCDqjE...

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Superman vs Goku: superman winner


now im a huge dragonball fan and honestly never really got into to superman but it is clear that goku would not be able to beat superman without the greatest amount of luck i mean superman is the ultimate super hero for a reason his only weakness is a green rock that isent really all that accessible to most people, and you could argue that if they were to battle at night it would favor goku but even during the night i dont think goku could beat superman i mean goku has the destructive power to d...

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Two-Word Battle


I thank my opponent in advance for accepting this debate and I hope he will enjoy it. This is a word battle where each person will post one word and the voters may decide who posted a better word. There will be restrictions on the type of word you can use though. The word must be appropriate and must not contain any extra meaning. If the word has multiple meanings, then all of the meanings must be appropriate. The characters of the word must be over 4. The word must also be a word that the...

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why do all men want women to look like the girls off prono movies


i think its bang out f order for men to want women to look like them skanks off porn having sex just so make money they are sick and the men that want girls to look like that are weird they should love the person they are with no matter what they look like and for who they are its mental....

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