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Marriage Equality: There is no sufficient argument to deny homosexuals the right to marry.


Thanks to KeytarHero for allowing us to restart this debate with a greater clarification of rules and characters. This debate will analyze reasons for and against homosexuals and their right to marry. The argument is structured with the understanding that there are no sufficient reasons to deny homosexuals the right to marry. (This means con had the BoP) There will be 5 Rounds with Round 1 being used for definition and rule clarifications. Round 1: Challenge Acceptance and Clarifications R...

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Assisted suicide should be illegal.


"Assisted suicide" refers to "the act of deliberately assisting another person to kill themselves." == A Definitional Note ==The term "assisted suicide" is something of a misnomer. There's no crime called "assisted suicide." I do not argue a legal penalty for patients who seek help in dying. The crime at issue is assisting suicide, and it's targeted solely at those who help another commit suicide. The legal right sought by proponents is...

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Humanities vs STEM


I am going to argue that Humanities is better than STEM! Humanities is a combination of Language Arts and Social Studies. Language arts is reading and writing. Social studies is the study of people and cultures. What 2 things do you do every single day? You read and you deal with people. You cannot go get through a day without having done either. When you ride down the road you read the signs on restuaurants; McDonalds, Subway, etc.. When you get up in the morning you speak to your mom, dad,...

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Evolution Has No Supporting Proof, Only Evidence Against It.


This is my first debate. I understand that the first round is acceptance. So let me give some definitions Normally, people don't realize that evolution can be divided into two: Micro-evolution and Macro-evolution. ALL experiments Darwin did were all for microevolution. He never touch macroevolution, only assumed it. So this debate will be focused on the only type of evolution that has controversy surrounding it: Macroevolution. I accept that Micro.evolution is a well known fact, but my...

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Is Calvinism biblical?


Hello I believe calvinism is taught by the bible . I am exited for this debate. For anyone who doesn't know what calvinism is these are the five points Radical depravity.that man is sinful in his nature and is unable to turn to God (John 6:44 Romans 3:23) Unconditional election. That God From before time began chose who would be saved (Ephesians 1:4 Romans 9) Definite atonement . That in his death Jesus secured the salvation of the elect.(john 10:1-29 Irrestible grace . That when god calls...

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Gay marrige


Hello, to whoever may read this. I do not mean to offend you but these are my beliefs and I do feel strongly about them. So, be prepared lol. I have always felt gay marrige should be legalized. Quite frankly until this week when it finally was, I never thought it would happen. I'm not a member of the LGBT community, but I'm 100% for it. Don't get me wrong, it's not a total shock to me when people want to use bible verses and Jesus Christ as reasons gays shouldn't marry. I understand completely....

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Ps4 Vs pc Vs Xbox One


One last word . Xbox one....

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Is universal healthcare a right in the United States of America?


This round will be mostly acceptance (meaning NO DEBATING) Round 2 will be arguments Round 3 will be counter arguments and new arguments Round 4 will be counter arguments of arguments presented in round 3 Round 5 will be final statements (doesn't need backup) 1.ALL points MUST be backed with at least 3 agreeing sources 2.Wikipedia is not an acceptable source 3.Internet videos are acceptable sources AS LONG AS the source is verified (with the little checkbox that says verified on YouTube...

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legal age should be 16


I know what everyone is thinking that's crazy considering that's younger than 18 and there still in school you can get your driver license at 16 and I believe that the younger you are being treated like an adult with responsibility which can help you in your future....

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Gay marrige should be legilized in all 50 states.


Gay marriage, while to religious people may be offensive, is not a harmful nor immoral. If you would like to argue that it is against the bible, then how do you explain God creating same sex attractions?...

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