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Does God Exist?


Rules: -Pro argues for God's existence using various arguments. -Con argues that God does not exist. And yes, Con actually has to provide arguments for the non-existence of God. For some reason people never understand this. Rules... Round 1: -Pro gives definitions and sets up debate -Con accepts the debate (acceptance only). Round 2: -Pro gives opening argument -Con gives opening rebuttals. Round 3: -Pro responds to what Con argued -Con responds to what Pro...

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Manmade global climate change is real and a threat.


I'm putting this under religion since people are talking faith based approaches to climate change.I have noticed that a surprising number of people still think global climate change is a hoax. I hope to destroy some of that myth. Pope Francis recognizes climate change and calls for swift action. [0]Impact: I think the Pope knows what he is doing and thus man-made global climate change is real and a threat.The scientific angle, inconvenient truth [1]. Impa...

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Black Lives Matter Movement


Black Lives Matter!!! Really? That's your movement's name? I would rename your slogan to Black Lives ALSO Matter. Did you see that word, ALSO? Yes, I know, you might laugh at my argument that ALL LIVES MATTER . Don't get me wrong, you're movement as a whole is perfectly fine and respectable, but the people who protest it are a WHOLE OTHER STORY. Yes, of course, racism totally exists, but it doesn't only effect the lives of black people, it effect's ALL of us. One of you're biggest argument's is...

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Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy is so much better than The Amazing Spiderman


I've always loved the Spider-Man trilogy, and you better believe I was excited about the then upcoming Amazing Spiderman reboot. To put it mildly, I wasn't to impressed, and I think The Amazing Spiderman doesn't do Spider-Man justice. First, I don't want to hear, "it's just a matter of opinion, so you can't say either one is better than the other." That's called killing a debate. Second, I'd appreciate it if you post your arguments first. I'm genuinely interested in your arguments for...

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Was God the author of the Quran?


Echo November Mike The central basis for being a Muslim is believing that the Quran is the written word of God. I disagree with this and was the reason why I left Islam many years ago. There are too many conflicting statements, wrong scientific facts and all an all lack of elegance that did not make me believe that this book was written by non other than a very gifted person. I used to think the surah's beginning with 'Alef Lam Mim' (which are the letters A, L and M in Arabic respec...

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Affirmative Action


I am doing several debates on the Big Issues. This is the second. My opponent and I will debate on the topic of affirmative action. I am for affirmative action while my opponent is against it. Round 1is for explaining rules and acceptance. Round 2 is when I place down several arguments and my opponent provides a counter-framework. Rouen 3 is for rebutting the arguments placed in Round 2. If either my opponent or I forfeit a round, voters should be aware of this and penalize that person by voting...

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Has Barack Obama been a good president?


I believe Obama has been a terrible president for many reasons. I challenge a debate with anyone who disagrees..Any PRO-OBAMA's?? Round 1: Acceptance Only ROUND 2: OPENING ARGUMENTS - ROUND 3: REBUTTALS ROUND 4: REBUTTALS & CLOSING STATEMENTS...

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The United States should use private military firms abroad to pursue its military objectives.


Thanks to our opponents, Team Thrawn, for engaging in this, the second round of the Debate Champions League, with us. We apologize for the delay in the posting, and look forward to a great debate on an interesting topic. The debate we're having is over a basic question: should the U.S. government be able to purchase the services of privately sourced military forces (PMFs) and deploy them abroad? In order to determine this, we'll have to start with a definition of PMFs: "firms offering se...

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Learners are ultimately responsible for the effectiveness of teaching


learners need to take responsibility for the learning a teacher can do everything in their power to teach the student but the student will not learn anything unless he/she wants to....

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You Choose the Resolution


==Introduction== If you're willing to accept the debate, you must present a minimum of three resolutions from which I'll pick the one that is most appealing to me. I'll also choose the position I'll be arguing on; despite the fact that I'm listed as con. The opposition cannot use any definitions, frameworks, introductory statements, sources, etc. when presenting his / or her resolutions. After I've chosen the topic, the debate will begin. ==Rules== 1. I reserve the right to change any reso...

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