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obama... just as much if not more merit, against the surge and for troops in afghanistan


the position is being compared to mccain's. there was an addition in 20000 troops to iraq, to make it 1.8 or so instead of 1.6 hundred thousand troops. the iraqi government was already, before the surge, coalescing its own troops. 20,000 troops is negligible given the overall number already there, and the force the iraqis were forming and had. that the generals in iraq wants more troops, only shows they want to win there, and hte better way to win is to have more troops. but the...

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Barack Obama embarrassed America during his speech in Berlin


Anyone who goes to a foreign country and talks about the United States like we are the source of most of the problems in the world is an embarrassment to America. Granted, our country has problems, but you don't go to the neighbors house and talk about the family business. Obama made America look weak and he had no right to go oversees and act like he was the president speaking about foreign policy. He said in fact, "In Europe, the view that America is part of what has gone wrong in our world, r...

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Obama should have accepted McCain's request for town-hall debates


I argue that Senator Obama should have accepted Senator McCain's general request for town-hall debates. Seemingly, one could argue that the role of government (and of course Obama and McCain are vying for its top spot) is to do what is best for its country/society. Therefore, what must be determined is how one figures out what is indeed best for the country. There are often many opposing viewpoints provided by numerous people and parties. However, for the government to truly determine what is...

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Barack Obama does not have enough experience in the political office to be president


Less than a year in the senate, no foreign relations experience, no national leadership experience, he was elected to office in Illinois only after disqualifying his competition, and he lacks the time in the political office to see the long term effects of the decisions he's made. Barack Obama should not be president because he does not have enough experience to succeed in that office. My opponent must prove that Barack Obama's experience is enough to make him successful in the role of commander...

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So, if you are going to vote for a candidate based only on the color of his skin, are you a racist? I just heard several people on the radio talking about voting for Obama because he's black. I think it makes you a racist. And I heard Obama say that he lost a state to Hillary because of the color of his skin, but he doesn't ever say he has a problem getting votes based only on the color of his skin....

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obama should be president


obama. an unexperianced, inconsistent liar. Barrack Obama should not be the next president of the united states. he has no experiance to validate his candacy and wouldn't have ever even been a senator had he faced any real opponent.people vote for obama because he is change but what they dont realize is that there is no real need for change. though our economy went through some rough patches it went right back on track and is now rapidly improving unlike Obama John Mccain will continue this plan...

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Barack Obama should not have been Time's Person of the Year 2008


I would like to begin with saying I have nothing against Barack Obama. I am not out to ruin his name or say he shouldn't be president. However, I do not think Obama deserves, for any reason, to be Time's Person of the Year 2008. Now first, what is Time's Person of the Year? According to Time, while discussing their choice for Vladimir Putin in 2007, the Person of the Year is neither good, nor bad. Simply influential. That would explain why Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were People of the Y...

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Obama was a better choice for president than John McCain.


He is ready to embrace change, whereas John McCain was ready to be Bush all over again, which obviously did not work. New ideas are needed....

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the war in iraq is not our war and obama should end it and bring our troops back


the war in iraq would not exist if president bush was not an idiot because iraq was one of the only countries in the middle east not to plan the attack we should not be forcing a way of life on those who do not wish for our way and if this war dose not end soon it will not end for a hundred years because it is a fight we cannot win and a fight that has no true purpose. we should be fighting one of the countries that actually bomed us. bush is using the bombing as an excuse to go to iraq....

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Barack Obama is the best major political candidate to lead the United States starting in 2009.


Barack Obama is has the strongest judgment, leadership ability, integrity, and overall character of any major candidate currently being considered for the Presidency in 2008. These qualities make him the candidate Americans should choose to lead our country from January 2009-January 2013....

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