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Animal Rights


Hello. I am doing several debates on the Big Issues. This is my third. The topic for this debate is animal rights. Should we give animals rights? That is what we will discuss in this debate. For the first round, I will explain the rules and my opponent will accept. I am for animal rights while my opponent is against animal rights. For the second round, I will place arguments and my opponent will provide a counter-framework. For the third round, my opponent and I will rebut the arguments placed i...

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Affirmative Action


I am doing several debates on the Big Issues. This is the second. My opponent and I will debate on the topic of affirmative action. I am for affirmative action while my opponent is against it. Round 1is for explaining rules and acceptance. Round 2 is when I place down several arguments and my opponent provides a counter-framework. Rouen 3 is for rebutting the arguments placed in Round 2. If either my opponent or I forfeit a round, voters should be aware of this and penalize that person by voting...

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Homosexual couples can raise children just as well as heterosexual couples.


This debate is based on my opponent's assertion that homosexual couples cannot raise children as well as heterosexual couples. He's agreed to debate me on this topic before; however, due to my work schedule I was unable to participate and had to forfeit. Apparently he has a lot of credible sources to back up his point of view. While I don't care about the automatic loss, I'd like the opportunity for my opponent to defend his beliefs. I'm planning on taking Thursday off, so hopefully that plus th...

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Black people in inner city neighborhood should have no rational fear of the police


The news media has done an excellent job in convincing our society that police are inherently violent and racist and participates in an organized scheme to eliminate black people. As an African American citizen of the United States, I am dismayed how organizations like Black Lives Matter and the media continue to build on this MYTH. I proposed that there is no valid reason statistically or otherwise that would sustain the argument that Black people are facing systematic genocide by our nation's...

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Modern Feminism is Necessary


Dietorangesoda and I have talked before about the necessity of feminism in the west, and have happily agreed to have a debate about it! So here we are now.For the sake of this debate, we have agreed that we will only refer to feminism in America and Canada. I'm more than happy to agree that feminism (or a form of women's/human rights movements) are needed in many parts of the world, especially developing countries. But for this debate, we are talking about the necessity of femin...

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DDO = Illuminati


i will argue ddo --> is illuminatu and the othr guy (my deer friend n oppnnt) will prove its not1st rnd acceptance plz try ur BESS ...

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Was it right to kill the gorilla?


OK I see your points they were not bad at all but let me break some things down for you. What you said was true humans are animals as well but isn't it then in an animals nature to protect one of there own kind? Also you said the gorilla did not harm the child (on purpose) but given another 5 to 10 mins would the gorilla have? In the end they made good judgement call to save the kids life. Also another point unlike you or me gorillas don't have a sense of themselves meaning they don't know how p...

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Animals Should Be Treated Equally


earth"ling G2;ərTHliNG noun plural noun: earthlings an inhabitant of the earth (used especially in science fiction by members of alien species). spe"cies"ism G2;spēSHēG6;zizəm,spēsē- noun the assumption of human superiority leading to the exploitation of animals. 4 rounds; 1st to accept, 2nd debate, 3rd rebuttals, 4th closing statements....

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In the United States, private ownership of handguns/normal guns ought to be banned.


The debate is for Lexus.Resolution: In the United States, private ownership of handguns ought to be banned.Definitons...

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Should Transgender MtF be allowed to participate in Miss, Teen, and Mrs Pageants?


Pageants are specifically designed for WOMEN! not MtF women. In my opinion, if a MtF woman wants to participate in a pageant, someone that is supporting this should try and create an organization where the pageants are for MtF contestants, instead of disturbing the contestants that the pageant was made for....

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