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Should marijuana be legal?


I want to debate someone who thinks marijuana should be legal. 1. You must use proper spelling and grammar. 2. You must cite your sources. 3. Arguments must be intelligent. I look forward to this debate....

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Commentator's Choice - Democracy is a good system of government


I thank inaudita for her participation! :)This first round is dedicated to rules and parameters only, so if there is anything you feel is missing, feel free to add it. Oh and.. don't troll me. TToTTAnywho, here are some definitions and parametersDefinitionsDemocracy:- a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through el...

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Birthright citizenship should be abolished in the United States


Thank you for visiting and/or accepting this debate. People's right to have a son or daughter be a citizen of the US upon birth by default is a good thing in any situation. To have families from outside America move here for a better life opportunity is also beneficial because they will work hard, and their children should also have the chance for a good future. Immigrants' children will grow up in the US in an environment wherein they can get used to the United States and essentially beco...

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Same Sex Marriage


Resolved: Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal in the United StatesI want to begin by saying how delighted I am to be debating 16kadams on a very important social issue. I have seen 16kadams previous debates and have seen that he is quite a challenging debater. I look forward to hearing my opponent's arguments against SSM.RulesThe structure shall be defined as follows:1) Terms/Acceptance2) Open...

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A Good Debate on Gay Marriage


Thanks to everyone who expressed interest! Preface:I have seen many, many debates on Gay Marriage here on DDO--most of them are poorly constructed and not well thought-out. As someone who is gay, I also feel a need to set the record straight (pun intended) on many of the homophobic comments present in many of those debates. Therefore, to get this frustration out of my system,I would like to have a formal, polite, and high-quality debate on the permis...

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Should we ban cyclists from using the roads?


Now this is a big topic in the whole of Australia and maybe even America. Should we ban cyclists from riding on the roads. Firstly, no I don't think we should. We don't have the right to say "oh cyclists should be banned" and stuff like that because if anything, we as people in cars are causing most of the catastrophe. The show "Today Tonight" on the seven network of Australia recently did a news story about the relationship between cyclists and cars and they took the story to police and the...

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What Are Your Views On Gay Marriage As A Whole? Yes or No?


Im not here to offend anybody, just want a good debate. Good luck to my opponent....

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Men & Women are not equal and should not be considered as such


Con will accept the responsibility of proving that Men and Women can be rationally compared as equal by definition and that a social acceptance of equality between the two sexes would be more beneficial than problematic. Pro will accept the responsibility of proving that Men and Woman cannot be rationally compared as equal by definition and that a social acceptance of equality between the two sexes would be more problematic than beneficial. This debate is concerning present day status of...

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There Should Be a Zoo for Mental Patients


Look, I know they're enjoyable to watch, even a form of art if you please, but having a zoo for them would simply encourage too many people that mental patients are a normal thing in our society, and that they shouldn't be wiped. We need to hide the mental patients, lock them up, give them a bit of the old ultra-violence, teach them what's what. We can't have them parading around in a zoo for all to see....

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Do violent video games contribute to violent or aggressive behavior or actions in our youth?


Today I would like to debate a subject that has become very controversial in today's modern society: Violent Video Games.With all the violence and tragedies in today's society, many look for answers and solutions, such as what to blame for all of this violence, and many turn to violent video games such as first person shooters and violent role playing games.Now, I would like to point out that we are NOT debating if video games caused or contributed to the actions taken during th...

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