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Should we Ban Religion from our Government?


I believer that we should ban religion from our Government so we can stop religious Justification and religious turmoil amongst ourselves and actually get work done in both the Senate and the House of Representatives....

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In defence of Theism, Prove me wrong.


As a theist, A Christian, I have the universal cosmos on my side to defend this argument. As a Christian, I can not only quote the Quran but also Muslims in saying, that the Holy Quran supports me in my faith without contradictions. Hinduism, which via Sanskrit is argued to be Monotheist in nature, Supports all my claims. the Mythology of Europe, supports my claims, as well as all worldly philosophies. As a Christian I rely heavily on sciences and logic to defend my case. And There is no evid...

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Islam promotes lying and killing disbelievers


David and I had a discussion in the comments of an old debate and that is why I am challenging him to a debate on this topic: Islam protes lying (deception) and the killing of disbelievers.Since the Islam is a very wide subject, I suggest we limit the debate to these two points (deception and Jihad) and do not expand the scope of this debate to other topics related to Islam.The debate will be as follows:Round 1 AcceptanceRound 2 Initial argumentsRou...

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Jerusalem is the Jewish Holy Capital


Its importance to Christianity should be noted, too. Since the re-establishment of Israel one claim from the Islamic (namely Palestinian) community is that Jerusalem is in fact their Holy City, and that it's the place Muhammad descended to heaven from. Such claims are baseless for the following reasons that I will outline in my opening argument. Con must be able to argue my statement(s) and provide supported examples of Jerusalem being an Islamic Holy Capital. First round acceptance....

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factory farms should be illegal


I will be arguing that factory farming should be illegal i will accept the first person who wishes to argue against. :) definition/s: factory farming- a system of rearing livestock using highly intensive methods, by which poultry, pigs, or cattle are confined indoors under strictly controlled conditions. Layout Round 1: My opponent has the choice of either using the first round for acceptance, or can present any arguments that they may have. If they present an argument R1, they must onl...

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the benefits of being a throw-away society outweighs the costs to society and the environment


As you know, the resolution is as follows: the benefits of being a throw-away society outweighs the costs to society and the environment. We model this resolution as follows: the scope would be for the people using the devices and the companies. Our goal is to have further development in society and make sure there"s less pollution, and no chaos. We have three constructive arguments to show why this resolution is true and should pass. Mr. Speaker, our first point is that new devices and uses o...

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Wikipedia should be considered a viable source on DDO


I am re-launching this debate for all who are interested in accepting.This debate is currently impossible to accept. If you are interested, clarify so by either giving me a PM or saying so in the comments. This filter only exists to prohibit trolls from accepting. If someone somehow accepts...

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Do use of "profanities" hinder one's credibility/argument?


This came to my mind after finding it is against the terms of service to use profane language on this site. - Does this really matter? I do not imply insults. Insults and profanity or swear words are completely different things. The Wikipedia definition [1] is what I will use. If you do not like that definition, please provide your own. My argument is that the use of profane language should not only not offend someone if it is not used in the form of an insult, but it should not take a...

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This House Believes Ontology Necessitates God!


Shalom Aleichem! PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT THIS DEBATE TILL THE TIME NEARLY RUNS OUT. YOU CAN ACCEPT IT ON THURSDAY. ACCEPTING BEFORE THURSDAY WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE LOSS. THIS DEBATE HAS BEEN SENT AS A CHALLENGE TO DOUBLE_R. The Judges are: Subutai, Envisage, n7, popculturepooka, phantom, Danielle, Raisor, Sargon, and bladerunner060. Spelling and grammar, unless out right horrid, will not count in voting. The idea of this debate started with me contacting Roy for a debate. Given...

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Are spoon deadlyer than sporks


Sporks are way deadlyer because you can stab someone with it and while spoons will just bruise someone at the most...

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