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Discipline should be instilled by parents not school.


A child learns a great deal from the parents,in particular, the mother parent has a direct impact on their child every action and word a parent uses is absorbed by the child and goes to influence who the child will become the parent has to use a judicious mix of love and firmness to make sure the child understand values. I totally agree with this voice out your opinions,ladies and gentlemen....

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Is gymnastics a sport?


Gymnastics is a sport. In any sport you have to go to meets or you have to practice. I f you don't do that it is technically not a sport. Its also not considered a real sport unless their are games or competitions. Gymnastics does all of that. For Gymnastics like any other sports you have some day during the week where you go down and practice with the team. Then Gymnastics always tell you to practice. You don't practice you don't...

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School sports are taking up too much time


I feel that school sports are not taking up too much time. If a student cannot handle the responsibility, they must handle that themselves. As long as a student can handle more than one "job," school sports do not take up too much time....

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Human impact on the rate of animal extinction


I feel that the world has evolved so much that it has forgotten that we all don't own the world it was never ours and never will be. we out of no right are killing our fellow members the animals please state your opinion ASAP!...

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Technology used only for entertainment should've never been invented.


I believe technology used only for humans to be entertained is not very beneficial to anyone. R1 Opening statements. R2 Arguments R3 More Arguments and some rebuttals R4 Rebuttals and closing remarks. Rules 1. No forfeits 2. Any citations or foot/endnotes must be individually provided in the text of the debate 3. No new arguments in the final round 4. No profanity 5. No trolling or semantics 6. No accepting other debates. ( If you have an ongoing debate it's fine if you acce...

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Objective Morals vs. Subjective Morals


I take that Morals are Objective. People know right from wrong regardless of where they come from or what their culture says. As Creator, God has placed not only natural laws in the earth but also spiritual laws(objective). For instance, lying is wrong everywhere. So is stealing. Cruelty to children is wrong regardless of what culture you're in or country you're from. When these laws are broken. Not only does violating these spiritual laws separate us from God, but it causes pain in our lives an...

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Sauron vs Voldermort (Tom Marvolo Riddle)


Who do you think would win in a one on one battle?I think Sauron.First round is acceptance.Good luck, ...

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Resolved: Transsexuals should have to use the restrooms associated with their birth gender.


This debates should be impossible to accept. If you wish to accept this debate please ask in the comments or PM me. If you accept without my permission you will automatically forfeit the entire debate and all 7 points to me.This debate is about whether or not we should permit transsexuals to use restrooms that they associate with vs. the restroom that they were born with. RulesFirst Round is Rules and definitions by Con and Pro will give openin...

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School Sports Should Be Longer


I think that school sports should be longer. School soccer is only five weeks long and school basketball is only six weeks long. For some kids that might be the only time they exercise. Middle School sports should be longer for many, many, many reasons. Please agree with me and support me on this debate....

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The Acts of Apostles Was Composed Before 100AD


I am honoured to have Annanicole as my opponent for this debate. This debate regards the Canonical Book of Acts.[] and composition regards to it's completion in largely it's present form preserved in the ancient manuscripts, ignoring minor changes/copyist errors that may have occurred.The burden of...

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